How not to be called by call centers

How not to be called by call centers on your mobile

If you want to know how do not let call centers call you on your mobile, let me show you the operation of some apps suitable for the purpose.

Truecaller (Android/iOS)

How not to be called by call centers

The first solution I invite you to try is TrueCaller. This app, available for free for both Android and iOS, is based on a proprietary database to trace the identity of the caller and possibly block calls from call centers and other "annoying". To use it, however, know that you must register and consent to the publication of your number in its public database. If you are willing to make this compromise regarding your privacy, let me show you how to make use of it.

First, download Truecaller using the links I gave you before, then start the app and follow the wizard to register. Up Android, then tap on the button Start, decide whether to set Truecaller as the default "Phone" app or not and grant it the permissions it needs to function properly. Read, therefore, the privacy policy of the app, click on the button Accetta and continue and create your profile.

Pigia, poi, sul pulsating Enter the name manually and fill out the form that is shown on the screen with all the requested information or, if you prefer, register with your account Facebook or your account Google, by pressing one of the appropriate buttons (I do not recommend registering with one of the latter methods, to prevent Truecaller from having access to the data of one of these accounts). Next, tap the buttons NEXT, Maybe later e Later. If necessary, then close the screen that advertises the Premium version of Truecaller (which starts at 2,16 euros / month and offers advanced functions).

If you use the version for iOS instead of the app, to register, do as follows: enter your phone number in the appropriate text field, click on the button Start and confirms the operation by replying Yes the warning appeared on the screen. Now, tap the button Accetta and continue, to accept the privacy policy, and type the verification code received via SMS to the number indicated above.

In the screen that opens, then fill out the form displayed on the screen, providing name e last name (do not enter theemail, which is an optional data), and then press the blue button Continue. Finally, select the option No, as regards the display of personalized ads and promotional offers, and presses the button NEXT I will continue.

Now, after registering on Truecaller, activate the identification of known annoyances and the automatic blocking of calls coming from them. To succeed on it Android, tap on the tab Block (bottom right), scroll the displayed screen and move up ON the switches located in correspondence with the items Block well known spammers e Block Private Numbers.

Use the Truecaller version for iOS? In this case, the procedure to follow to activate the preventive blocking of calls from call centers is a little different from the one I showed you for Android devices. In this case, in fact, after registering with Truecaller, you have to open the app Settings, go to Phone> Call blocking and identification I will post your ON the switch in correspondence with the wording Truecaller.

To block calls coming from annoyances, then, you have to group the Truecaller blacklist in a single contact and add the latter to the "black list" of your "iPhone by". How you do it? First, go back to the Truecaller app, select the tab Home of the app (bottom left), presses the icon of thelittle man located at the top left, go to Settings> More annoying and move up ON l'interruttore Save as contact (actually the switch should already be active).

Next, go to Settings> Phone> Blocked contacts, award your bottone Block contact and select the contact called BORER. Simple, right? Know, I was, that in case of second thoughts, to remove all the numbers of the annoyances added to the blacklist you may have to manually delete each individual number.

One last thing: in case you decide to uninstall TrueCaller, remember to deactivate your account first through the app settings and request theelimination of your numbering from the service database, using the appropriate online form. More info here.

Should I Answer (Android/iOS)

How not to be called by call centers

Another app that I recommend you to try, if you want to avoid call center calls on your mobile, is Should I Answer. It is a free application that allows you to block calls from call centers, telemarketers, scammers and other "nuisances", based on a list that is continuously updated thanks to the voluntary contributions of users (the list in question is the same used by the Who's calling? service and does not require the mandatory addition of your number).

Should I Answer is also available for Android and iOS. However, I would like to clarify that the version for iOS does not include the free database update and caller ID display function, which in this case requires the subscription of the 1,99 euro / month subscription with the first month of trial. free.

After installing and running Should I Answer on your device, grant it the permissions it needs to function properly and, if you use the version for Android, tap the button Active protection, so as to directly block spam calls: keep in mind that, if you decide to activate this setting, you will have to allow Should I Answer to be used as a "Phone" app. Otherwise, click on the button Passive protection, so that spam warnings are displayed. Based on the choice you just made, select the type of alerts to see or grant the app access to information on calls received.

If you use the version for iOS of Should I Answer, on the other hand, go to Settings> Phone> Call blocking and identification and move up ON the switch located in correspondence with the wording ShouldIAnswer. In this way, regardless of the version of the app used, Should I Answer will start intercepting phone calls, revealing the identity of the person calling you (provided that the caller's number appears in the database on which the app is based) .

Should I Answer also offers the option to activate call blocking. To make use of it on Android, tap the button (≡), presses on the voices Settings> Lock and move up ON the switches that are located in correspondence with the numbers to be blocked in advance (eg. reported by you as spamforeign number, Etc.).

If you use the version for iOS of the app, instead, tap on the symbol ofgear, located at the top right, move up ON l'interruttore collocato accanto alla dicitura Block negative calls And that's it.

How not to be called by the call centers on the landline

How not to be called by call centers

do not be called by the call centers on the landline, as I told you in the introduction of the article, the best thing you can do is contact the Public Register of Oppositions, a free service sponsored by the Ministry of Economic Development that allows you to make public your wish not to be contacted for promotional purposes by call centers. After subscribing to it, unless you have explicitly given your consent to receive advertising calls in some TV subscription contract, Web services, etc., telemarketers will no longer be able to call you.

The service is valid for all numbers included in public directories, therefore most landline numbers and also mobile phones registered in the DBU (single database). If you want to subscribe to the Public Register of Oppositions connected, therefore, to its home page and first click on the button Subscriber area and then on the icon Web and on the voice Access the electronic "Registration" form.

On the page that opens, fill out the form that is proposed to you by typing all your personal data (surname / company name, name, date of birth, etc.), copy the verification code in the field Type the text shown and click on the button Send to complete your registration.

Don't forget to print the summary page that appears after signing up. Your request for inclusion in the Public Register of Oppositions will be accepted within approximately 15 days.

If, after registering with the Public Register of Oppositions, you continue to receive calls from companies to which you have not given your consent to receive promotional communications, download this form, fill it in and send it to Guarantor for the protection of personal data using the address in the header of the document itself.

For more information on how the Public Register of Oppositions works, consult the guide I have dedicated to the subject: there you will find an even more detailed explanation on how to use it.

How not to be called by call centers

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