How to Recover your Gmail Password

Forgot your Gmail password and can no longer access your email account? Yeah? Well, that's a real problem, all right. Nowadays it's essential to have an email address always working and not being able to access it even for one day can mean a lot, both from a work point of view and for personal life. Nevertheless, there is no need to despair. You can recover your Gmail password in no time by using a special procedure. I beg your pardon? Are you interested in this and would you like to know how to do it? Fine, then take five minutes or so off and concentrate on reading this guide.

By following step-by-step the instructions I'm about to give you, you can find out how to recover your Gmail password thanks to the emergency functions provided by Google. In fact, you can restore access to the Google box by providing some information that you have added to your account when creating it or later. As a result, you won't get your old password back, but you can set a new one to re-enter your account without losing any data or messages in your inbox. Alternatively, you can recover Gmail passwords in the true sense of the word by using a Gmail password recovery software. The choice of which method to use is clearly up to you, depending on your needs and preferences. Either way, don't worry, the procedure is extremely simple. Being more or less expert in information technology and new technologies doesn't really matter.

So, ready to find out how to recover your Gmail password? Yes? Very good! Make yourself comfortable, roll up your sleeves and concentrate on reading this tutorial. I'm sure you'll be satisfied in the end and that you'll also be ready to say that recovering Gmail passwords was actually a piece of cake. Wanna bet?

If you're interested in figuring out what you need to do to retrieve your Gmail password, the first move you need to make is to click here to login to Google's inbox login web page. Next, click on the Need help? item, then tick the I don't know my password next to the new web page that's displayed and type your email address in the on-screen field below the Email Address item. Then press the blue Continue button.

Now, continue through the wizard by typing the last password you remember for your account in the field below Enter the last password you remember and then press the blue Continue button. If you can't remember any of your previous passwords, press the I don't know button to proceed directly to the next step.

Now decide how to proceed according to what information you have provided on your Google account and the security settings active on it.

If you have activated the two-step verification on your Gmail account or Google will ask you if you have your phone at hand. So put a checkmark next to the I can access my phone or backup options and click Continue to retrieve your Gmail password via a security code to be received via SMS or a link to change your password via email (recommended). Alternatively, choose the option I can't access my phone or backup options or the option I haven't enabled two-step verification if you're sure you've never enabled this feature.

If you have selected the first option, the one according to which you have access to your phone or other backup options, confirm that you are the owner of the email address, mobile phone number or mobile device that Google will indicate to you and follow the instructions shown on the screen.

For example, in the case of email, you will need to open the message sent to you by Google to your secondary email address (the one you set up before you lost your login details) and click on the link inside it. In the case of the SMS, you will have to enter the confirmation code received on your mobile phone number.

Among the recovery options available is the answer to the security question you set when you signed up for the service.

Once you get to the page to reset the password for your Gmail account, indicate the new keyword you intend to use to access your Google email service by typing it twice in the spaces provided on the screen. Then click on the confirmation button to complete the operation.

Keep in mind that if you want to try to reset your password from your smartphone or tablet, the process you have to follow is the same as the one previously seen for computers. Simply open any web browser, connect to the link I mentioned in the previous lines and follow the instructions on the screen.

Also know that if you go through this procedure to retrieve your Gmail password, you will also change the access key to your Google account. If you are not aware of this, you should know that your Google account and your Gmail account are the same. Changing the login credentials for one means changing the login credentials for the other and vice versa.

If you prefer to avoid logging back into your Google email account by changing your current login key and you want to recover your Gmail password, you can use Google Password Decrypter. This is a special software for Windows operating systems that allows you to recover Gmail passwords by scanning all web browsers and messaging programs installed on your computer and extrapolate the login data of Google accounts from them. Obviously, being Google Password Decrypter a program that can reveal the login data of your accounts that you have chosen to save directly on your computer, in order to recover Gmail passwords it is essential that you have done this in the past. In case the data referring to your Gmail email account has never been saved on your computer, recovering its access credentials with this software is practically impossible, take it into account.

To retrieve your Gmail password with Google Password Decrypter the first thing you need to do is to click here so that you can connect to the software download page right away. Next, click the green download button three times in a row and wait for the software download process to start and then complete. Now, open the archive you just downloaded by double-clicking on it and extract the content into any folder.

Then start the Setup_GooglePasswordDecryptor.exe program and, in the window that opens, click Yes first and then Next. Accept the terms of use of the software by checking the box next to I accept the terms of the license agreement, then click Next twice in a row and then click Install, Next and Finish to complete the installation process. If you are prompted to install additional promotional software during setup click du Decline to not accept.

Now go ahead and start the program you just installed on your computer. To do this, simply double-click the Google Password Decrypter icon that has been added to your desktop. Once the program window appears, click on the Start Recovery button in the upper right corner.

At this point, the application will show you the username and password of your Google account (i.e. your Gmail inbox) by extracting data from Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or one of the messaging programs installed on your computer.

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