Dual SIM: how it works

What is a dual SIM mobile phone

First of all, let's try to understand what exactly a dual SIM smartphone is. As can be easily deduced from the name itself and as you will have already guessed by yourself, it is nothing more than a normal mobile phone that however differs from those commonly used by most due to the fact that instead of allowing you to integrate a single SIM it has a slot for well two tabs.

This feature can allow you to use two SIMs from two different or even the same telephone operators, it all depends on whether you only need to change the reference telephone number or even the network.

La management mode of the SIMs inserted inside the device varies according to the technology on which the latter is based and this can be more or less at the user's discretion depending on the settings. In all cases, both telephone calls that SMS. A separate discussion must be made for the cellular data networkand that although in most cases it can be used without problems both with one and with the other card in use, it is still necessary to take into account the individual technical characteristics of the device chosen.

For the rest, it is good to make a clear distinction between mobile phones in the strict sense of the term e smartphone. In the first case there will be several limitations, all those typical of old-fashioned mobile phones: it will therefore not be possible to connect to the internet, download applications and use the more, so to speak, smart services. The only possible operations will therefore be making calls, sending and receiving SMS, setting alarms and little else. A smartphone, on the other hand, allows you to carry out all those mobile operations that are now part of everyday life. So, not only the possibility of making calls and sending SMS but also and above all surfing the Internet from the device display and taking advantage of services such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter etc.

How to use a dual SIM mobile phone

As for the actual use, absolutely nothing changes compared to the common mobile phones and smartphones currently present on the square. It all depends on the market segment membership of the device and any operating system above installed. There is obviously a special section used for SIM management inserted in the device through which it is possible, for example, to define which of the two SIMs inserted must be enabled for data connection, which ringtones to assign to incoming calls and SMS received on this or that other card and so on.

SIMs, on the other hand, must generally be inserted disassembling battery and relative cover and then sliding them into the appropriate numbered compartments or marked with a special wording. Only on some models of dual SIM the card slots are present on the side and in this case just make a slight pressure on them to open the relative drawer and insert the cards inside.

It should also be noted that in the upper part of the telephone display, only the reception level of the signal of the SIM that manages the network on which the first card is connected, in short, the main one.

For more details, you can still refer to the User Manual attached to the sales package of the mobile phone (if you have already bought it) and / or to the section dedicated toassistance of the manufacturer's website. You can find further useful information also at YouTube, looking for keywords of the type how to use [dual SIM mobile name] or how it works [dual SIM mobile name], maybe someone else has already bought your same dual SIM mobile phone or whatever you are interested in, configured it and is ready to explain to the entire people of the Web how to make the most of it.

Technical features

Understanding what a dual SIM device is and how to use it, let's now review the main technical characteristics of the phones belonging to the category in question and which should be taken into account when considering the purchase and operation of a "contraption" of this type. Here they are below.

Type of technology

Dual SIM phones are essentially divided into three different categories: there are those Dual Sim Full Active (DSFA) who use both cards at the same time and therefore while one SIM is engaged for a call the other remains reachable for other conversations or messages, those Dual SIM Dual Stand by (DSDS) that can handle only one card at a time and those Dual SIM Dual Standby which represent a sort of hybrid between the first and the second type allowing the smartphone to have two active SIM cards which are however both such only until they are being used.

SIM slots and memory cards

Most of the dual SIM phones that offer the ability to expand the internal memory with one microSD integrate a shared slot for the latter and for the second tab. In these cases, unfortunately, it is necessary to choose whether to expand the memory of the device or whether to use the second SIM. Both things cannot be done simultaneously. Take that into account.

2G, 3G ed LTE

As mentioned in the ready lines, it is possible to connect to the Internet from both SIMs inserted in the device but it cannot always be done on both cards at maximum speed. Generally, one slot ensures full data network support 3G ed LTE and one instead to the network only 2G.

Only some newer models of dual SIM smartphones integrate a function, called "hot switch", which allows you to enable the 3G / LTE connection first on one card and then on another without having to physically move them to the correct slot.

Still on the subject of networks, it is also well to keep in mind that some Chinese smartphones are not able to ensure total compatibility with the in your languagen LTE network. This is because they are incompatible with the 800MHz frequency band that some operators use to manage the 4G signal in the Bel Paese.

Additional generic features

Further characteristics to be taken into account, similar to what is done on "normal" cell phones, are the  and cameras. In the first case, on the terminals of the category there are two types and with support for different resolutions: IPS LCD, which are the most popular and boast excellent image quality, and OLED, which are more expensive and have slightly exaggerated colors but a deeper black.

As for the cameras, usually one is installed in the rear (which can also be double) and is the main one, while the other is located on the front (and is mainly used for selfies). Number of megapixels, aperture, maximum ISO sensitivity and optical stabilization vary according to the terminal and its price.

even the processor it is a fundamental component on smartphones and a greater power of the same generally corresponds to better performance of the device. A somewhat similar argument applies to the RAM. Also to be considered storage space: the more there will be, the greater the content that can be stored on the device.

As for the operating system, most of the dual SIMs are based on Android, others on Windows Mobile. None of the cell phones in the category uses instead iOS, the platform used on iPhones.

Other features to pay attention to when talking about dual SIM smartphones are the design of the device and i materials used that, regardless of whether it is a low-end, medium or high-end device, must still be of good quality. Usually the cheaper mobile phones are made of polycarbonate, while the higher cost ones are made of metal alloys or glass.

Also watch out for warranty which, as with any product on the market, always has its importance in the event that various problems and malfunctions arise. However, consider that many dual SIM devices are imported and unfortunately do not have them.

Where to buy

Now that you have finally understood how a dual SIM mobile phone works, allow me to provide you with some useful tips on where to purchase a device of this type, in case you have not already done so, of course.

Dual SIM mobile phones are marketed in the most well-stocked phone shops as well as in the electronic and computer shops. There are numerous models also and above all on the net, on e-commerce sites such as for example Amazon, on which there is an ad hoc category and there is practically spoiled for choice given the great variety of brands and models.

As for the speech instead prices, it starts from a minimum of about 30 euros to a maximum of 800 euros and more. It all depends on the technical characteristics of the chosen device. Clearly, the price will be higher the better the display, camera and various components of the smartphone are.

Among the popular adult brands in the category are companies of the caliber of Samsung, Huawei, Lenovo, Microsoft e Asus but there are also many others. Each company, then, produces more and more models that differ from each other due to the presence of this or that other feature, all reported in the technical data sheet of the device.

In this regard, I would like to point out that if you want to receive more precise tips on which dual SIM mobile phone to buy, you can refer to my buying guide dedicated to the devices in question. At least take a look at it, I'm sure it will come in very handy.

Dual SIM: how it works

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