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How to know the credit of another TIM SIM

If you are interested in knowing the credit of a SIM card other than the one you are currently using, belonging to the operator TIM, there are several paths you can take.

Via telephone

The first, the simplest one, allows you to contact the TIM customer service and ask for the information to an operator "in flesh and blood": you can act in this way, however, only if the SIM card from which you are preparing to make the call is in turn belonging to the TIM operator.

All clear? All right, let's proceed. First, grab your smartphone, open the app phone and recalls the numeric keypad to access the manual entry screen for telephone numbers. Once this is done, dial the number 119, start the call by tapping on the icon handset and listen to the prompts of the automatic voice, to find out the combination of keys to press for speak to an operator.

To do this, type the key 4 to access commercial, technical and administrative assistance, then the button 2 to enter the specific section dedicated to sales and, finally, the button 6, to make a request to the operator.

The sequence I have indicated to you is valid at the time of writing this guide, but be careful: the steps to follow may vary at any time, so carefully follow the instructions given to you by the guide, to avoid unnecessary "repetitions" and waste of time.

In any case, once you have established contact with the “flesh and blood” operator, express your desire to know the credit of a TIM SIM other than the one you are calling from; in some cases, you may have to prove that you are the legitimate owner by answering the questions that are proposed to you.

If, on the other hand, you do not have a TIM SIM available, you can obtain the same result by contacting the number prefix. 339.119119: in this case, the call is not free but is priced like a common call on a cellular line, based on the active tariff plan.

After dialing the indicated number and starting the call, press the key asterisk (*) and, when prompted, enter the TIM telephone number to know the credit and press the button hashtag (#). Now, check that the phone number you typed is correct and if so, press the key 1 to confirm; finally, press the key again 1 and wait for the remaining credit or the key to be notified 2 to request information directly from an operator.

Through the Internet

If, on the other hand, you prefer to act through Internet, you can use the TIM's website and trace the information from there; However, I would like to point out that, in this case, you must have the credenziali d'accesso, so you can enter the reserved area in charge of managing your line.

If you do not have them yet, you can still start the registration procedure, but you will need to have the TIM number at hand for which you can know the credit, as a message will be sent to confirm your identity.

In any case, to find out the TIM credit from a browser (via PC or smartphone and tablet, it is indifferent), connected to the website of the operator and presses the button My TIM or on the symbol oflittle man, located at the top right. Subsequently, log in with your TIM account data, entering your credentials in the appropriate fields.

If you don't have an active account yet, click on the wording instead Subscribe placed immediately below the boxes dedicated to entering username and password, indicate yours email address it's a Password to be used to access TIM services.

Now, drag the lever located at the bottom to the right, press the button NEXT and type il telephone number to know the credit, in the appropriate field; in the end, declares to be the holder of the number by selecting the appropriate box, then press the button NEXT and complete the registration by entering the verification code which, in the meantime, should have been delivered to you via SMS. More info here.

In any case, once logged in, select the card MyTIM Mobile resident at the top and take a look at the residual credit on the SIM just registered, which should appear on the next page; if you have registered multiple SIMs, you can select the one you are interested in using the drop-down menu Select line located at the top.

As an alternative to the TIM website, you can also use the MyTIM app, available for Android smartphones and tablets (on the Play Store and on devices that are not equipped with it), iOS and iPadOS, which works in a rather similar way to what has been seen. a little while ago.

If you have any problems in completing one of the procedures illustrated in this chapter, I refer you to reading my guide on how to know TIM credit from another operator, in which I have dealt with the subject in great detail.

How to know the credit of another Vodafone SIM

If you're interested know the credit of another Vodafone SIM from which you cannot make calls or surf the Internet, you can take at least two different paths: make a call to the operator's customer service or act via the Internet.

Via telephone

To be able to get the information you are looking for by phone, simply contact the number 800.100.195 and follow the instructions in Tobi, Vodafone's digital assistant, ready to provide you with the information you are looking for. The service is available 24/24 and the call is free.

Therefore, after composing the aforementioned numbering on the numeric keypad of your phone and having initiated the call, listen to the automatic message from TOBi and, when asked if you want to receive information about the new offers, answer "do not".

After a few seconds, TOBi should ask you to say, without pausing, the number for which you are requesting assistance / information (in your case, the phone number for which you want to know the remaining credit): execute the instruction, wait a few moments and, when asked what to do, say "I want to know the remaining credit".

At this point, the Vodafone digital assistant will ask you three questions regarding the holder of the SIM or the active offer on the same, to make sure that you are the lawful user of the card. So answer clearly and precisely and, after having recognition carried out successfully, stay online for a few more seconds and wait for TOBi to notify you of the remaining credit on the SIM in question.

If you have difficulty completing the automatic procedure, you can also ask TOBi to "Talk to an operator" in flesh and blood and expose your request to the latter: the direct assistance service, however, is only available from 08:00 to 22:00. For more information, please take a look at my guide on how to talk to a Vodafone operator.

Through the Internet

Alternatively, you can find out the credit of a Vodafone SIM using the “online” version of the TOBi digital assistant, accessible from PC, smartphone and tablet, regardless of the Internet operator in use.

Also in this case, to succeed in the business, you must be aware of some data relating to the holder of the SIM and / or the offer active on the same, in order to pass any security checks, or have access to the SIM referred to know the credit, to receive the single-use verification code.

So, to proceed, connect to the Vodafone website using any browser you prefer and, if you use a smartphone or tablet, tap on the item Support placed at the top, in order to start a new chat with TOBi; if, on the other hand, yours is a computer, click on TOBi symbol (the'smiling little man) located at the bottom right.

Once this is done, type, in the chat screen that opens, the Vodafone phone number of which you want to know the remaining credit and give Submit; then, tap the button Remaining credit present among the proposed options (if you do not find it, type the words "What is my credit" in the appropriate text field and go on Submit): therefore wait for a code to be delivered to you on the SIM specified above SMS and, when you receive it, enter it in the appropriate box and give it Submit.

Alternatively, click on the button Other method, then on the option Security questions and answer the questions you are asked to carry out and complete the identity check.

Once the identity verification has been completed, TOBi will send you a message indicating the remaining credit, also giving you the possibility to make a top-up on the fly, or to check the charges (top-up date, top-up history and expenses). Easy, right?

How to know the credit of another SIM WIND

If it is your intention to know the remaining credit of another SIM WINDTRE since you are unable to operate directly from it, you can try to contact the operator's customer service by telephone or act independently via the Internet.

Via telephone

As you certainly know, the number for managing the credit of the SIM cards WINDTRE (i.e. the 159) provides only information relating to the number from which it is called and can only be reached from lines belonging to the aforementioned operator.

To remedy the problem, you can try to use the numbering dedicated to those who, on the other hand, call from abroad or from another operator: the number to dial, in this case, is prefix. 320.5000200: After starting the call, listen to the welcome message of the guide voice and, when asked, type the WINDTRE SIM number you want credit for, followed by the key hashtag (#).

Now, follow the instructions given to you to succeed speak to an operator: at the time of writing this guide, the key to press is the 3, however please note that the exact sequence may be subject to variation. Therefore, I always advise you to listen to the instructions of the guide voice, in order to avoid unnecessary waste of time.

In any case, once the communication with the human operator has started, expose the latter to the need to know the residual credit of the SIM specified above: in some cases, you may be asked questions concerning your person or the active offer, in order to verify that you are the lawful user of the card in question.

Through the Internet

Alternatively, you can obtain the information you are looking for through the personal user area on the WINDTRE website, accessible from any browser for PC, smartphone and tablet; if you have not yet registered to the same, you can do it at the moment, but you will need to have access to the WINDTRE SIM to know the credit of, as you will be sent a one-time confirmation code to be entered during registration, for security purposes.

Having clarified this aspect, it is time to move on to the work: to start, open the browser of your choice and access the WINDTRE website. Now, if you are acting via smartphone, you must activate the desktop view mode (otherwise you will be redirected to the app installation page): to do this, if you use Chrome for Android, tap the button (⋮) posto in alto a destra and selects the voice Desktop site from the menu that appears; if, on the other hand, you employ Safari for iOS, tap the button Aa present in the address bar and tap the item Request desktop site, from the menu that is proposed to you. This operation is clearly not necessary if you browse from a tablet or a PC.

After this step, press the ☰ button located at the top right and then the button Login (if you browse from a PC, click directly on the latter) and, if you already have access credentials to the WINDTRE customer area, press the button Log in and enter the necessary data in the appropriate fields.

If, however, you have not yet registered, press the button Create your account, type il number of the WINDTRE SIM for which to know the credit, press the button Continue and insertion il disposable code which, in the meantime, should have been delivered to you via SMS. Finally, click on the button Continue, set a Password to be used for future logins and complete the registration by following the instructions that appear on the screen.

At this point, if necessary, log in using the account you just created and wait a few moments, so that the data relating to the registered SIM will be shown, including the remaining credit.

Please note that, if you deem it appropriate, you can also install the official WINDTRE app, available for Android (Play Store and alternative stores), iOS and iPadOS, on your smartphone or tablet: the operating and registration modes are almost the same as those just seen for the website.

If you have any difficulty in completing the steps I have indicated to you in the course of this guide, please refer to my tutorial on how to know the WINDTRE credit from another phone, in which I have explained the thing in even more detail. .

How to know the credit of another SIM: other operators

If the SIM in your possession does not belong to any of the telephone operators I told you about in the course of this guide, you have nothing to fear: most of them, in fact, provide for the possibility of accessing or registering in the personal Web area. , from which to retrieve all the information relating to the SIM card in question, including credit.

Just to give you an example, the operator Fastweb provides, during registration, the access data valid for the Web area and the MyFastweb app, useful for knowing and managing all the details relating to its lines; Furthermore, by registering in the Iliad user area, it is also possible to view the credit of your SIM on the fly, regardless of the Internet provider and the device from which the request is made.

For further information, I invite you to carefully read the thematic guides available on my website: how to see the Iliad credit, how to check the Fastweb Mobile credit and how to see the PosteMobile credit. I am sure they will come in handy!

How to know the credit of another SIM

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