Top 20 Office plugins to improve Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook

    Microsoft Office is the most used work program in the world and, even if it is not free, it is used and installed on almost all Windows computers, both in offices and at home. Microsoft Office understands, among others, 4 leading programs in their sector: Word, Excel, Powerpoint e Microsoft Outlook, the email client. Microsoft Office suite applications are expandable with numerous plugins and extensions that add functionality to office programs, word processing, math calculations, presentations and email clients.

    Those who do not have Microsoft Office can download the latest version of Office for free.
    In this post we see the best 20 free plugins for Office 2010, 2013 and 2016. I have already written about some of them in detail and I will refer to the relative articles, while you have probably never heard of others.

    1) Office Classic Menu: If you prefer to enable the classic Office 2007 menu on Office 2010 and 2003, without the buttons of the Ribbon interface, then just install this plugin.
    The ribbon is not replaced, but another bar is added which is the classic menu of old Office versions.

    2) Outlook Social Connector is a plugin included in Office 2010 that can also be installed in Office 2003 and Office 2007. It shows the profiles on the social networks Facebook, MySpace, Windows Live and Linkedin of the contacts with whom you exchange Email in Outlook. It also allows you to easily add new friends if they are found on Facebook by their Email address. You will be able to see all the information of the public profile directly from the Outlook mail client.

    3) Twinbox is a plugin to use Twitter da Microsoft Outlook 2003/2007/2010. It is possible to read, manage, organize, search and archive the tweets treating them as if they were e-mail messages. It can also keep track of some keywords used on Twitter, automatically download all tweets for the specified words, even from users who do not follow you.

    4) Xobni, One of the best plugins and extensions for Outlook 2003/2007/2010 integrates Facebook into the mail client much better than the Outlook Connector. I had already talked about Xobni in the post on how to receive Facebook notifications and messages via email.

    5) Office Tabs to open Office files and documents in tabs on the same window

    6) Skype click to call (no longer exists) is a plugin to integrate Skype into Internet Explorer windows and into Office as an additional toolbar on Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

    9) Microsoft Interactive classrooms per OneNote it's similar to Mischief Mouse, again for school and classroom interaction. However, this program is useful if each participant has their own computer.

    10 ) Mathematics per Word e OneNote (2007/2010) allows you to solve math exercises and write functions or equations and graphs or algebraic expressions in Word.

    11 ) VisualBee (retired) turns naked or ugly PowerPoint presentations into something more elegant and presentable in just a couple of clicks.

    12 ) Excel Utilities offers 30 shortcut keys and selection tools that professionals who use spreadsheets on a daily basis.

    13 ) Chemistry for Word it is similar to Mathematics but it concerns the chemistry.

    14 ) Save as PDF or XPS (for Office 2007, included in Office 2010) is an indispensable tool for Office 2007 because it allows you to export documents and save e-mails in PDF or XPS.
    There are many programs to convert Office Documents to PDf but with a Microsoft plugin you do it first.

    15 ) Free PowerPoint to HTML5 Converter is one of the add-on programs for convert powerpoint presentations to video to be published on the internet.

    16 ) LiveWeb for PowerPoint (97 or later) it is used to insert web pages into Powerpoint presentations.

    17 ) PptPlex instead it is used to create a zoom motion effect on the animated presentations always on Powerpoint.

    18 ) ASAP UTilities per Excel with over 300 functions and shortcuts.
    For example, you can export worksheets as separate files, sort sheet tabs by name or color, automatically rename multiple worksheets, select cells based on formatting or content, and more.

    19 ) for Google Docs is an add-on or plugin for Office 2007 and Office 2010. brings up a sidebar in Outlook that allows you to access, create and manage documents stored on Google Docs. In this way, collaboration, sharing and simultaneous editing of documents is supported in a professional way. By dragging an original document uploaded into Google Docs to your computer, it automatically converts it to your preferred Microsoft Office format (Word Excel Powerpoint or other). It can also automatically convert any MS Office document to Google document format when uploading to Google Docs.

    Remember they exist many other plugins for Office programs in Microsoft marketplace and that in other articles I had already reported where to find the best Excel templates and Office templates and templates

    Most of these Office add-ins are installed directly as if they were programs and can be uninstalled in the same way, from the Windows installation menu. it is also possible disable add-ins within Office applications, by clicking the main Office button at the top left and, from the Options, by clicking on Add-ons.

    Top 20 Office plugins to improve Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook

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