How Sorgenia fiber works

Technologies for Sorgenia fiber

How Sorgenia fiber works

Before explaining in detail theoffer for the optical fiber of Sorgenia, it seems only right to explain to you how this technology works and why it is faster, more convenient and more respectful of the environment than the classic ADSL.

Let's start from the basics, namely from how a fiber optic cable is composed. Well, optical fiber is a cable made up of very thin transparent fiberglass filaments held together in a small sheath of insulating material. This composition allows the data to travel at much higher speeds and without the typical signal dispersions of the classics copper cables (called “twisted pairs”) used for ADSL.

Translated into numerical terms, a network made entirely of optical fiber - such as that of Sorgenia - can reach a speed of 1 Gbps (1.000 Mbps) downstream, while a classic copper ADSL network cannot exceed 20 Mbps.

It does not take a computer expert to understand that this is an abysmal difference, capable of significantly changing the way in which it is possible to work, enjoy multimedia content and communicate online. Just think that with the optical fiber you could watch movies, even in 4K / UltraHD, in streaming without blocks; support video calls with many people at the same time without annoying interruptions and download applications, games and other very heavy files in a few moments, where with the ADSL network everything would be slow and subject to frequent interruptions (streaming in 4K / UltraHD, then, would be totally unsustainable due to low bandwidth).

However, we must be careful about the composition of fiber optic networks. A network made entirely of optical fiber, such as the one proposed by Sorgenia, is defined FTTH (Fiber To The Home), as it provides that the connection is made entirely with fiber optic cables from the control unit to the user's home (or at least up to the building). It ensures maximum speed (up to 1 Gbps) and is more sustainable from an environmental point of view, as it provides the maximum possible energy efficiency.

There are, however, "mixed" solutions proposed by operators other than Sorgenia, defined FTTC (Fiber To The Cabinet) o FTTS (Fiber To The Street), in which the connection from the control unit to the street cabinet is made in optical fiber, while the connection from the street cabinet to the user's home is made with the classic copper cable of ADSL networks. In these cases, as expected, there is a lower network speed (typically up to 100 Mbps downstream), lower stability and lower energy efficiency.

Well: now you know why it is important to inform yourself well before signing up for a new Internet offer and why it is recommended to choose an FTTH offer, such as that of Sorgenia which offers speeds up to 1 Gbps with optimal network conditions even during simultaneous use. of multiple users, rather than other types of connections.

Environmental sustainability of the Sorgenia fiber

How Sorgenia fiber works

As already pointed out above, Sorgenia cares very much about the environmental issues: guaranteeing the energy and services necessary for daily living and, at the same time, fighting climate change is one of the main missions of the company.

In fact, all Sorgenia plants are built with a technology that guarantees maximum environmental compatibility, for example by halving C02 emissions, with a natural gas combined cycle. At the same time, it constantly works to build new plants from renewable sources using the most advanced technologies from an ecological point of view.

Also Sorgenia's fiber is "green", as it is based on an FTTH network made of 100% optical fiber (therefore with a glass fiber cable that reaches the users' home) and without the use of supporting copper cables. The advantages given by the use of optical fiber are innumerable, from transport to installation, through maintenance and disposal at the end of its life. Not to mention the fact that the extraction of copper has a negative impact on the whole environment surrounding the mining areas, with also harmful repercussions on the health of those who work in that area (due to the long exposure to harmful materials and the conditions of almost always precarious work).

Fiber, then, ensures maximum energy efficiency, with savings ranging between 40 and 60% compared to classic ADSL or mixed fiber-copper networks. Also, through the app MySorgenia for Android and iPhone / iPad, the community made up of the operator's customers is also involved in actions capable of reducing the environmental impact. For example, it is possible calculate your "carbon footprint", that is the impact you have on the environment, by answering simple questions about your lifestyle.

The loyalty program should also be emphasized Greeners which, through a collection of points, makes available to members many prizes, including bicycles and shopping vouchers for the most popular stores, plus many sustainable premiums: from the possibility of planting trees and reducing one's CO2 impact to donating water to families in serious difficulty, passing through actions aimed at protecting species at risk of extinction. More info here.

In short: if you too - as I hope - have green issues at heart, you could find in Sorgenia a valid solution to speed up your home line and, at the same time, save not only in terms of costs on the bill but also in terms of impact on the environment.

Check Sorgenia fiber coverage

How Sorgenia fiber works

After understanding the benefits of fiber optics, you will most likely want to find out if your area is being reached by this technology.

Nothing easier: you can check the coverage of the Sorgenia fiber directly on the operator's website, by entering yours address in the appropriate box (by filling in the fields Common, Address e Street number) and clicking on the button to start the verification of coverage. To fill in the various fields correctly, help yourself with the auto-complete suggestions that appear as you type.

Within a few moments, the Sorgenia website will tell you if your home is reached by the optical fiber and therefore you can subscribe to one of the available offers or if, unfortunately, you cannot yet take advantage of this possibility. In the latter case, you can leave yours email address and receive a communication as soon as your address is reached by the Sorgenia fiber.

Sorgenia fiber best offers

How Sorgenia fiber works

The offer Ultra Fiber from Sorgenia provides an ultra-fast connection up to 1 Gbps based on FTTH technology with a fixed price starting from 24,90 euros / month and the first 2 months free. Activation and modem are included. The modem is included and the activation cost, spread over 24 months, is reset by Sorgenia if the supply remains active. The Next Fiber offer can be activated with Gas and Light, allowing you to access a more advantageous offer and have a single supplier for Internet, electricity and / or gas and take advantage of exclusive promotions (eg Amazon gift vouchers).

There are no duration constraints: you can decide at any time to deactivate the service by filling out the form on the Sorgenia website and sending it to the operator via the channel of your choice with 30 days' notice. The activation cost is spread over 24 months and is offered by Sorgenia as long as the supply is active. In the case of appliances received on loan for use (eg the modem), you may be asked to return them (if this is not done within 30 days from the date of deactivation of the service, you can keep them or dispose / recycle them at a WEEE center). In case of purchase of equipment in installments, however, you can choose whether to continue the installment or pay the missing installments in a single solution.

To activate Sorgenia's fiber offer, then connect to the operator's site, run the verification of coverage by filling in the appropriate form and, if your area is reached by the FTTH Sorgenia network, the page to proceed with the subscription will appear. After having examined all the features of the proposed plan, choose whether to switch to Sorgenia also for light + gas, Only light o gas only and click on the button Calculate quote.

Now you have to answer the questions that are asked to you, in order to outline your consumption profile and get the most suitable quote for you. For example, you may need to indicate the size of your property (eg. 1 room o 2/3 rooms), if you heat the water with electric boiler, autonomous boiler and gas o centralized system and so on. Self you already know your consumption, select the appropriate form located at the top and fill out the form that is proposed to you (or upload your current bill, to get an automatic quote).

Once you have obtained the estimates in line with your consumption, choose the plan that you think is most suitable for you, click on the button to activate it online and fill out the various forms that are proposed to you with data holder, supply information e Payment details (you can pay by debit on your account, credit card and PayPal). Make sure, therefore, to read all the contracts and documentation available and complete the transaction by following the instructions on the screen.

If you are already a Sorgenia customer, you can activate an offer for ultra-fast fiber up to 1 Gbps also through the app MySorgenia available for Android and iPhone / iPad. For more information, I leave you at the official website of the operator.

Article created in collaboration with Sorgenia.

How Sorgenia fiber works

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