Best sites with 3D interactive animations and applications

Best sites with 3D interactive animations and applications Il WebGL is one of the possible technologies for the web of the future where the internet will not be made only by static sites but also by 3D interactive applications. The WebGL is a technology that is currently being promoted by Google and Mozilla and which extends the ability of Javascript to generate 3D graphics without any plugins. In this showcase, we see the best 30 experimental sites developed with WebGL which are all to click and see because, in many cases, spectacular!
A browser is required to open these sites Google Chrome or the latest version Firefox or Safari; for the moment they are not visible with Internet Explorer.
Each of these sites, after opening them, is worth seeing them in full screen by pressing the button F11 on the keyboard.

Interactive videos

- 3 Dreams Of Black is a virtual world built from drawings and animations that are intertwined in 3D interactive sequences.

- Aquarium it is a real aquarium where an underwater environment is simulated. The demo offers 3D fish models with high quality textures, animations, pixel shaders and everything needed to make the image absolutely realistic. From the left menu, you can change the camera and increase the number of fish.

- Attractors Trip instead it is an interactive demo where you can experience a hyperspace journey in 3D. You can accelerate with the up and down arrows on the keyboard and change the rotation to left and right.

- Jellyfish is the medusa reproduced in a scientific and realistic way.

- Wobble Dance is a beautiful video where a face moves with very disturbing music.

- The Zoomquit site is an infinite zoom, with one image entering the other, as if entering new worlds.

- Ultranoir is a 3D animated video that integrates with Twitter. You can specify a hashtag, perhaps the one most cited on Twitter today, and read the various Tweets conducted by flying objects, planes, spaceships, all seasoned with romantic music and a relaxing atmosphere. By moving the mouse and clicking, you can change the view.

- River styx is a site where you can read and listen to an animated story that becomes like a point and click game.


Three beautiful sites are dedicated to fans of racing cars and Formula One Ferrari.
Best sites with 3D interactive animations and applications

- In HelloRacer you can drive a Ferrari faithfully reproduced in 3D, using the darts and follow its movement as in a video game.

- Always dedicated to machines is another site in 3D: Material Cars where the models of the Lamborghini Gallardo, Bugatti Veyron, Ferrari F50 and Chevrolet Camaro cars are reproduced and you can also choose the color.

- Third site is WebGL Cars where it is possible to drive two racing cars seen in 3D with different angles. One car is driven with darts, the other with WASD keys; pressing B sets the speed effect while with N you can set the Night view.


- Collectibles Printer is a web application where you can create a 3D human figure using a simple editor. Finally, you can share your creation with a link.

- Google Web Lab is a set of online experiments among which the best is that of the orchestra where you can play an interactive sequencer. It is directly linked to the London Science Museum. There is also the Data Tracer to search for images in the world, Teleporter, to see webcams in other countries and Sketchbots to see your own face drawn.

- Sketch it is a blackboard where you can draw with the mouse; each drawing can be rotated 360 degrees.
Other great crafting sites are in the article Create abstract art and paintings and drawings on the internet

Best sites with 3D interactive animations and applications 4) Online games in WebGL

- Pacman with first person view FPS it's amazing, it's the 3D Pac Man game that has never even been released on the Playstation!

- Tankworld is a shooter game with different maps to explore and different levels to play.

- Playmapscube is the game where you roll a ball inside a Google Maps cube that I talked about a few months ago, in the article on games based on Google Maps, set in the real world.

Best sites with 3D interactive animations and applications 5) Photo manipulation

- Rutt-Etra-Izer is a web application where you can upload a photo and see it in 3D with a very special effect. To save the image you can press the S key while on the right you can customize the display by moving the various parameters.

- SaberParts is the site where you can build your own lightsaber, all in 3D, very fun and with beautiful graphics.

Google experiments

Best sites with 3D interactive animations and applications Google Chrome Experiments is the Google WebGL experiments page including:

- BookCase WebGL is a virtual library where you can browse 10.000 Google Books book covers. You can also search by topic, open a 3D model and download books to your mobile with the QR code.
Unfortunately, only books written in English are collected.

- Google gravity it's a nice way to Google, with the pieces of the page falling to the ground.
Google Gravity is one of Google's best jokes.

- Ball Pool where you can play with balls.

- WordFlights allows you to see the routes of all major aircraft, filtering them by company.

- Toki Toki is a clock made with website scrolling.

Finally, remember that you can also activate the WebGL graphics on Google Maps.

Best sites with 3D interactive animations and applications

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