How to get Wind to contact me

How can I be contacted by WINDTRE

If you are already customer of the "orange manager" and you are wondering "How can WINDTRE contact me?", know that you can do this by exploiting Will, the digital assistant that can be used through your online customer area and through the operator's official app.

Online customer area

How to get Wind to contact me

The first system I propose to let WINDTRE contact you, if you are already a customer of the operator, is to take advantage of Will through your online personal area.

So, open the browser that you usually use on your computer to surf the Net (eg. Chrome), go to the home page of the WINDTRE website, click on the button Login located at the top right, enter your login credentials in the menu you see and click on the button Log in.

If you do not yet have the credentials to access the WINDTRE services, click on the button Create your account, immetti il ​​tuo telephone number in the field provided, click on the button Continue at the bottom and follow the instructions that appear on the screen to register. For more information, you can consult my tutorial dedicated specifically to how to register on the WINDTRE website.

Once logged in or in any case after registering, click on the text field write here (in the box at the bottom left which, if necessary, you can also recall by pressing thelittle man located on the left). Then write "Contact me" o "Call me" and by Submit on the keyboard or press on orange arrow located to the right of the text field. Repeat the operation twice in a row and wait for the first available operator to contact you via chat.


How to get Wind to contact me

If you want you can also act from the app WINDTREE, available for Android and iOS / iPadOS. If you have an Android device without Google services, you can see if this is available on some alternative store.

After opening the application, do the login with your WINDTRE account or create one at the moment (if you are not registered yet). To do this, just provide cellphone number, verification code received by SMS, email address e Password; then you have to confirm the operation by pressing on link received by email. More info here.

Once accessed, press the button WILL, located at the bottom right, type "Contact me" o "Call me" in text field located at the bottom click on theairplane on the right to submit your request (this may need to be done twice). Then you agree to speak to a WINTRE consultant by pressing the button Yes.

How to be contacted by WINDTRE for offers

How to get Wind to contact me

Se you are not a customer yet of the famous manager and you are wondering how to be contacted by WINDTRE to subscribe an offer for the fixed line, you can proceed as follows: go to the home page of the operator's website, select the item Fiber that you find in the menu located at the top and then select one of the items corresponding to the type of offers you want to identify (eg. Fiber offers). On the new page that has opened, locate the promotion you are interested in among those listed and click on the relevant button Discover.

Next, select the link Need help? We call you! that you find at the top right and provide yours telephone number in the appropriate text field and press the purple button Send. By doing so, you will see the following message appear on the screen: Thanks for choosing us! Your request has been successfully taken care of, a dedicated person will contact you free of charge as soon as possible.

Afterwards, you will receive a call from a WINDTRE consultant who will answer all your questions and help you proceed with the eventual activation of the offer you have selected. The service is free and runs every day from 09:00 to 21:00.

You are wondering "How to be contacted by WINDTRE mobile"? I'm sorry to disappoint you but, if you are not already a client of the manager, the practice in question cannot be implemented. At the moment, in fact, WINDTRE does not allow a consultant to call you back to subscribe to offers for mobile phones or in any case to receive information on them.

How to contact WINDTRE

How to get Wind to contact me

For the sake of completeness of information, it seems only right to show you how contact WINDTRE in turn, without having to wait for an operator to call you back.

If you are already customer of the famous manager, you can refer to the instructions I gave you in my specific guide on how to talk to a WINDTRE operator. If instead, you are not a customer yet and you want to get in touch with the famous telephone company to subscribe to a new offer or in any case to receive information on rates and various services, you can read my article dedicated to how to contact WINDTRE if you are not a customer.

If this can be useful to you, I also point out that on the WINDTRE website there is a section dedicated to assistance, freely accessible by anyone, through which it is possible to find answers to the most common questions relating to rates, services, tools and equipment. offered by the manager.

How to get Wind to contact me

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