How to change the font on Huawei smartphone

You bought a smartphone Huawei, you want to customize yours font and you don't know how to do it? First of all, you should know that, unlike other Android devices, Huawei does not have this functionality in the Settings; however, this does not mean that it is impossible to do so! Changing the font of the writing on the phone and then using a different type of font than the default one, is a fairly simple operation that requires attention, however, as you have to enable functions that it is easy to not be aware of.

To customize the font on Huawei there are two ways, one "without root" a little more complex, and one "with root" a little simpler but it requires you to unlock your mobile. The procedures described above are also valid for smartphones Honor which is nothing more than a rib of Huawei. But let's arm ourselves with patience and let's go into detail !!!

Change the Huawei font "without root"

This method involves first installing the App from unknown sources; this means that you have to change the security and privacy settings according to the following steps:

  • apri "Settings" on your smartphone;
  • Go up "Security and privacy" and then "Other settings";
  • Choose the item "Install apps from external sources", then select your browser (in our case "Chrome") and check the option "Allow installation of apps".

Proceed by connecting to the page XDA from which you can download the file "apk". Once the file has been downloaded, wait for the app to be installed "Emui5 Fonts Enabler", open it and press "Click to enable fonts". To verify that the procedure has been successful, go to the menu "Settings" smartphone, press "Display" and see if the entry is present "Text style".

At this point it is necessary to connect to this page XDA, choose the font you prefer among those proposed and download it on your smartphone. You will be automatically sent back to the App "File manager" (otherwise you will have to proceed manually by opening the app above, go to the tab "Local", to press "Internal memory", locate the folder "Download" o "Download Management" and follow the procedure described) in which you will have to press on "Download Management" where the file just downloaded is stored.

Press on it until the toolbar appears at the bottom of the screen, then press "Other", to choose "Rename" and replace the extension .zip us .hwt. Confirm by pressing "Ok".

The font with the new extension must now be reselected by pressing it until it appears "Move" in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. Then press "Internal memory", Huawei e "Themes". Press again "Move" bottom right. Open the App now "Themes" on your device, go to "Customize" e "Character". Then tap the font you downloaded and select "Apply".

Your new font is now visible on your smartphone!

Changing the Huawei font "with root"

As mentioned at the beginning of this post, this procedure requires that the smartphone be unlocked, therefore, before continuing, you must grant root permissions from your mobile phone.

Now it's a matter of choosing and installing an app from Play Store with which you can change the font. Specifically we are talking about two apps, iFont and HiFont whose font installation procedure will be described only once as they are practically identical apps. In fact, they allow you to choose from dozens of characters ready to be applied to your device. Once the app is installed, simply open it and choose the font you prefer from those proposed. To apply it press "OK" whenever it is requested and in a few seconds the font will be visible on your smartphone!


From the day I decided to switch to Android I had to deal with a smartphone Huawei and being the kind of person who loves to customize everything, the font was the first thing I wanted to change.

On P10 I followed the procedure with root and I installed iFont managing to customize the fonts in a few minutes.

Later on on the P30 Lite I wanted to try the method without root and I have not found any kind of difficulty. This last method, a little more complex than the other, is certainly more suitable for all those users driven by the curiosity to test all the features that technology offers us.

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