Drive a computer train on the free and realistic 3D OpenBVE train simulator

    Those who played with electric trains as children, fans of railways and trams, realistic video games and those who have always admired train drivers, will certainly be happy to be able to play with a extremely realistic train simulator, free and professional level.

    In fact, there is a real train driving simulation game, faithfully recreated according to the technical and aesthetic characteristics, with visualization in 3D and real rail routes around the world. The completely opensource project comes from Japan and is called OpenBVE, downloadable free and available for Windows Mac and Linux.

    OpenBVE is available for download from Official site and it is also in cittàn.

    After installing the game, you have to download the rail routes (routes) and trains.
    When the simulator is started, a window appears asking to load the route and train.
    On the site page BVE-Routes you can choose many railway routes actually reconstructed by the tram network from all over the world.
    The train cabs are also real in graphics and controls.
    If you filter the railways to British there are routes and rails especially in the province of Genoa such as the Genoa Brignole-Recco.
    In the same links there is always at least one train to download, both in modern and past scenarios. After the downloads, extract the zip files into folders and select the paths from the game's start window. The checklist can be customized from the game launch window. Below you can choose the driving mode between beginner (it is advisable to start here), normal and expert. Finally, click on Start at the bottom right.

    This is not a goal and score game but only one very realistic simulator where it should driving a train as a driver, checking the control panel and taking it from one station to another along the tracks. Speed ​​limits, times, and braking must be respected to stop exactly at the stations. Without printing the command map you won't get very far and it will take a lot of practice to drive the train smoothly and confidently as a real driver would. Much of the fun comes from downloading a ride that is familiar, perhaps driving the tram that you take every day (if available).

    The cittàn site provides additional support, guides and other maps for download.

    To find something more immediate and simple, (much less beautiful and realistic) there is another train simulator game on the site.
    In this case you just have to unload one of the three railways and play. On the same site there is also a simulator to play online to drive the train.

    Another online flash game where driving a train is Eurodriver, from Bologna to Milan, not in 3D but with horizontal scrolling.

    Finally, I remember that they are available city ​​transport and train simulation games like OpenTTD and that there is a universal driving simulator of trucks, cars, planes, ships.

    Drive a computer train on the free and realistic 3D OpenBVE train simulator

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