How to insert SIM iPhone 5

How to cut SIM for iPhone 5

How to insert SIM iPhone 5

Let's start with what you need to cut out the standard SIMs (technically called Mini-SIM) and the Micro-SIM in Nano-SIM compatible with iPhone 5. They are all tools that you should be able to find easily at home.

  • The PDF template to cut out the SIM which you can download for free by connecting to this web page and clicking on the button first Download original PDF file e poi sull'icona del floppy disk present in the toolbar of your navigation program. Alternatively, you can right click anywhere in the document and select the item Save with name give the menu check if you press.
  • A printer of any kind, no matter if it is ink-jet, laser, color or black and white.
  • One A4 sheet on which to print the PDF template for the SIM cutout.
  • Double-sided tape to fix the SIM on the cutout template.
  • A permanent marker to draw the guidelines necessary to cut the SIM correctly.
  • A pair of scissors sharp enough to cut the SIM.
  • Sandpaper or a file, to be used to file the edges of the card after cutting it.

Do you have everything at your fingertips? Well, then open the PDF template for the cutout of the SIM you downloaded a little while ago, open it in any software for viewing PDFs and print it on a municipality sheet A4. Please make sure that the print zoom level is set to 100%, otherwise you will get a model with wrong proportions and therefore totally unusable.

After printing, let the SIM cutout template dry for a few minutes. After that take some double-sided adhesive tape and fix your card in the field MiniSIM (2FF) to NanoSIM (4FF) of the document if you need to cut out a SIM in standard format or in the field MicroSIM (3FF) to NanoSIM (4FF) of the document if you need to cut out a Micro-SIM.

At this point, take the felt tip pen and track the guidelines for the cutout on the SIM following the lines on the template (the two horizontal lines, the two vertical lines and the diagonal line at the bottom right). Once this operation is done, detach the SIM from the sheet and cut it out following the guidelines you drew on it. Be careful not to nick the chip, otherwise the card will become completely useless and you will have to buy another one!

When you're done cropping, grab some sandpaper or a lime and gently work on the edges of the SIM to smooth them and make them less rough.

How to install SIM in iPhone 5

How to insert SIM iPhone 5

Mission accomplished ... or almost! Now you have to install the SIM in the iPhone, cross your fingers and hope that everything is fine, that is, that the phone recognizes the card correctly and activates without problems.

Do not know how to insert SIM iPhone 5? Don't worry, this is really a no-brainer. All you have to do is open the white cardboard present in the box of the "iPhone by" and extract the metal clip found in the latter.

After that you have to insert the tip of the clip into the SIM slot which is located on the right side of the iPhone and exert a firm enough pressure, until the "drawer" jumps out of the smartphone.

At this point, place the SIM in the slot you just extracted from the smartphone (you have to match the shape of the card with the card itself) and put the "drawer" back in its place. The card does not fit together, so try to insert it into the iPhone gently, otherwise it will end up moving.

When the operation is complete, try to activate your "iPhone by" following the instructions on the screen and, if all goes well, you will be able to both activate your smartphone and make calls and surf in 3G / 4G.

If the SIM is locked, enter the PIN needed to unlock it and disable the code request for subsequent use of the iPhone by going to the menu Settings> Phone> SIM PIN of iOS and moving on OFF the relative levetta all'opzione SIM PIN.

Please note: if you have lost the metal clip that came with the iPhone, you can open the SIM slot using a common paper clip (the ones used to hold documents together). Just twist its end slightly outwards and use it as the “official” clip.

How to insert SIM iPhone 5

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