How Twitch Works

Preliminary information

Prima di enter the dettaglio della procedura su how Twitch works, it seems important to me to explain to you what type of service we are talking about, to show you which devices are compatible with it and what prices the viewing of content on the platform may entail. Below you will find all the information you need.

What is Twitch

Twitch is one of the platforms of video streaming most popular in the world. However, unlike other sites, such as YouTube, here are the masters live content, live streaming, where the characters that populate the platform show content mainly related to video games.

Twitch is therefore the "home" of gamers, the place where you can find live and replica gameplay of all the latest games released on the market (and more). In short, a perfect place to get an idea about a particular video game before buying it and to discuss with other users through the convenient chat integrated into the service.

Compatible devices

Being a streaming service, i Twitch compatible devices are many. The primary method of accessing Twitch content is to use a common PC browser and connect to the official Twitch website. In addition, there is also a official client for Windows and macOS, which facilitates access to the platform from a computer.

In the mobile field, Twitch is available in the form of an app for Android and iOS, while in the "home" field it is possible to access the contents of the platform through video game consoles such as PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 e NVIDIA Shield e dongle HDMI come chromecast e Amazon Fire TV Stick. For all the details of the case, I invite you to consult the official page dedicated to the platforms supported by Twitch.


The features offered by Twitch are many and they also include the ability to support your favorite streamer, getting a thank you and exclusive benefits in return.

The service allows you to enjoy all content for free, but with the display of advertisements. To eliminate this limit, there are the subscriptions (sub) to channels, which allow you to completely remove advertising from the chosen channel and to obtain exclusive benefits related to it. The subscriptions (sub) are available in the following packages.

  • Level 1: € 4,99 per month.
  • Level 2: € 9,99 per month.
  • Level 3: € 24,99 per month.

But be careful: if you decide to subscribe via an Android device, the costs may be higher, since billing takes place via the Google Play Store. For more information, I invite you to take a look at the Twitch guidelines. My advice is therefore to subscribe via computer. The accepted payment methods are credit / debit cards belonging to the circuits VISA, MasterCard, American Express e DISCOVER and account PayPal.

Subscriptions offer the basic ad-free viewing of live broadcasts, but the streamer can decide to entice users to subscribe by inserting additional benefits, such as specials badges and emoticons. Unfortunately, I can't be more precise, as each channel is different from the others, but I recommend that you consult the chapter on how the Sub on Twitch works for more information.

Then there is the subscription Twitch Prime, which guarantees one free (sub) subscription per month and the ability to access games and digital elements for computer. Twitch Prime is included in the Amazon Prime subscription and therefore its cost is 36 euro per year o 4,99 per month. For more details, I recommend you take a look at my tutorial on how Amazon Prime works and the chapter on how Twitch Prime works with Amazon Prime

Subscriptions must be distinguished from donations which, on the other hand, as easily understood, are a "voluntary help" to one's favorite streamer and do not give particular advantages, nor do I remove advertisements. Donations are also not implemented directly by Twitch, but are often accepted by content creators through external services, such as PayPal. I can't be precise about the cost of donations, as they are handled differently by each individual streamer.

Finally, another way to support your favorite streamer is to buy bit. The latter are nothing more than a kind of Twitch virtual currency, which can be purchased for real money. Put simply, the user uses an emoticon in chat that he has purchased and the streamer receives money based on how much the viewer has paid. In this case, the user gets a special emblem that will appear next to his name in the chat. Below you will find the prices related to the various bits, which can be purchased through PayPal or with Amazon Payments.

  • 100 bit: 2,03 euro.
  • 500 bit: 8,13 euro.
  • 1.000 bit: 11,18 euro.
  • 1.500 bit: 21,85 euro.
  • 5.000 bit: 70,65 euro.
  • 10.000 bit: 137,75 euro.
  • 25.000 bit: 336,71 euro.

The prices I have listed are indicative, as they often vary depending on Twitch's decisions. For all the relevant information, I recommend that you consult the official Twitch guidelines.

How to use Twitch

Twitch offers many possibilities to interact with your favorite streamers, watch content or produce your own, so it is very easy to "get lost" in the various menus of the service. In the following chapters I will explain, therefore, how to move more easily among the many features offered by the platform owned by Amazon.

How to sign up for Twitch

The ability to watch videos and live streams on Twitch is also open to not enrolled to the service, but to take advantage of the advanced features of the platform, such as subscriptions, it is necessary register a profile (linked to the Amazon platform).

To do this, you just need to connect to the official Twitch website and select the item SUBSCRIBE located at the top right. At this point, log in with Facebook or enter username, Password, email address e date of birth in the appropriate form, then press the button SUBSCRIBE, which you find below.

Alternatively, if you prefer to act from the Twitch app for Android or iOS, press the button SUBSCRIBE and fill out the form that is proposed to you.

In any case, you will get anconfirmation email: you will have to click on link contained in it to verify your account and start using Twitch.

Browse Twitch

Once you've signed up for Twitch, I'd say you're ready to start using the service.

After logging in, by entering theemail address and Password of your account and pressing on the item Log in, Twitch will come up with a home page chock full of live content for you to watch. By pressing on one of them, you can start watching its live stream and you can select theicon of the cuoricino present at the top right so that it is saved in the bar on the left (on PC) or on the home page (on mobile devices).

If, on the other hand, you want to find out what content is available on the platform, click on the item Shop by Department and select the game or topic you want to see in the live broadcast: Twitch will show you the most suitable channels based on your country and your interests.

Once you have started the content of your interest, you can write a comment in the chat on the screen or change the settings related to the video quality by pressing onicona dell'ingranaggio. The number that is indicated at the bottom left on smartphones and tablets and at the bottom right on PCs indicates how many viewers are watching that live broadcast.

If you are interested, however, to review a replica content or a video published by a channel, you must enter the profile of your interest and select the tab Video. From here you can access the Recent broadcasts, clip and Featured Content tied to the canal. In case you don't know, the clips are short recordings made by users during a live, which are often used to save the funniest moments or interesting from the live broadcast.

The user-generated clips are then uploaded to the streamer's channel and can be seen by all other users. To make a clip, you have to press on theclapperboard icon you see while playing content on Twitch. For all the details on the clips, I recommend that you consult the official Twitch guidelines.

How Sub on Twitch works

One of the most used methods to support your favorite streamer is to subscribe to his channel. There are two methods of doing this: the mode I followed (follow) and subscription (sub). The first method is free and only allows you to "save" a channel, in order to keep it monitored and see it appear on the main Twitch page.

The subscriptions (sub), on the other hand, are paid (as also explained in the chapter related to Twitch prices and guarantee the vision of the ad-free streaming (with rare exceptions), access to specials subscriber badges (which appear next to the user's name when writing in chat), the ability to use custom emoticons to write in chat and the ability to chat only with other subscribers, in order to have a more direct contact with the streamer.

Also, in some cases, the content creator offers access to special contents intended only for people who have subscribed (subbed) to your channel. For example, videos created ad hoc or WhatsApp or Telegram groups and chats are often offered where you can directly contact the streamer and other users who own the sub to his channel. Exist three sub levels, which can provide additional benefits depending on what the streamer decides.

However, each channel has its own story and the only thing that is offered directly by Twitch is the ability to watch the media content uploaded from that profile without having to put up with advertising. You could then only get this benefit, in case the streamer hasn't foreseen any further benefits for their subscribers. Subscriptions can also be shared to appear in the stream. The user just has to press on the item Share, which will appear at the top of the chat. The latter feature is only available on computers.

To see what the channel you would like to subscribe to offers, go to the official Twitch site on your computer and log in. After that, open the channel you would like to subscribe to, press on the item Subscribe present in alto a destra and selects the voice All paid levels.

You may also want to consider giving your friend a gift by pressing on the item Give a subscription as a gift. If, on the other hand, you want to proceed with your subscription (sub), click on the item Subscribe, enter i Payment details and press on the item Complete the purchase. To manage your registrations, you can use the official page dedicated to divers. For all the details of the case, I recommend that you consult the official Twitch guidelines.

How Twitch Prime works with Amazon Prime

Twitch Prime is a service included in the Amazon Prime subscription. For all the details related to the latter, I suggest you take a look at my guide on how to get Amazon Prime for free. It allows you to carry out one free (sub) subscription per month to a channel of your choice and allows access to computer games and digital content, which are offered monthly.

To activate Twitch Prime with Amazon Prime, connected to the Twitch Prime website, press on the item Log in present at the top right, enter theemail address and Password I awarded her Log in. At this point, click on the item Check out Twitch Prime and select the option first city and then Continue. Now, re-enter theemail address and Password and click on the entry Log in. On the page that appears on the screen, click on the item Confirmation to associate your Twitch account with your Amazon account.

To subscribe to a channel using Twitch Prime, you just need to access it from your PC, press on the item Subscribe present at the top right and select the item Sign up at no additional cost. To do this from a smartphone Android, tap on the item Subscribe and later onblue crown icon. From iOS, you will have to go through browser or look for the appropriate link that the streamer may have inserted in the card Info of the channel you want to subscribe to. In some cases, you may always need to renew from the same platform from which you first subscribed.

At this point, you will need to remember to re-subscribe manually every 30 days if you want to keep your subscription to that channel. For all the relevant information, I recommend that you consult the official Twitch guidelines.

To access, instead, the games and digital content offered by Twitch Prime, just log in to the official Twitch website from your computer and click oncrown icon present at the top right. From here you will be able to redeem all available rewards in the current month. If you want a practical example, I recommend that you check out my guide on how to redeem promotional content on Twitch Prime.

How Refereum Twitch works

Refereum is a cryptocurrency that has attracted some interest from the public due to the fact that it can be earned simply by watching or streaming on Twitch.

Put simply, the user can be paid in cryptocurrency to watch a stream. The accumulated Referums can then be used to obtain video games. However, many users and streamers did not want to take advantage of this possibility. Just search for "I'm referendum" in search bar Twitch to understand that the initiative has not yet caught on and that therefore it is difficult to be able to really earn something.

My advice is to forget about this method but, in case you are still interested, you can get more information by visiting the official website of Refereum.

How monetization works on Twitch

How do you say? Your favorite streamer said that you can earn with Twitch and would you like to understand how this is possible? I'll explain it to you right away.

As mentioned in the Twitch pricing chapter, viewers have several ways to support their favorite content creator. Part of the earnings from subscriptions (sub), including those made with Twitch Prime, come on bit and from YouTube's ADS, but click on them, it is then turned over to the streamer, who earns in this way. However, to be able to earn in this sense it is necessary to be Twitch Affiliates or Partners.

For all the details of the case, I invite you to consult the official pages dedicated to the Twitch Affiliate Program and the Twitch Partner Program.

Come fare live su Twitch

Let me guess: after hearing you can earn with Twitch you have decided to start your career on this platform. Well, in this case it is important to roll up your sleeves and put a lot of passion during the live, but first you have to learn how to set up a live stream.

To do this on PC, usually you have to use a third-party program, such as OBS, and connect your own to it Twitch account. Then there is a need for one webcam and a good one microphone, to make the broadcast more professional. For more information on this procedure, I invite you to check out my tutorials on how OBS works and how to stream on Twitch.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to act as a console, you can use the headphones with microphone that have been provided to you and take advantage of the live function included in the console system. To capture yourself firsthand, you can purchase a dedicated webcam, such as the PlayStation Camera for PS4. For more information on this, check out my tutorial on how to stream on Twitch from PS4.

Vedi offers your Amazon

In case of dubbi or problem

In case you still have doubts about how Twitch works or have encountered any unexpected problems, you may want to consider using the Twitch help center.

To take advantage of the service, connect to the official Twitch support site and enter a short description the doubt or problem you encountered in the appropriate Campo di Ricerca. Then, read and apply the instructions that appear on the screen.

In case you want to contact Twitch experts directly, press the purple button Contact support at the bottom of the page and complete the fields Your name, User ID, email address, Category, Subcategory, Detail category e Operating System.

Once this is done, solve the captcha to prove you are not a robot and press on the entry Send. The Twitch team will contact you via email as soon as possible.


How Twitch Works

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