How to open NAT on Xbox

Preliminary information

How to open NAT on Xbox

Soon I will go into the details of the procedure above how to open nat on xbox, but first I want to give you some background information on the subject.

Il NAT (Network Address translation) is a mechanism that deals with hide IP addresses of the devices connected to the local network within the data packets sent over the Internet.

In this way, the identity of the specific device that sent them does not appear in the packets, but only thepublic IP address that the operator who owns your Internet subscription (the so-called ISP, i.e. Internet Service Provider) assigned to the connection.

Active by default on all routers, this mechanism can cause various problems to a gamer. For example, it is well known that NAT can "put a spoke in the wheel" to whomever it wants host a multiplayer session game, as well as generate general inconveniences related to the online functionality of the console. Put simply, connections from the outside must be accepted correctly.

Le types of NAT that you can have on Xbox are three: Open, Moderate e Limited. The first is the best situation, since there are no problems of any kind with online features and especially with connecting to other users. Connections from the outside, such as those related to games, are well received. The NAT Open it may not be exactly easy to obtain, given some restrictions related to certain ISPs, but it is the best situation and actually many players manage to reach it with a few simple steps that I will show you in the course of the guide.

Passing the NAT Moderate, the latter allows you to play quietly in some situations, but there are gods contexts in which it could cause inconvenience. This is one of the most popular solutions among gamers, as with some ISPs it is much easier to get this type of NAT than Open. Having a Moderate NAT doesn't necessarily mean you won't be able to play properly, but there may be some ports not open and therefore limitations in playing with other users. It is generally not possible to play with those who have Limited NAT.

About the NAT Limited, this is the situation you should avoid if you want to have the best of online fun. In fact, it is often not possible to obtain a satisfying experience, as connections from the outside are limited. This means that it is not possible to play with many users. In reality, some online features are still accessible, but such a NAT can significantly compromise the gaming experience.

Put simply, if you have limited or moderate NAT, this is recommended aim for an open NAT so you don't have any problems when gaming online.

How to check NAT on Xbox

How to open NAT on Xbox

How do you say? Do you have the feeling that the console-related connection problems are due to NAT but you don't know how to check if the latter is closed, moderate or open? No problem, I'll tell you how to do it right away!

To proceed, once theXbox and logged in with yours Profile, go to the settings console (via the gear icon) and press the button A of the pad on the voice Generali.

Move, therefore, to the right and press on the box Network settings. Here you will see all the information related to your connection, including the NAT type. If you think this is outdated information, just press the button A of the pad above the frame NAT type test to start a new one check.

In a few seconds the system will give you precise information on the NAT: just press the button CONTINUED to return to the previous screen once the test is finished.

How to open the Xbox NAT

How to open NAT on Xbox

Before proceeding with the advice to open the NAT, I would like to clarify that, since this is a question related to the Internet connection, the procedure is the same for each type of console. This means that even if I have used one Xbox series s to draw up this guide, in reality the indications that I will give you are feasible even if you are interested in understanding how to open nat on xbox one, Xbox 360 or other Microsoft console models. Clear? Well, let's get started.

As mentioned above, the situations from which one must "escape" are always those relating to Moderate and Limited NAT. Since to play it is necessary to correctly accept connections from the outside, generally the problem is related to the configuring the modem router, and more particularly at open doors in the device management panel.

If, by going to the path Settings> General> Network Settings, did you realize you have a problema di NAT, you've probably also noticed that the console gives some indication of the Possible cause.

How to open NAT on Xbox

For example, the message appeared on the screen for many users UPnP failed, flanked by the advice to take a look at the guidelines of the official Xbox site.

UPnP is a network protocol that allows different terminals to connect to each other: the problem is exactly that of opening the ports.

If you also have a problem of this type, you must use any browser to access the configuration panel of your modem router, which generally corresponds to o If you have difficulty logging in, try following the directions in my tutorial on how to log in to the router.

Once logged into the router management brush using the appropriate combination of username/password (often the default one is written directly under the modem router and corresponds to admin / admin o admin password; in case of problems read my guide on how to find out the modem password), go to the section for enable ports (for example, Internet> Authorizations) and activate theautomatic door enabling, obviously by selecting the console Xbox as a device.

How to open NAT on Xbox

By doing so, the console can now open all doors automatically by itself it needs to get a NAT open. Generally many users solve the problem in this way: to check that everything is correct, I recommend that you follow the procedure I have included in the chapter on checking the NAT.

In any case, the enabling ofUPnP it is not always frowned upon by users, as it could potentially pose a safety concern. Let me explain: once this option is activated, applications can safely open TCP or UDP ports at will. This means that amalevola app could potentially do damage.

In any case, you don't have to worry too much: In this case it is an Xbox console and all the apps are downloaded directly from the Microsoft Store, so the security is generally higher than on an ordinary PC.

How to open NAT on Xbox

However, if you want to be 100% sure that the console only uses the ports it needs, you can keep UPnP disabled and proceed with the port forwarding, that is,opening specific doors.

To proceed in this sense, once you have logged in to the modem router configuration portal, just go to the section for open doors (for example following the path Internet> Authorizations o Port forwarding / Port opening) and select the item to start creating one new rule.

Once this is done, it's time to configure the ports to be enabled. Generally the ones useful for NAT are 88 UDP, 3074 UDP e TCP, 53 UDP e TCP, 80 TCP, 500 UDP, 3544 UDP e 4500 UDP. Just create a rule for each port, entering the values ​​just indicated in the fields related to start / end or internal / external door and the Xbox IP address in theDestination IP o Server IP address.

The procedure changes depending on the modem router at your disposal and, unfortunately, I cannot provide you with more precise information. For further information, however, you can consult the tutorial on how to open the NAT in which I have clearly illustrated the steps to be taken on various models of modem / router.

How to open NAT on Xbox

Perfect, now you know the procedures that usually allow you to get an open NAT on Xbox. If you want to learn more, you can take a look at the official guidelines drawn up by Microsoft.

Also, since you usually play from the Microsoft console, I would recommend that you take a look at the page of my site dedicated to Xbox, where you can find several guides that could be for you.

How to open NAT on Xbox

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