Types of Mice You Can Buy

A bit like keyboards, there are not many people who choose the mouse to buy and, generally, when needed, they go to the mall and take a classic one, without paying too much attention to the type, the number of keys that may be present. , to the length of the wire or to the model. Like all technologies, however, even the old mouse has evolved and passed from those with the ball to optical mice and laser, able to guarantee absolute precision in many scenarios where it is required (from gaming to working with AutoCAD).
We discover in this guide the best mice that we can buy for the PC based on the technology and the needs of the users: in this way we will find the perfect mouse for every occasion.

Types of mice

In this part of the guide we will show you the technologies currently used for the operation of the types of mouse:

The optical mouse uses the reflection of an LED light to monitor movement on a flat surface (almost any surface works well, except overly bright ones that don't reflect the light beam well). Optical mice use optoelectronic sensors that function like small, low-resolution cameras. If there is a change in the illuminated surface, the processor inside the mouse will trace its path and update the position of the cursor on the screen. The optical mouse consumes little power because the image they illuminate is very small, less than an inch wide for most models.

I mouse laser they work in the same way only if the light is a laser, therefore with a much higher level of accuracy in the reading (even if a specific surface is required to work correctly). Laser mice work the same way, except that instead of emitting light, they emit infrared radio waves. They are much more accurate due to the ability to capture images at higher resolutions. Resolution on all mice is measured in "dots per inch" (DPI) (Pixels are irrelevant since scanned surfaces have no pixels). Optical mice cost less than laser mice and work well for basic tasks while laser mice are more expensive and are recommended for those working on photo retouching and graphics programs that require maximum precision.

Types of connections for the mouse

In addition to technology, we must also take into account the type of connection we make between the mouse and the PC, so that we can also choose based on tastes and specific needs:

- Cable: the classic connection via USB cable, the safest and fastest. Connect the cable to a free USB port and the mouse is immediately ready for use. Obviously we will have to take into account the size of the wire on the desk and choose a model with a cable long enough for our needs (less than one meter if we use the notebook, over 2 meters if we use the fixed PC).

- wireless: the most desired technology when it comes to mice! The device connects wirelessly to a USB receiver placed on the PC, and communicates with it every movement of the mouse, without getting in the way of the wire. Obviously the downside is where to charge the mouse batteries periodically in order not to have delays or real interruptions in the use of the mouse, without underestimating the possible interference with similar wireless technologies (WiFi, microwaves, antennas etc.).

- Bluetooth: this type of connection is not very common, but it can present itself as a good alternative to the classic wireless connection, especially if the support is Bluetooth 4.0 or higher.

Which Mice to buy of different types

A new mouse it can be found in electronics stores at the mall or it can be bought online at stores like Amazon which, in this article, we use to have a product sheet and price.
The best mice for PC and the best sellers are the following.

The best-selling optical mouse is the mouse HP 1000 classic wire from 8 Euro, which works well on all computers.

If you want something more "cool" and colorful, you can choose the THE SIGN PRO S2 Mouse for 9 Euro, with blue lights on the sides.

Those who want something more innovative and ergonomic can buy the vertical mouse which prevents any wrist problems, for less than 20 euros.

This mouse may sound strange, but after trying it a few days I can confirm how comfortable it is. On this model there is also a detection speed selector, 1000 or 1600 dpi, to be switched according to use.
There is also a left-handed vertical mouse version of this mouse

If you want to get rid of the wires, you can buy a optical mouse with wireless technology.
The best-selling wireless mouse is the THE SIGN PRO equipped with wireless technology, sold at the price of 10 €.

If you want something more precise you can take the wireless mouse and with optional cable Corsair Harpoon RGB Mouse suitable for video games, with LED lights and adjustable precision from 500 to 3500 DPI.

A more professional mouse (with a much higher price) is the Microsoft H3S Sculpt Comfort Mouse (€ 29), which has a touch side strip to open the Windows Start menu or the open window manager.
The wheel allows you to scroll in four directions.

A little more expensive is the Microsoft ARC Mouse, always wireless, with a very particular shape and, in theory, ergonomic, from 70 euros.

Come mouse laser instead we can choose the Logitech M500 Laser Mouse, rather classic, the Logitech M90 Mouse Laser con Filo or the gaming mouse TeckNet HyperTrak 16400 DPI Laser, programmable and with numerous keys to play with at best, available at 25 Euros.

Finally, like best gaming mice there are models Logitech G502, very hi-tech, or the most classic Corsair Ironclaw Rgb , backlit.

Types of Mice You Can Buy

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