Hogwarts Legacy: All Cairn Dungeons Locations

Hogwarts Legacy: All Cairn Dungeons Locations

There are 13 underground mounds in Hogwarts Legacy. You will come across some dungeons during specific quests. Also, the Cairn dungeons are very rewarding because they are huge and full of dangerous enemies.

Key points

Exploring all 13 Cairn Dungeons will give you The Intrepid Explorer achievement.

Location of all mound dungeons in Hogwarts Legacy

There is a total of 13 underground mounds and exploring each of them will earn you money the intrepid explorer result. However, some Cairn Dungeons are only available through specific missions. Here is the location of All Cairn Dungeons in Hogwarts Legacy:

the coast mine

The coastal mine – (Image by eXputer)

You can go there and explore this Cairn Dungeon freely as it is very easy to locate. Hidden behind a door, The Coastal Mine is in the Lake Marunween Region.

The collector's cave

The collector's cave – (Image from eXputer)

This is the first Cairn dungeon you'll come across because it's part of it. urtkot helmet main search. However, to get this main quest, you will need to achieve 12 level and acquire i was shot down Enchantment, unlocked after completing Professor Sharp's Assignment I.

Feldcroft Catacomb

Feldcroft Catacomb – (Image from eXputer)

Unlocked in Sebastian Sallow's Relationship Quest: In the shadow of time, where you will unlock one of the Unforgivable Curses available in Hogwarts Legacy. However, you will need to complete Professor Weasley's Homeworkwhat gives you the transformation spell. This spell is a must as it will help you in future chess puzzles.

Dale family grave

Dale family grave – (Image from eXputer)

This Cairn dungeon is unlocked during a side quest: cast a curse. To open the side quest, you will need to complete The trial of Charles Rookwood main search. After starting the Beeting a Curse quest, all you have to do is go and talk to Samantha Dale in the Herbology greenhouses.

tomb of treason

Tomb of Betrayal – (Image by eXputer)

You will need to have access to finance a of the geographical map to access this Cairn Dungeon in Hogwarts Legacy. You just have to unlock the flying flame and you will find the Cairn Dungeon on its side.

moonstone garden

Moonstone Garden – (Image from eXputer)

jackdaw grave

Jackdaw's Tomb – (Image from eXputer)

This cairn dungeon is also easy to locate and you can freely explore this cairn dungeon without doing any research. Jackdaw's grave is located in Forbidden Forest.

the eye of the mine

The eye of the mine – (Image by eXputer)

To unlock this mound dungeon, you will need to progress and get the "it's all gibberishmain search.

When you head to the Valley of Hogwarts, you will need to enter the my elfwhich can be opened with a disillusionment spell as an eye chest in Hogwarts Legacy.

After opening the door, you will gain access to the eye of the mine. Upon entering, you will find one of Sentinel Loyal to Ranrok. They are powerful and can take on powerful wizards and witches. It is recommended to use bombard while charging their magic.

neglect mine

Overlook Mine – (Image from eXputer)

Ir a Superior de Hogsfield In hogsmeade valley to locate this cairn dungeon, which opens at night during the In the shadow of the mine mission given by Sebastian Sallow. Surprisingly, the Overlook mine has a lot cobwebsand you'll need a fire spell like Confringo or Incendio to burn those cobwebs. Also, this dungeon is very dark, use Lumos, so you don't miss any chests inside.

spinners cave

Cueva de las Hilanderas – (Image by eXputer)

This mound dungeon can be unlocked by starting "The House Elf Situationfringe research. Professor Weasley will send you a letter via the Owl Post saying that Deek needs a favor from you. deek will be there Requirements Room.

Once you go there and talk to him, Deek will ask you to try out your newly acquired gear at the spinners cave and also check out his friend Tobbs. Spinners cavern is infested with spiders and you will fight with giant spiders there.

tower tunnel

Tower Tunnel – (Imagen the eXputer)

This mound dungeon is located in lago marunweem in the Tower Tunnel.

Hollow Horklump

Horklump Hollow – (Image from eXputer)

This mound dungeon is located in Superior de Hogsfield Di hogsmeade valley. The chest doesn't reward you much in the end, as it only gives you 20 coins.

Phoenix Mountain Cave – (Image from eXputer)


After exploring all of the Cairn dungeons in Hogwarts Legacy, you will earn The Intrepid Explorer achievement. For now though, this covers our guide to all Carin dungeons in Hogwarts Legacy locations.


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