How to insert Samsung SIM

SIM format and required material

Before that insert Samsung SIM, you have to pay close attention to the SIM format supported by your smartphone model. For your information, as things currently stand, the most popular SIM card formats are two: Micro-SIM e Nano-SIM.

The former, direct descendants of the standard SIMs (technically called Mini-SIMs), have dimensions of 15 (length) x 12 (width) x 0.76 (depth) millimeters; the latter, on the other hand, are particularly small (in practice they are composed only of the metal chip) and measure 12.3 x 8.8 x 0.67 mm. Most modern Samsung smartphones support Nano-SIM, however you would do well to check the user manual of your phone to be even more sure.

If your SIM is in a given format (eg Micro-SIM) and you need a smaller format card (such as Nano-SIM), you can follow several ways: request the new SIM from the operator, for a cost ranging from 0 to 10 €; or cut the old board.

In general, modern SIM cards can be easily cut to fit a smaller format: just peel off the plastic outline based on the lines already obtained as standard; if, on the other hand, your card does not have cutting guidelines, you may have to proceed by hand, using a paper or cardboard template, or a special tool called SIM cutter.

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The "manual" cropping, however, is quite risky, as an error could make the SIM completely unusable: if you need more information on the subject, I invite you to consult my guide on how to cut a SIM, in which I have explained everything to you in great detail.

In addition to the SIM card, of course, you will need a special one metal paper clip o extractor, to be used to release the trolley dedicated to the card from the telephone body. This object is usually supplied with the smartphone but, if you have purchased a used phone that does not have it, or if you have lost it, you can replace it with an office paper clip, a stapler or, again, an earring.

Personally, I recommend that you get yourself a set of replacement ejector clips, which you can buy for less than € 10 in phone shops or online.

After obtaining the necessary material, all you have to do is identify the position of the extractable trolley dedicated to the SIM, unhook it from the phone and insert the card inside it: in the following sections of this guide, I am going to explain how to do it on smartphone models. Samsung currently most popular.

How to insert SIM Samsung A40

If you care to know how to insert SIM Samsung A40, this is the section of the guide that is right for you. The supported card type is Nano-SIM and you can also insert two different cards, if you have them.

To install the SIM card (or SIM cards) in your phone, insert the metal paper clip in the special hole dedicated to the SIM card trolley, which resides on the upper left edge of the smartphone, if viewed from the front (i.e. with the screen facing upwards). Make sure you insert the metal end perpendicular to the smartphone, otherwise you could damage it.

After insertion, lightly press the paperclip inwards, to release the SIM trolley, then extract it from its slot and insert the card (or cards) in the appropriate slots, respecting the direction of insertion. The spaces dedicated to the SIM cards, the smallest, are located in the upper part of the trolley; the lower housing, larger, is instead dedicated to the microSD. To secure the card, apply a slight downward pressure.

Once this step is also completed, reinsert the SIM tray inside its housing, in the same position in which you took it out, and press it inwards to make it adhere to the phone. In case of doubts or problems, I refer you to reading the official user manual of the Samsung Galaxy A40.

How to insert SIM Samsung A50

even the Samsung Galaxy A50 supports one or two Nano-SIM, which can be used in conjunction with the microSD. To install the card (or cards) in the device, again, you must use the metal paper clip that you received: insert it inside the extraction hole which is located at the top left (looking at the phone in the front position, with the screen facing up), perpendicular to the smartphone, then press lightly inwards and gently extract the trolley dedicated to the SIM.

Now, insert and fix the card (or cards) inside one of the dedicated slots, turning the chip down and respecting the "cut" of the card: the slots dedicated to the SIM are the smallest ones and further away from the metal part of the trolley. The larger slot, on the other hand, is dedicated to microSD.

Once the installation is complete, insert the SIM trolley back into its slot, in the same position in which you extracted it. If you need an extra hand in completing this operation, refer to the official user manual of the Samsung Galaxy A50.

How to insert SIM Samsung A20e

Possiedi a Samsung Galaxy A20e? Again, inserting the SIM inside is extremely simple. The smartphone supports one or two SIM cards, which can work together with a microSD: the steps required for installation are identical to those seen for the Samsung Galaxy A40, therefore, I invite you to consult one of the previous sections of this guide, to find out more about what to do.

How to insert SIM Samsung S10

The steps to take for insert SIM Samsung S10 are not very dissimilar from those already seen for the smartphone models analyzed so far: also in this case, the phone supports Nano-SIM.

First, then, take the metal paper clip you received, insert the pointed end into the forum of the SIM trolley - located on the upper edge of the smartphone, on the left - and, after exerting a small pressure inwards to release the cover, remove it.

At this point, if you own a Samsung Galaxy S10 with 5G support, insert the SIM card in the only slot available, with the chip facing downwards and respecting the cut, then reinsert the SIM trolley in its slot and press it inwards to hang it up.

If you own a non-10G Galaxy S5 with Single SIM, you have to insert the card in thesmaller housing (the other is dedicated, instead, to microSD); in the case of smartphones Dual-SIM, on the other hand, I advise you to use the smaller housing first, dedicated exclusively to the SIM card; the other “hybrid” input, on the other hand, can be used both for the installation of a second card, and for the use of a microSD card. To find out more, please consult the official user manual of the device.

How to insert SIM Samsung A10

Although it is a different smartphone, the steps to complete to insert the SIM card inside the Samsung Galaxy A10 are identical, both in terms of execution and type of card supported (Nano-SIM), to those already seen for the Samsung Galaxy A50: therefore, I refer you to the chapter of the guide dedicated to the latter, to obtain precise information on what to do. In case of problems, I invite you to consult the official user manual of the phone.

How to insert SIM Samsung J5

The SIM card model supported by the Samsung Galaxy J5 and the Nano-SIM and the installation instructions for the same vary according to the variant of smartphone in use, with single SIM or dual-SIM.

On single SIM models, the only dedicated card slot is on the left edge of the device, in the central part: therefore, using the appropriate paper clip, remove the SIM tray inserting the metal end into the hole and exerting a small pressure towards the inside. Once this is done, insert the card in the dedicated space, facing the chip downwards, then place the trolley back in its slot, pushing it inwards.

As for the models with dual sim, you can install Nano-SIM number one (the main card) by following the same instructions seen a little while ago; to also insert the second Nano-SIM, you have to extract the dedicated trolley, place just below the main SIM slot, always on the left; the card must be inserted in the upper slot of the trolley: the lower one is dedicated to the microSD. More info here.

How to insert SIM Samsung S7

insert SIM Samsung S7, first of all identifies the trolley dedicated to the card: it is located on the upper edge of the smartphone, on the left. When you've found it, enter the metal paper clip in forum placed on one of the ends, exert a small pressure towards the inside and, with the help of the metal end of the extractor, release the trolley, making it slide outwards.

Finally, insert the SIM card with the chip facing downwards, respecting its “cut”, inside the smallest housing of the trolley (the other is for installing the microSD); finally, fit the SIM tray back into its slot and hook it, pressing it inwards. More info here.

How to insert SIM Samsung J6

The operations to be carried out for insert SIM Samsung J6 are identical to those already seen for the Samsung Galaxy J5: therefore, I refer you to reading the dedicated chapter of this guide, for more precise information on this. In case of need, you can still consult the official Samsung manual.

How to insert Samsung SIM

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