How to retrieve the serial number of the SIM: complete guide to get back the ICCID of the card

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What is the ICCID or serial number of the SIM?

The ICCID or better, Integrated Circuit Card ID, is a code consisting of 19 figures which associates a particular SIM with a phone. It is nothing more than the identity card or the tax code of your card and it is extremely useful to be able to change the format of the latter, from Micro to Nano SIM, keeping the same number.

Even more, this number is extremely important for too activate number portability, taking advantage of the offers made available by other telephone operators. So if you want to switch from Vodafone to Iliad, you will need this code in order to do so!

Where to find the SIM serial number

To find your SIM serial number, all you have to do is take out yours card from the mobile phone and examine it closely. Many operators print the code ICCID directly on it, but if you have cut it or if the numbers have faded don't worry!

You can find your ICCID serial number on the card that comes with the SIM, next to which there are also the PUK and PIN code. We remind you that the code consists of 19 digits and that you will have to pay the utmost attention when rewriting it in order not to make a mistake. However, if you no longer have the original packaging and therefore cannot find your code, there are alternative solutions!

How to find the SIM serial on iPhone and iPad

You have an iPhone or iPad with a calling card and you are looking for a quick way to access your ICCID code, all you need to do is carefully read the solutions we have included below. there how to recover iPhone SIM serial!

Retrieves iPhone ICCID via Settings

The simplest and most immediate method is by accessing your device settings which, fortunately, will help you find SIM serial. The steps to follow are as follows:

  • Access the Settings of your iPhone by clicking on the gear icon.
  • Choose the option Generali and then click on Info.
  • Scroll down until you find the entry ICCID code of your SIM and press it for a long time to be able to copy and then paste.

Simple, isn't it? To learn more about how to recover PUK, check out our guide.

How to find the SIM serial number via iTunes

Not everyone knows that it is possible to recover SIM serial number on iPhone directly from iTunes. To do this, however, you will need to:

  • Connect your mobile or tablet directly to a computer with iOS operating system or Windows. Use the right cable, that one Lighting.
  • Press on Continue on the first screen that appears and then on Authorize.
  • Unlock the device by entering your unlock code.
  • Then access the entry Riepilogo by clicking on the icon at the top right.
  • Choose the option Phone Number and scroll until you find the option ICCID.

Again you can copy and paste!

Via the MacOS Finder

If your PC is running MacOS 10.15 Catalina or later, then to retrieve the ICCID SIM code you will need to use the Finder:

  • Connect your mobile to the PC.
  • Grant the necessary permissions.
  • Then click on the icon located at left at the bottom of the Dock bar.
  • Select your device and press on the items that appear below the device name.

How to find the ICCID on Android?

If you have a device with Android 9.0 or higher, you should know that you can retrieve the information relating to your Vodafone, Wind or Iliad ICCID SIM directly from Settings. Alternatively, you will have to rely on the free apps that reveal this information to you. Let's see what are the steps to follow!

Recover the ICCID Android through the settings

If you have a latest generation Android phone, for retrieve your ICCID card number you will have to:

  • Unlock your device and access the Information clicking on the gear wheel icon.
  • Press on the item System and then Phone information.
  • Look for the option that tells you SIM status - SIM X slot - SIM name (eg: SIM status (SIM Slot 1) Wind) and press on it.
  • Scroll until you find your WindTre SIM serial number indicated next to the EID entry.

App to read the ICCID with the lost SIM

Have you already tried to retrieve your code from the settings but failed? The best solution in this case is to rely on aWhatsapp for quality SIM serial. One that will surely find the information you need is SIM Card Info which you can retrieve directly from the Play Store or by clicking directly on the link we have provided. To recover the ICCID you will need to:

  • Install the app and then open it on your device.
  • Once started it will immediately show you yours serial number, so all you need to do is copy.

An excellent alternative is also SIM Card, which you always find in the Play Store and which also reveals other important information such as the type of phone used, operator or your mobile number. Once installed, when you first open it, your Samsung SIM serial number will immediately appear and to access other information, just press on the horizontal lines at the top left.

How to recover ICCID without SIM or with lost SIM

To retrieve your Vodafone or any other operator's SIM serial number without the card, the options you have at your disposal are the following:

  • from hard card in which your SIM housed which also contains the PIN and PUK code.
  • You can read the barcode placed directly on the packaging.
  • You can rely on Whatsapp, but you must have inserted your SIM to be able to view the ICCID.

How to retrieve the SIM serial number: everything you need to know

Still have doubts about how to retrieve the SIM serial number? We try to solve them by answering the FAQ:

What is the SIM serial number used for?

The ICCID of the SIM is essential to be able to carry out number portability when change operator, or to switch to one different size of the SIM (e.g. from Micro to Nano).

How to find the phone number from the SIM serial?

To retrieve your ICCID SIM number all you have to do is follow the directions we have included within this guide!

How to read SIM serial number?

To make sure you have recovered your serial number, we remind you that it must be dialed 19 digits.

How to find ICCID on Android 11?

To retrieve the SIM serial number on an Android 11, just go to the Settings and then click on the item of System and choose the Phone information.

How to find the Vodafone ICCID code?

To retrieve the ICCID of any phone card, we recommend that you carefully follow the directions we have included in this article. In addition, if you still have the package in which you received the Vodafone card, your code is printed on the SIM card.

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