Sky is free with TIMvision Plus available to everyone

Sky is free with TIMvision Plus available to everyone If we want to watch the main Sky channels (for example Sky Uno, where there are many successful programs), until now we had to subscribe to Sky with satellite dish or fiber optic, subject to the constraints imposed by the satellite platform. A good alternative is Now TV, but it offers a trial period of only 14 days, perhaps not enough to fully evaluate the goodness of the streaming platform.
From today, however, we have a new alternative to be able to see Sky for free without constraints, for a much longer trial period! In this guide we will show you what it offers TIMvision streaming platform created by TIM and also accessible to non-users (i.e. even if we own a Vodafone, Wind, Fastweb or any other line).

Sky free with TIMvision

Until now, TIMvision was reserved only for users who subscribed to a TIM fixed network and / or mobile network subscription, without therefore being accessible to any other competitor users. Company policies have changed and this is how the TIMvision Plus service was born, which can be subscribed by any user with any fixed or mobile line, without any restrictions (both TIM users and non-TIM users can use it) and at cost. of suns 5 Euros per month.

Cosa offers TIMvision Plus

TIMvision Plus is an online streaming platform that works similar to Disney + Netflix, Infinity, NowTV and Amazon Prime Video that allows you to see live the following channels of the Sky satellite platform:
  • Sky ONE
  • Sky Art
  • Sky TG24
  • Sky Sports 24
  • Eurosport (events included for 12 months)
In addition to these channels, numerous movies and TV series are included (over 10.000), which can be viewed directly in on-demand mode or with rental functionality (we can choose what to see and pay for limited time viewing).

The platform is accessible immediately after activation and we can see everything without limits for 1 month for free, so you can choose whether to keep it active later. If we decide to keep it, the cost of accessing the service is currently the lowest among all the streaming services available in the city: with only € 5 per month we will be able to access the most famous Sky channels and all the content in streaming, choosing from time to time whether to renew the offer.

Just like on Netflix (which from this point of view has made school), we can choose every month whether or not to renew the subscription to TIMvision Plus, without restrictions and without penalties to pay: if we no longer want to renew, simply deactivate the subscription before it expires. This also applies to the free month: if we do not want to pay beyond this month, simply deactivate the subscription before it expires, so as to take advantage of Sky free for 30 days with no restrictions.

How to activate TIMvision Plus

Activating TIMvision Plus is simple, although not so immediate to find. In fact, if the Timvision website is opened, it is proposed to subscribe to TIM to have TIMVision. If instead we open the new account registration page we can register an account even without being a TIM customer. We enter a valid email address and a new password, check the items necessary to continue, enter the CAPTCHA control and finally click on Subscribe.
Sky is free with TIMvision Plus available to everyone

On the next screen you will be asked to immediately enter a valid payment method, using a credit card or any prepaid card with a Mastercard or Visa circuit (to learn more we can also read our guide Best prepaid cards to buy online without risk).
Once the payment method has been set, we confirm the subscription to immediately start the free trial month, in which we will be able to try all the Sky channels and other on-demand content.

If we are already TIM users, TIMvision is included in the price and we will only have to log in with our credentials to be able to benefit from the Sky channels and other contents, paying the fee via telephone account (€ 5 per month is offered by TIM for a certain period of time or included in the cost for the fiber subscription, based on the offer subscribed).

Where you can see TIMvision Plus

Once the subscription has been subscribed, we can immediately view the channels from any browser, by accessing the TIMvision website, pressing the top right on Log in and entering the credentials created earlier.
Sky is free with TIMvision Plus available to everyone

In addition to browsers, we can see TIMvision on many other devices, taking care to download the dedicated app available from the store. Below we have collected all the devices on which it is possible to download the TIMvision app:
  • App Android (Google Play Store)
  • App iPhone e iPad (Apple App Store)
  • Samsung Smart TV
  • LG Smart TV
  • Android TV
  • TV Box TIMvision
  • Chromecast (via mobile app and Google Cast)
In fact, we will be able to see TIMvision everywhere, we will only have to equip ourselves by installing the app and entering the login credentials.

How to disable TIMvision

Don't want to pay TIMvision after the trial period ends? Do we want to stop paying after a few months or years? We can do this at any time by accessing the TIMvision website, by clicking on the top Log in, entering the credentials, clicking again on the profile symbol at the top right, choosing the item Manage your profile and clicking on the section Subscriptions present in the menu on the left. In the new screen we click on the button Modification, select the credit card to be deleted, press on Delete credit card and select the key Confirmation, so as to confirm the cancellation of the chosen plan.


Having Sky for free is possible and, compared to other solutions, there are no constraints and secret costs to pay: we can therefore have Sky Uno free for 30 days and then decide whether pay only 5 € per month, currently the lowest price for a streaming platform. You can then decide to cancel your Sky subscription.
In addition to Sky channels Timvision's catalog also offers many movies and TV series to watch, even if from this point of view the rivals are decidedly superior (just see Netflix, Disney + and Amazon Prime Video what they offer).
Those who are already TIM customers can open the offer page to find that it is possible to activate Disney + by adding only 3 Euros per month.

If we are looking for other streaming services with free trial and affordable subscriptions, we recommend that you read our guides How Netflix works with streaming movies and TV series e Online movie rental sites or streaming subscriptions.
If we want instead see more Sky channels via the Internet, we will necessarily have to evaluate the subscription to NOW TV, which we talked about in the article How to watch NOW TV on your TV (without Sky decoder).

Sky is free with TIMvision Plus available to everyone

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