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    How to Retrieve PUK Code

    After turning your mobile phone off and on again you were asked to type the PIN associated with your SIM, you didn't remember it and so you decided to go by trial and error. However, if you're here now and you're reading these lines, it seems clear to me that things haven't turned out exactly as you hoped: after entering the wrong PIN three times in a row, access to the card has been blocked and now you have to enter another code, the PUK, to continue using it. Obviously you don't remember the PUK either.

    In desperation, you have positioned yourself in front of your trusty computer, opened your web browser and started searching the web hoping to find some useful tips to deal with it. So you ended up here, on this article dedicated to how to retrieve PUK code. Am I wrong? No, here. Then I really hope I can help you out.

    With this tutorial of mine today I intend in fact to illustrate all the various and possible operations that you can do to try to recover the PUK code in case of forgetfulness or loss. All in all, these are not difficult operations to perform but obviously you have to have a minimum of patience and a good dose of calm to make everything go well. So? Would you like to try and get right to the heart of the matter? Yeah? Great! So concentrate on the information below and follow the instructions I'm about to give you step by step. Everything will work out for the best in the end. The best of luck!

    What is the PUK code

    Before explaining the steps that usually have to be taken in order to retrieve the PUK, I think I should give you some more information about the code in question, in case you don't know, of course.

    The PUK code, which stands for "Personal Unblocking Key", is an 8-digit code that must be entered to unblock mobile phones to allow them to access the network again and completely after the PIN of the SIM card in use has been entered incorrectly more than 3 times in a row.

    This code is provided directly by your network operator and cannot be modified by the user. Consequently, knowing it and remembering it may not be easy. With this in mind, knowing how to retrieve the PUK may be particularly useful in a number of circumstances.

    Also note that if the PUK code is entered incorrectly more than a certain number of times, 10 to be precise, the SIM card is blocked completely and the only way to use the phone again is to replace the card. So... watch out!

    What to do to retrieve PUK code

    Now that you have clearer ideas about the "nature" of the PUK code, let's try to understand which operations can be performed to trace it. The most immediate and intuitive thing you can do is to take a look at the info on the sales package of your SIM card.

    Secondly, you can contact your operator's customer service department or check whether the code in question can be obtained by logging into the operator's personal online area of the website or the relevant app for smartphones and tablets. For more information, please read on and read on. Everything is explained in detail below.

    SIM packaging

    As I told you, the first system that can allow you to retrieve the PUK code of your SIM card is to go and find the sales package of your card and read the info on it.

    More precisely, you should find the PUK code indicated under PUK/PUK code, usually located on the back of the plastic card where the SIM card was inserted before you started using it. If you have not already done so in the past, before you can see the PUK code, you may need to remove the protective coating applied on the PUK code with a coin.

    Manager's customer service

    If you can't find the packaging for your SIM card, you can try to retrieve the PUK code by contacting your operator's customer service and ask the operator you are talking to to kindly provide this information.

    If requested, please indicate your personal data (e.g. tax code, phone number of the reference SIM card, the tariff plan used and the remaining credit on the card) and wait a few moments so that the operator you are talking to can make all the necessary checks and can provide you with the information you want.

    Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose to contact the customer service of your telephone operator by phone (the classic call center) or by chat (using Facebook or Twitter. Below you will find all the contact details of the mobile operators together.

    • TIM - You can contact TIM's customer service phone number 119, while to talk via social network with an operator you can send a message to the official fanpage available on Facebook or Twitter accounts @TIM4UAlessio, @TIM4UGiulia or @TIM4UStefano. For more details you can read my post on how to talk with a TIM operator.
    • Vodafone - You can contact Vodafone's customer service by calling the number 190, while to talk via social network with an operator you can send a message to the official page on Facebook or Twitter account @VodafoneIT. For further details you can read my post on how to speak with a Vodafone operator.
    • Wind - You can contact Wind's customer service by calling the number 155, while to talk through social networks with an operator you can send a message to the official page on Facebook or Twitter account @WindItalia. For further details you can read my post on how to speak with Wind operator.
    • Tre - You can get in touch with Tre's customer service by calling the number 133, while to talk through social networks with an operator you can send a message to the official fanpage on Facebook or Twitter account @Tre_Assistance. For more details you can read my tutorial on how to contact operator Tre.

    Note: Not all operators allow PUK code retrieval through customer service. For example, when I write the article Vodafone allows it, while TIM doesn't. Anyway, it doesn't cost anything to try.

    Personal online area of the operator's website or app

    As mentioned a few lines above, you can also try to recover the PUK code by accessing your personal online area attached to the website of your telephone operator through which you can manage directly via the Internet everything related to your numbering. The same thing can also be done through the official app for smartphones and tablets made available by your operator to keep everything concerning your card under control. When I write the article this operation can only be done with Vodafone and Wind.

    If you have a Vodafone SIM card, you can recover the PUK code by first going to the home page of the operator's website, moving the cursor to the Do It Yourself button at the top, clicking on the Login button from the menu that appears, typing in the login details for your Vodafone account in the form that is shown and clicking on Login again. On the new web page that you will later see you will have to click on the View PUK and SIM expiry date item located in the Your SIM section and then click on View PUK CODE. Once this is done, a menu will open and you will see the PUK CODE of your SIM card: you will find the PUK code of your Vodafone card.

    From the app, available for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile, you have to start the latter and press the Menu button (the one with the three lines horizontally) located in the top right corner. Then you have to select Assistance and Support from the menu that opens and press on Your SIM card. In the screen that will then show you step on View PUK and under the heading THE PUK CODE of your SIM is: you will find indicated the PUK of your card.

    If, on the other hand, you have a Wind SIM card, to view the PUK code by accessing your personal online area you must first go to the home page of the operator's website, click on the Menu button at the top right, then on the Enter button and type your login details in the empty fields displayed after which you must click on the Login button. On the web page that you will later see select the numbering for the telephone line of interest and then click on Retrieve the PUK of your SIM.

    If you're using the provider's app, available for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile, you need to start the latter, select the phone line and then tap Line Info to see the code immediately.

    What to do after retrieving PUK code

    If your need was to unlock the SIM card because you had typed more than three times the wrong PIN, after you were able to recover the PUK you just need to type **05*PUK*NewPIN# on your mobile phone taking care to replace at the end PUK the PUK code of the newly recovered SIM and at the end NuovoPIN the new PIN code you want to associate to your card. Once this is done, you can finally resume using your SIM as you always did before the lock.

    In any case, in order to avoid further similar problems in the future, I suggest you take note of the PUK code you have just recovered and keep it in a safe place but at the same time it is easy to remember so that you can recover it without problems in case you need it again. Okay?

    In case of problems

    You have followed my instructions but there was no way to recover the PUK code of your card and you are thinking of throwing in the towel for good? Never! To deal with this there is still one last solution you can refer to: request a replacement SIM.

    If you do this, however, keep in mind that you will not be able to trace the PUK of your current card but you will be provided with a new SIM with the same number as the previous one and with the same credit remaining but with a new code. In short, extreme evils, extreme remedies! The operation is not free (it usually costs 10 euros).

    To do this, you have to go in person to one of the many centres of your operator scattered throughout Italy and ask the person you will be dealing with to replace the SIM card. If you do not know where your nearest operator's shop is, you can visit this page in the case of TIM, this one in the case of Vodafone, this one if you have a Wind SIM and this one if your operator is Three.

    Frequently asked questions and answers

    The simplest way to get the PUK is usually from the original package the SIM card came in.
    The PUK is not printed on the SIM card itself, which would make it unusable, but is usually printed on the card that usually contains the SIM card.
    17 sept two thousand and nineteen

    You can also recover the Movistar PUK of your mobile phone from the customer area of the Movistar service.
    After entering your username and password you will have to choose the option Manage on the left side of the menu.
    There, click on Lines and now on Consult PUK/IMEI/SimLock.
    28 Apr two thousand and twenty-one

    From the My Vodafone Application > "Menu" on the side of the home page > "My Devices" > "PIN and PUK".
    Calling to the free telephone one thousand five hundred and fifty, free 24h.
    of the day from any national operator.
    At the end of the call you receive an SMS in the phone from which you have called, with your PUK.

    It is possible to do it from the computer, laptop, or mobile device wherever and whenever we want, by going to www.
    ve and then to the My Movistar section.
    If we have access to the My Movistar application, we can see the PUK of each and every one of the lines we have contracted.

    Compilation of frequently asked questions that our users have sent us and that our experts have answered.

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