Maxcio, the smart socket compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home for only € 11,19

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A socket with advanced functions, which allows us not only to manage connected devices directly from the iPhone, but also to issue voice commands using Amazon Alexa and Google Home.


Bottle Spartan, with the instruction manual in Italian and the smart socket inside. maxcio has created a very interesting product, perfectly compatible with Italian electrical systems.

The design is very classic, certainly not elegant. We could certainly have done better. The socket is made of ABS and white polycarbonate.The dimensions are 11 x 6 x 3,2 cm (excluding the plug pins). The socket integrates a 16A output, with 100-240V input. The socket also offers an 802.11 b / g / n 2,4 GHz wireless connection. For the connection, the socket must therefore be configured with the 2,4 GHz Wi-Fi network at home.

Maxcio allows you to turn all connected devices on and off to the socket via the Smartlife app to be installed on the iPhone. The accessory also offers a physical button to manage switching on and off directly from the socket.

Also from the app it is possible to configure one of the voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa e Google Assistant. Once the configuration is complete, we can turn on and off appliances and any other device connected to the smart socket directly via voice commands. To do this, it is obviously necessary to have compatible products such as Amazon Echo or Google Home. The Maxcio socket also supports IFTT to create automatisms quickly and easily.

The smart socket is also capable of analyzing the energy consumption in real time. This means that we can remotely check the status of the connected devices, to understand their consumption in terms of energy. Also from the app, we can set a timer to automatically switch on and off the socket, programming everything directly from the iPhone.

With this accessory we can therefore remotely manage any connected device. In practical use, it is particularly useful with household appliances such as a refrigerator, coffee machine or television: not only can we turn them on and off remotely, but it is also possible to check their status and control their consumption in real time. Excellent value for money.

Maxcio's smart socket is available on Amazon at a price of € 15,99. By entering the code YMIPHONE when ordering, the price drops to € 11,19 (offer valid until November 30, 2019) for the pack with one plug and € 20,29 for the pack with two plugs.

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