How to call with Google Home

Preliminary information

Prima di enter the live of this tutorial and spiegarti how to call with Google Home, it is necessary to make a necessary premise regarding the types of calls that can be made with the smart device produced by Google.

In fact, you need to know that phone calls with Google Home are made through Google Duo, a free service from Google dedicated to Internet calls and video calls, available both in a web version and as an application for Android and iOS / iPadOS.

This means that with Google Home it is only possible to call users who have installed and configured the Google Duo app on their smartphone or tablet, who use the service in its web version or who, in turn, have connected Google Home and Google Duo. .

Finally, if you are wondering how to call with Google Home Mini, you should know that the procedures you will find indicated in the next paragraphs are valid for all models with integrated Google Assistant, including 2nd generation Nest Mini.

How to call with Google Home

call with Google Home it is first necessary to connect the latter to Google Duo, by acting on the settings of the Google Home app. Once this is done, it is possible to call and video call (if you have a Google Nest Hub) all users who use Google Duo.

Set up Google Home for calls

set up Google Home for calls with Google Duo, start the Google Home app for Android or iOS / iPadOS devices, tap on the icon rotella d'ingranaggio and, on the screen Settings, locate the section Google Assistant Services.

Adesso, select the option Calls and video calls, tap on the item Voice and video apps e premi sull'opzione Google Duo. On the screen Start with calls, fai tap sul pulsating Continueselect il area code of your country (ex. city ​​(prefix)), type the phone number to use with Duo in the field Phone Number and press on the item Verifica.

Within a few moments, you will receive an SMS containing a 6-digit code, which is useful for verifying your phone number. Then enter the code in question in the field visible on the screen verification code e premi sui pulsnti NEXT e end, to continue setting up calls with Google Home.

Once this is done, tap on the items Upload contacts e OK, to allow Google Home to load the contacts in your phone's address book; otherwise select the option Not now, if you are not interested in this functionality (you can also do it later).

To complete the configuration, on the screen Voice and video apps, locate the section Connected devices and move the lever relative to the item Google Home da OFF a ON, to be able to make calls using your Google Home.

How to make a phone call with Google Home

Once the connection between Google Home and Google Duo is complete, you are ready to make your first call. All you have to do is activate the voice assistant by speaking "OK Google" o "Hey Google" and indicate the name of the person or the telephone number you intend to call.

For example, if you want to call a contact you have saved in your phone's address book and have allowed Google Duo to access your contacts, say the command "OK Google, call [contact name]". Alternatively, you can specify the phone number directly by saying the command "Hey Google, call [phone number]".

At the end of the call, however, simply say the command "OK Google, hang up" o "Hey Google, end the call", to end the phone call. If you have a Google Nest Hub, the Google hub with a display, you can also press on the option End call visible on the screen.

It will be useful to know that by configuring Google Home to make calls, the device will also be automatically enabled to receive phone calls. If there is an incoming call, Google Home will start ringing and you can answer by saying the command "Hey Google, answer the call" or by touching the top of the device. By pronouncing, instead, "OK Google, reject the call", you can interrupt the call by not answering.

How to call Google Home

How do you say? You would also like to know how to make calls to Google Home using your phone? If so, you can either initiate a call using the Google Duo app or take advantage of the feature Ad of Google Home.

How to call Google Home with Duo

As mentioned above, it is possible too make calls to Google Home, as long as it has been linked to a Google Duo account (as I indicated in the previous paragraphs).

That said, if you want to call your Google Home and it is configured with the same account used for Google Duo, launch the app Google Home, premi sulthe icon of casa, at the bottom left, and tap the button Call home, to initiate the call.

Alternatively, launch Google Duo, tap on the item Search for contacts or call, fai tap sull'opzione Call my Google Home devices and wait for someone to answer your call.

If, on the other hand, you want to call a Google Home device associated with a Google Duo account other than yours, start the Google Duo app, select the contact of your interest (who has associated their account with a Google Home) and press the button Voice call, to initiate the call.

How to call Google Home with Ad

The function Ad of Google Home does not allow you to make real calls but to record a voice message from your phone and transmit it to the Google Home at home. It is therefore the ideal solution for sending short messages, which do not require a reply, to all the people in the room where the Google Smart device is located.

To broadcast a message, start the Google Home app on your smartphone or tablet, press the icon of casa, bottom left, and tap on the item Ad, to call up the voice assistant.

At this point, pronounce the message to be transmitted and, if everything went well, you will see the writing "Okay, I'll broadcast immediately", indicating that the message is being broadcast from your Google Home.

You should know that this feature can also be used to transmit a message between multiple Google Homes in the house, as long as they are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. If so, just say the command "OK Google, send [message]".

How to call with Google Home

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