How to open ODG

Program to open ODG

Are you looking for a program to open ODG and you don't know which resource to turn to? Then take into consideration the ones I will tell you about in the following chapters: there are both for Windows that for MacOS, other than Linux. The choice is yours.

How to open ODG files with LibreOffice

How to open ODG

As I told you at the beginning of the guide, the most popular programs to open ODG files are OpenOffice e LibreOffice: the second was born from a "rib" of the first, but I would like to recommend it for the features it offers and for the fact that its development continues more quickly. LibreOffice (as well as OpenOffice) is a popular productivity suite of an open source nature, totally free and compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux. Please note that it is considered by most to be the best no-cost alternative to Microsoft Office.

To use it, you must first download the software to your computer. So, go to the LibreOffice website and click the button Scaricate la versione xxx.

When the download is complete, if you are using Windows, april il .msi files obtained and, in the window that is shown to you on the desktop, click on the button Run. Then click on the button NEXT, select the option Typical e premi sui pulsnti NEXT, Install, Yes e end, in order to conclude the setup.

Se, invece, stai using MacOS, april il package .dmg ottenuto, trascina l 'LibreOffice icon in the folder Applications, right click on it and select the item apri from the menu you see. Then press the button apri in response to the warning on the screen, so as to start LibreOffice going around the limitations imposed by Apple on applications from non-certified developers (operation that must be carried out only at the first start).

Then, still on macOS, visit the LibreOffice website again and click the button Translated user interface, in order to download the cittàn translation of the suite (on Windows it is already included). After the download is complete, close LibreOffice (using the key combination cmd + q), open the new one package .dmg obtained, right click on the executable LibreOffice Language Pack inside it, select the item apri from the menu that is shown to you and click on the buttons apri e Install.

Select by voice /Applications/ from the window that opens and click the button Install. If in doing so you are shown a warning regarding the permits, award-winning Yes, identify me, enter the Password of your user account on the Mac and click on the button OK, twice in a row.

At this point, regardless of the operating system you are using, start LibreOffice (via the collegamento added to Start menu Windows or by clicking on the relevant icon in Launchpad macOS), then click on the button Open file located at the top left of the window, select the file ODG you want to open and press the button apri.

Alternatively, if you have already opened a file in LibreOffice, click on the menu Fillet situato in alto a sinistra, selects the voice apri and proceed in the same way as I have just indicated. Furthermore, considering that LibreOffice is set as the default program for opening this type of document, you should be able to open ODG files even by simply double clicking on their icons.

If not, you can fix it by following the instructions I gave you in my guide on how to change the default program on Windows and macOS.

Within a few moments, it will then be launched Draw, the drawing application part of the suite, default for opening ODG files, and your document will finally be visible. If you wish, you can then modify it using the tools at the top of the program window and in the sidebar located on the left. For example, you can add drawings, change text formatting, and much more.

If you have made any changes to your document and want to save them, click on the item Fillet, which you find at the top left, select the item Save And that's it. If you want to save your changes by creating a new document instead, choose the option Save with name and indicate the name you want to assign to the file and the location in which you want to archive it, using the new window that appears.

How to open ODG files with Word

How to open ODG

In addition to as I have already indicated to you in the previous lines, you can open ODG files with Word, the famous commercial program for word processing usable both on operating systems Windows that of MacOS and part of the Microsoft Office package.

If Word is already installed on your PC, start it by selecting the relative collegamento that you find in Start menu (on Windows) or by clicking onicon of the software annexed to Launchpad (on macOS). If not, first download and install the program by following the instructions on what to do that I have provided in my dedicated tutorial specifically to the topic.

Once the main software window appears on the screen, click on the entry apri located in the left sidebar and select the ODG file saved on your computer that you want to open by double clicking on position reference or by pressing the button Shop by Department, selecting the option for view all file types from the appropriate drop-down menu, by clicking on the document and, finally, by clicking on the button apri.

Alternatively, if you have already opened a file in Word, you can open your ODG document by clicking on the menu Fillet, located in the upper left part of the window, by selecting the item apri and proceeding in the same way as I have just indicated.

Once opened, the file can also be edited using the tools at the top of the various tabs. For example, you can edit the texts and their formatting, insert images, drawings and so on. If you want to save any changes you may have made, click on the menu Fillet at the top left, select the item Save and his bottone award Yes, in response to the warning that may have appeared on the screen.

How to open ODG files online

How to open ODG

Logically, it should be possible aprire and ODG file online using services such as Word Online, the Web version of the famous word processing program included in the Office package and other similar solutions (eg Google Docs). Well, unfortunately this is not the case: the services in question, in fact, do not support opening you have to ODG files.

To remedy this, however, you can rely on PDF24 Tools, a free online service, working from any browser and easy to use which, as the name suggests, is mainly designed for viewing PDFs, but also allows you to view various file formats, including the ODG. It should be noted that, to use it, no registration is required and that all documents uploaded to the service are removed from the company's servers within a short time.

To use it for your purpose, what you need to do is connect to the PDF24 Tools home page and drag the ODG file you want to open into the browser window. Alternatively, click on the link Choose file and select "manually" the document. If then the file is on Google Drive or on dropbox, you can upload them directly from there, by selecting the relevant ones icon.

Wait a few moments for the file to be uploaded to the service, then press the button Show appeared below and you can view it in the browser window. Easier than that?

App to open ODG

You do not have a computer at hand and would like to know if there is any app to open ODG files acting as a smartphone or tablet? Well, of course you do! Find some listed below.

OOReader (Android/iOS)

How to open ODG

EAReader is a free app that does one thing but does it great: it allows you to view (but not edit) all LibreOffice files. It is available for both Android and iOS and is very simple to use.

To use it, download it from the Android Play Store or the iOS App Store, press the button Installa / Ottieni and, if you are using iOS, authorize the download via Face ID, touch ID o Password dell’account Apple.

Then, regardless of the mobile platform used, start the app by pressing the button apri appeared on the display or on his icon which has been added to the home screen.

Now that you see the main screen of EAReader, tap the button [+], located at the top right, choose the position where the ODG document of your interest is saved (via the menu that appears) and picks up the file from there. If necessary, authorize the app to access your files, after which you can finally view the document on the device screen.

I also point out that by tapping on the icon with the sheet located at the top right, you can choose, depending on your needs and preferences, whether to share the file, convert it to PDF, print it, rename it or delete it.

AndrOpen Office (Android)

How to open ODG

Stai using a device Android, you can also contact AndrOpen Office, a free application that incorporates in all respects the features of OpenOffice, the open source office suite with which LibreOffice, the program I mentioned in the step at the beginning of the guide, shares part of the source code. Unfortunately, however, its user interface isn't really optimized for touch.

In any case, if you want to try the app, first download and install it, by accessing the relevant section of the Play Store. Then, tap the button Install and on that apri appeared on the display, in order to start AndrOpen Office. Alternatively, tap the relative icon which was added to the drawer.

At this point, fai tap sulla voce Allow, to allow the application to access the multimedia contents on the device, then select the item apri located at the bottom, indicates the position where the ODG file you want to open is located and select it.

Afterwards, your document in ODG format will be opened in the app and you will finally be able to view it (and possibly also edit it) using the AndrOpen Office editor. If in doing so you are asked to proceed with the download of your language pack, you agree to this.

Note that the app can possibly be enhanced with the Professional Pack which, however, is paid (costs 6,99 euros) and allows you to add extra features, such as the removal of advertisements.

How to open ODG

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