How to be contacted by Fastweb

Be contacted by Fastweb if you are already a customer

If you already have a fixed or mobile network contract with Fastweb, being called back is quite simple: you can do this either through the MyFastPage (and the app MyFastweb) and through the social pages made available by the manager.


If you intend to request a contact through MyFastPage, the personal "control center" of Fastweb services, first of all connected to it using any computer browser, and then indicate, where required, the access credentials provided when activating the new user (they should also be available in the first emails provided at the time of subscription).

If you access via a computer already connected to a Fastweb line, access should instead be automatic, since it is able to "recognize" you through the IP address assigned to you, the physical address of the router or the cookies already saved on the computer .

Once in the personal page, click on the item Quick at the top, then select the button How can we help you? from the drop-down menu that appears. Once this is done, indicate the reason for your request by answering the three questions on the following page, specifying the most relevant topic with your problem, i details of your request and finally the contact methods of your choice: take care to select, in this last section, the item Talk to us.

If everything went smoothly, a further section of the request window should open, in which you can indicate the number to be contacted: type a valid address in the field Telephone, then complete the request by clicking on the button Contact Me And that's it.

Within the day (usually it happens after a few minutes), you should receive a call from an unknown number (or from a "localized" number with a foreign prefix, so pay special attention) to which you will have to answer, so that you can talk to the operator of Fastweb more suited to the problem presented in the help page reached just now.

MyFastweb App

Alternatively, you can choose to have Fastweb contact you using l'app MyFastweb, available free for Android and iOS. In this case, you simply have to start the app, type in the MyFastPage login credentials (this step is not necessary if you are connected to the Internet via your Fastweb network, landline or mobile) and expand the main menu by pressing the button located at the top left.

At this point, select the voice Quick from the panel that appears on the display, then presses the button How can we help you? Located at the bottom of the window which should appear right after. From this point on, the steps are the same as previously seen: fill in the next form indicating the topic and related details, then tap on the item Talk to us, taking care to indicate a valid telephone number at which to be contacted.


Don't have an active phone number to call back, or do you prefer to use other methods to get Fastweb to contact you again? In this case, you can use social networks to manage the request via chat or, again, to "book" an appointment at a set time.

If you intend to contact Fastweb through the social network Facebook, you can proceed by starting a chat through the dedicated page of the manager. If you have not yet created a Facebook profile, you can do so by reading my guide on how to sign up for Facebook.

In any case, as already mentioned above, to contact Fastweb through its social page on Facebook you must first connect to it, and then click on the button Receive assistance, present immediately below the cover image and log in to your personal profile if necessary. Once the login is complete, a window similar to that of a chat should open: press the button placed next to the text field and choose the item Quick give the purpose menu.

After a few moments, you should get an answer from Marvin, Fastweb's "automatic responder" able to guide you in solving the main problems. When prompted, select thetopic of your request, please specify i related details and take care to answer No to the bot's questions.

After a few attempts, Marvin should ask you if you want to be put in contact with a human operator: at this point, answer with Yes and wait for the request to be handled by a consultant in the flesh. As soon as this happens (you will be notified by a chat message), provide your customer code (you can get it from the contract, from any bill or from the MyFastPage page) and a valid phone number where you can be contacted for further assistance, specifying, if necessary, also the time when you would prefer to receive the contact.

The procedure is very similar from smartphones and tablets: if you don't already have them, download the Facebook (for Android and iOS) e Messenger (for Android and iOS). Then start Facebook, enter your login credentials and reach the same page that I indicated earlier. Immediately after, tap the button Receive assistance placed under the cover image to start Messenger and talk to Marvin. Finally, follow the same instructions I indicated earlier to make an appointment after contacting a human operator.


As you can easily imagine, Fastweb is also present on Twitter. If you intend to use this social network to be contacted, connect to the main page of the social network and log in to your account by providing the access credentials through the form at the top right. If you don't have an account yet, you can quickly create it by following the tips I indicated in my specific tutorial on how to sign up for Twitter.

Once logged in, go to the official page dedicated to Fastweb assistance, i.e. FASTWEB Help. Once this is done, immediately start following it by clicking on the item Follow, then presses on the voice Message, present immediately under the profile picture, to start a chat with an operator.

At this point, you must send a direct message (DM) indicating yours client code, exposing the problem encountered and also leaving a telephone contact at which to be called back. In this case, there are no automatic bots: as soon as an operator is free he will reply and confirm that he has forwarded your request to the competent office, which should call you back shortly (usually within 24 hours).

The procedure I have indicated to you is also valid for the smartphone app: install Twitter (for Android and iOS), enter your login credentials and go to the same page I indicated above, so you can send the direct message with the request for assistance.

Let Fastweb contact you if you are not a customer

Are you still not completely convinced that you want to subscribe to a Fastweb subscription and would like to speak to an operator to find out the costs of the offers and other useful details to facilitate your choice? Even if you are not yet a customer of the famous telephone operator, you can be called back without any problem by using the social pages I told you about in the previous chapters, but explicitly asking for be contacted in order to enter into a new contract.

If you want to avoid using social networks and you want to be called back quickly, you can also use this web page, which is just for be contacted by Fastweb. In this case, you can choose either to be contacted immediately, entering the phone number in the left field and clicking on the entry Please call me back, or schedule a recall, indicating instead the address in the field on the right, choosing the time slot and finally clicking on Book.

If this procedure has no effect, you can take the initiative and contact Fastweb, dialing the number 146 from any landline phone. The call is free and the Commercial Service is active from Monday to Sunday from 09:00 to 22:00.

If you have been a Fastweb customer but have changed operators, you can contact your former operator by dialing the number 02.45400126, both from mobile and landline phone. The number is subject to charges (the cost of a normal local call) and is available from Monday to Friday from 09.00 to 18.00.

How to be contacted by Fastweb

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