How Groupon works

How Groupon works:

How Groupon works

The first thing you need to do to make the most of the service offered by Groupon is to correctly register on the website. To do so, just go to its main page via any desktop browser you use for Internet browsing.

If this is the first time you access the service you will see a pop up that will send you to register free in order to receive a discount code on your first purchase. I advise you to proceed by indicating your email address in the appropriate text field on the screen and confirming the email address by pressing the button Continue.

You will now have to proceed to complete the registration of your account and you can do it via the button Subscribe which you can view in the top bar of the website. In order to register you will need to indicate your personal data and other personal information such as name, surname, email and password. You can continue by putting the check mark on the item I have read and accept the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy of the site and optionally choose whether to stay connected to your account by placing a check mark on the item Stay logged in from this computer. To confirm the registration, press the button Sign in.

How Groupon works

You will then have registered for the service and you will be able to begin browsing the various sections of the portal. Find some of the most visited main categories in the left sidebar: Events and leisure, Beauty and Spa, Restaurants, Shopping, Travel and Cars and Motorcycles, eg. To view other categories you can instead refer to the menu at the top. Right now you are in Home, but you can also click on the items Near you, Shopping, Travel or on Events to see more coupons.

On a practical level, the operation of Groupon is very simple: on the basis of the city you indicated during the registration phase, you can see a series of goods or services to be purchased, each of them suitably divided into one of the categories just indicated. You can also carry out a manual search using the search engine above, through which you can indicate the physical product or service you are looking for as well as the geographical position in which you want to use it.

How Groupon works

Often used to purchase products, Groupon is actually quite known for its coupon-based services, which translates into the ability to purchase goods and services at discounted prices. However, keep in mind that some of the purchased coupons, which refer to a service, have an expiration date and can also be used only on set days or hours. The purchased coupon can be printed at home and delivered to the facility to which it refers.

In recent years, Groupon has expanded its catalog of services offered, also presenting the section Travel which allows you to evaluate the purchase of a trip at partner accommodation facilities, thus obtaining the opportunity to take advantage of a holiday at a discounted price, following the purchase of the coupon.

Once you have identified the good or service that is right for you, you can click on it to view more details: many coupons have more options and therefore price variations are also offered for the possible addition of products or services. Then select the option you want to purchase and click the button Buy to buy it. At this point, to proceed with the payment, you will need to enter a valid payment method. The credit cards and also payments via PayPal. If you have a discount code, click on the item Promo code to insert it in the text field of the same name and then press on Apply. To confirm the payment, press the button instead Confirm order.

How Groupon works

Following the purchase you will receive an email confirming that the payment has been made and, in the case of the purchase of services, you will also find a button that will refer you to the section My account, through which you can print the purchased voucher.

To return to shopping on Groupon at a later time you will need to go to its official website again and, if you have been disconnected, log in again. You can do it very simply by clicking on the button Login that you find in the bar at the top. Once you have indicated your email and password you will then have to press the button Log in.

How to become a Groupon partner:

How Groupon works

You have a company or business and would like to affiliate with Groupon by posting your offers on the platform to become Groupon partner? Don't worry, it's possible. I'll explain some of the procedures you can follow in the lines below.

First, connect to the official Groupon website and scroll down the Home Page until you find the item Partner with Groupon. Then click on the link Post a Groupon deal to be redirected to the appropriate section Groupon Merchant, which is dedicated to companies that want to collaborate.

You will then have to fill in the appropriate text fields you see on the screen, talking to Groupon about what your business is. Then indicate your email, telephone number, category and office (or locations) of your company. Confirm the data you entered by pressing the button Following, you will be able to continue creating and activating a request to become a Groupon partner.

Alternatively, companies wishing to become a Groupon partner can contact customer service at 800661819. The Call Center is active from Monday to Friday from 9am to 30pm and also on Saturdays from 18am to 30pm. : 9.

How Groupon works (Android / iOS):

How Groupon works

Groupon's offers are also accessible through the homonymous application available for Android and iOS smartphones. I'll explain below how to download the app on mobile devices.

On iOS mobile devices, open App Store (icon with the symbol of a A stylized on a light blue background). At this point, through the menu located at the bottom, touch item Search (symbol of a magnifying glass). In the screen that opens, type Groupon in the text field and press the button Search from the keyboard of your device to confirm.

In correspondence of the search results, locate the Groupon app and install it by pressing the button Get and then Install. When the app has finished downloading, start it by pressing the button apri.

On Android devices, open PlayStore by Google (the app has the symbol of a colored flag) and tap on the search bar at the top. Then type Groupon and locate the app to download. Then press the button Install and then I accept. When the download is complete, click on the button apri.

When the app starts, you will be able to view the login and / or registration screen. You can press on the button Login with Facebook to speed up access in case of first registration. Alternatively, you will need to indicate your email and password in the appropriate text fields displayed on the screen. To log in, click on the button Log in. To create an account manually, without connecting the Facebook account, press on the item Create an account.

The Groupon app user interface is optimized for mobile devices. At the first access, the app will ask you to access the position, as it is the preferred tool to show you the deals close to your geographical position.

How Groupon works

To view all the offers you can use the categories in the top menu or search for a product or service using the appropriate drop-down menu. Using the bell symbol, you can also activate or deactivate the alerts that will notify you of the presence of new offers based on your location.

As soon as you have identified an offer in line with your needs, you can also purchase it via smartphone. Then tap on it to view all the details and conditions (in the case of a service). To purchase the coupon you will then have to press the button Buy Now. The next screen foresees the insertion of a valid payment method, chosen between credit / debit card or PayPal. Also in this case, once the purchase has been made, you will receive a confirmation via email and you will be able to view all the purchases made in the section My purchases. This screen can be accessed by pressing the button with the menu symbol (three horizontal lines).

How Groupon works

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