Wind Tre PUK Code: 2021 Recovery Guide to unlock your SIM

How to recover PUK WIND and Tre: all 2020 methods

In recent years, many rules have changed in the management of personal customer data. Among these it is possible to note that specific private information can no longer be released verbally. Therefore, as a matter of privacy, even the PUK code can no longer be issued by telephone.

Here are the methods you can try to retrieve the all-important eight-digit code.

Furthermore, we would like to point out that since March 2020 there has been the merger of two great Italian telecommunication giants, WIND and Tre, which gave life to the brand new WINDRE brand. From this union, now you have a 'unique customer support for all three networks, which you can contact by typing the number 159.

Recover PUK WIND from Customer Area

A simple and quick way to retrieve the precious PUK code, and to personally manage your card making the most of all the services made available by the operator, is through the WINDTRE Customer Area.

In order to access it, you must first complete the registration form, an operation that lasts only a few minutes and will immediately allow you to take advantage of all the services and all the active offers of the telephone company.

To register on the e access the Customer Area must:

  • Enter the official page
  • Head up "Login"
  • Locate "Create your Account"
  • Enter your own cellphone number
  • You will receive an SMS from WINDTRE
  • Enter all the required data and follow the procedure necessary to complete the registration in the Customer Area
  • WINDTRE will send a confirmation email once the account has been created
  • Click on the link in the email for activate your account

Once you have completed your registration as a new customer, to recover the PUK you must:

  • Enter the Customer Area
  • Select the Telephone Line of interest
  • click "Retrieve the PUK of your SIM"

Retrieve the PUK code via the official WINDTRE App

Another way to access the services that your telephone operator makes available to all its customers is to download the’App WINDTRE.

This application is available for Android customers and for iOS customers and, with a single click, from your smartphone it will be possible to manage the SIM or the various cards you have in total safety and access all the services and active offers:

Once you have downloaded the App, you have to create an account following the following steps:

  • Enter your email and choose a password
  • Check your email within 60 minutes

Once the profile has been created, to retrieve the PUK code, access the App and proceed as follows:

  • Select the Telephone Line of interest
  • click "Info Line"
  • From here, view the PUK code

Check the SIM card packaging

Usually, the first step you take to check if you have the PUK code is to look at the SIM card purchase package.

Normally, the phone card is sold accompanied by two security codes, the PIN and the PUK, which are located on the back of the plastic holder in which the SIM is stuck.

To discover them, just scratch the silver surface that covers them with a coin.

Contact WINDTRE customer service

With the merger of two of the largest Italian telecommunication giants, WIND and Tre, the WINDTRE brand was born. From March 2020 the reference number to contact customer service is only one: the 159.

Following the recorded voice, you must press the key corresponding to the option of our interest to receive assistance from a consultant.

Please note, however, that for security reasons, the eight digits of the PUK code cannot be communicated by telephone.

Contact WINDTRE through Social Media

Another good way to contact the phone company is through social media:

  • In the “Support” section of the Facebook page it is possible to chat with Will, the digital assistant serving WINDTRE customers.
  • You can also make your voice heard through Twitter, but if you need assistance, we recommend that you contact the Company via the WINDTRE App.

Find the closest WINDTRE store

In order to solve a problem you have with your SIM, such as having to retrieve the PUK code to be able to unlock it, for example, in addition to modern digital methods, you can always use the classic face-to-face meeting with an operator in the many WINDTRE stores. located throughout Italy.

If you don't know what it is the center closest to your home you can use the Find Store link to find out.

Here, most likely, you will be offered to replace your SIM card and you will be allowed to keep the old phone number.

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