How Scribd works

Scribd pricing

How Scribd works

Scribd is a service that cannot be defined as free because in its free version it allows you to read only three contents (among those available for free) per month. To have access to all its features and to read all the contents, it is therefore necessary to pay a monthly fee.

By taking out a subscription at the cost of 8,99 euro / month, you can access an archive with millions of documents, magazines, books and audiobooks without limits, choose 4 contents (3 books and 1 audiobook) from the paid ones monthly and take advantage of all the features such as download for offline reading, the printing and much more.

If you are a new Scribd user, you can activate one 30-day trial which allows you to try the service for free for one month and without any restrictions. Also, it will be useful to know that you can invite your friends to join Scribd and allow them to take advantage of two months of free membership. At the same time, for the user who sent the invitations there is one month of free subscription for each friend made to subscribe to the service.

How to register on Scribd

How Scribd works

In order to access all the features of Scribd, such as reading full articles, downloading and printing files, and uploading your work, you need to create an account and subscribe. How you do it? I'll explain it to you right away.

To create your account on Scribd, connected to the site of the service and presses the button Sign in present at the top right, then choose whether to register by connecting your account and clicking on the buttons Sign up with Facebook o Sign up with Google, or whether to create an account with the traditional email registration. Then enter your details in the fields Name, Email e Password, put the check mark next to the item Send me updates from Scribd if you want to receive updates from Scribd and press the button Sign up to proceed with registration.

On the next screen, proceed with entering a valid payment method useful to activate the free trial of 30 days. Under the heading Payment Options, then choose the payment method you prefer from credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express e Discover) is PayPal and provide the relevant data: in the first case, proceed with entering your credit card data in the fields Card number, Expiration DateSecurity Code e pulsing sul pulsating Start your free trial; if you have chosen PayPal, press the button first Start your free trial, then enter your PayPal account details to connect it to Scribd and click on the button Accetta and continue to complete the activation of the free trial.

How to use Scribd

How Scribd works

After creating your account and activating the free trial, the first time you log into Scribd you can set your reading preferences by selecting three or more categories of your interest, choosing from the sections Career & Money, Science & Tech, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Biographies & History, Fiction and many others.

Once you have completed customizing your account, click on the item Done to access the main screen of the service and view the titles chosen for you, while in the left sidebar you can access the various sections available.

  • Overview: it is the main page of Scribd, where you can see the recently read titles, the related contents and the suggested ones.
  • Books: the section dedicated to books, divided into categories Bestselling BooksNew in Technology, Learn to code and many others.
  • Audiobooks: to choose and listen to one of the many audio books available on the service.
  • Magazines: section dedicated to magazines (in English). You can choose one of the available categories such as Politics & Current AffairsScience & Technology, Carree & Money and numerous others.
  • News: the section to stay updated on world news. It allows you to read all kinds of articles for free, taken from famous newspapers such as Financial Times, The Guardian or The New York Times.
  • Documents: the section dedicated to documents of all kinds, from business models to academic documents. It is available for free.
  • Sheet Music: with the musical scores of famous songs, collected both by genre (Country, Folk, Jazz & blues, Pop rock) and for instruments (Piano, Brass, Board Member, Guitar, Bass and Fretted etc).

Alternatively, you can choose a content by interest by clicking on the item Explore present at the top left and selecting one of the categories available from Career & Money, Lifestyle, Fiction, Personal Growth, Health & Fitness, Science & Tech, Politics & Current Affairs, Entertainment e Biographies & History.

You should know that most of the content on Sribd is in English and at the moment there is no search function by language that allows you to view all the content available in in your languagen. However, if you are unfamiliar with English and want to read a book or document in your language, you can search by title: then type the name of the content of your interest in the field Search (above) and click on the icon magnifying glass.

On the next screen, you can see your search results broken down by Books, Audiobooks e Documents. Let's take a practical example: by carrying out a search for I promessi sposi, over 1.200 books, 1 audiobook and over 16.000 documents are available to testify that there are also numerous contents in in your languagen on Scribd.

How Scribd works

After choosing the content of your interest, click on its cover image to access the descriptive card in which you can read title, author (or user who uploaded the file), number of pages, estimated reading time, Description, reviews e publication date. Also, you can press the button Add to save to save the title in the list of your favorites and press the button Start reading to start reading the pages available in preview mode.

If the title is to your liking and you want to access the complete reading, click on the button Continue Reading and select the item Confirm to confirm your intention: in this way you will benefit from one of the four credits available monthly which allow you to access three books and an audiobook.

How Scribd works

While reading, you can press the icon of magnifying glass at the top right to search for a word in the book, while clicking on the icon four arrows you can set the reading mode to all screen.

Also, pressing on the item Aa you can set the font size and by clicking on the i icon three vertical dots you can take advantage of additional functions: Add a bookmark to add one or more bookmarks (the same function is available by pressing the triangle present at the top right of the page); Save for later/Remove from saved to add or remove content from saved titles; Notes e Bookmark to add notes and About book to view the description of the book.

If you have started reading a document, you should know that you can also take advantage of the download and print functions. Then click on the icon of freccia rivolta verse il basso, choose the format of the file to download by placing the check mark next to the options PDF o TXT e pulsing sul pulsating Download [format] to start downloading the file on your computer and then proceed with printing.

In the case of audio books, the commands are slightly different: to start listening, click on the button Start listening and to access the complete listening you can press on the voice Continue listening. Once the audiobook has started playing, you can use common media player commands such as the button Play e Pause to start and stop listening, while pressing the icon of month you can set a automatic shutdown timer.

How Scribd works

In conclusion, you can click on the entry Saved at the top to view the list of titles added to your favorites, while selecting the option Upload you can upload content from your computer: press the button Select document to upload to select a file (in PDF, TXT, DOC, PPT, XLS or DOCX format) from your computer, then enter the title and description in the fields Title e Description, put the check mark next to the item Make this document private if you want to make the document private and click the button Done to start uploading.

To view your files, press the icon of a little man present in alto a destra and selects the voice Document Uploads. You can edit it, save it as a favorite, make it public or private and delete it by pressing the icon basket.

How to use Scribd from smartphones and tablets

How Scribd works

It's possible to use Scribd also from smartphones and tablets by downloading the free application available for Android, iOS and Windows 10 Mobile devices. Unlike the Web platform, the app has an interface partly in in your languagen but the functions are similar to those described for computers.

After downloading the Scribd app from the store of your device, start it by tapping on its icon and press on the items NEXTRead free for 30 days to activate the free trial. Then press on the buttons Sign up with Facebook o Sign up with Google to connect your social account to Scribd, otherwise enter your data in the fields Your name, Email address e Password and tap the button Sign Up to register via email.

On the next screen, press the option Start your free trial to activate your subscription via Play Store for Android devices and iTunes Store for iPhone / iPad (for the first month you will not be charged any cost), otherwise presses on the voice Maybe later to continue without a subscription with the possibility of accessing only three free contents per month.

How Scribd works

Once you have completed your registration and activated your free trial, you are ready to access all the content on Scribd. On the main screen, you can view the latest titles read, the contents suggested by Scribd and choose a file category by pressing on one of the items among View, Books, Audiobooks, Magazines, News, Documents e Music Sheets present at the top.

Through the menu below, however, you can access the section Explore, by tapping on the icon of a compass; to the list of your titles Save yourself, pressing the icon of pennant or to your account settings, by clicking on thelittle man.

Once you have chosen the content to read or listen to, press on yours cover image e fai tap sul pulsating Start reading (o Continue listening in the case of audio books). By pressing on the icon of three dots present in high to back and selecting the voice Store offlinethen, you can download the content and read it even in offline mode without an Internet connection. You can view the list of your downloads by accessing the section Save yourself.

How to deactivate your Scribd subscription

How Scribd works

By activating the free trial, you have also activated the automatic renewal of the subscription. If you don't want to run into unwanted charges, you can deactivate your Scribd subscription at any time and without any obligation.

Then access the settings of your account by pressing the icon oflittle man at the top right and click on the entry Account settings, then scroll down the page and locate the section Membership & Payment Details. Now, click on the option Cancel membership and, in the new open page, presses the button Continue cancellation at the bottom, then select the reason for the cancellation and click on the items Submit & Continue CancellationComplete Cancellation.

Disabling automatic renewal will allow you to take advantage of the remaining trial or subscription days without any limitations.

How Scribd works

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