Spotify Family: how it works

How Spotify Premium for Family works

Spotify Premium for Family is the solution that Spotify has designed for families and small communities: at the fixed cost of 14.99 € / month, allows you to have access to Spotify Premium for multiple users, up to 6 in total (5 family members + the holder of the season ticket), with the sole condition that everyone lives in the same house.

In this case, the one who subscribes to the Spotify Premium for Family subscription is the subscription holder- This user is the only one who pays for the service and has the ability to add and remove family members. To become a member of a family, each user must already have a subscription to Spotify (the "basic" version of Spotify, the Free one, is also fine).

When signing up for a Spotify Premium for Family subscription or transforming from a Free user to a member of a family, all the advantages of Spotify Premium are acquired. In addition, all playlists, albums, songs and preferences are kept and "transferred" to the new account.

It must be done though pay attention to the type of subscription you have: as I will also explain to you in the dedicated sections, if the owner and / or potential members of his family have a Premium subscription subscribed through other companies, such as a plan received in promotion with a telephone rate, before switching to Spotify Premium for Family, you must unsubscribe from the subscription through the pages of your telephone operator or service provider.

Another important thing to know is that it is not possible to combine a Spotify Premium for Family account with other promotionssuch as student discount or free trial periods.

How to subscribe to Spotify Family

As already mentioned above, it is possible to access a Spotify Family subscription starting from a Free subscription, a Premium subscription or by creating a new account directly during the subscription phase. However, if you have a Premium plan received through other companies (e.g. your telephone operator), you must take care to manually deactivate it from the latter, before even subscribing to a Family subscription. If you find yourself in such a situation and you don't know how to do it, you can follow the instructions I gave you in the section Disable Spotify auto-renewal of my dedicated guide.

Before proceeding, it is good to clarify that I will carry out all the operations of creating and managing the Spotify Family account using a PC browser; however, you can also use the same procedures on browsers for smartphones and tablets.

Having made these necessary premises, it's time to take action: first, connected to the Internet page of Spotify Premium for Family, press the button Start located in the central part of the screen and, if necessary, log in by filling in the appropriate fields, or by clicking on the button Login with Facebook. If you want, you can create a new account by clicking on the item SUBSCRIBE and filling in the proposed form with the necessary information.

Once logged in, or completed the new account registration phase, the site shows a screen relating to the payment of the chosen plan: if you intend to pay by credit / debit card (the accepted circuits are Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PostePay ), click on the section marked with credit cards and fill in the boxes with the required information (card number, expiration date and security code), then press the button Buy Premium for Family, located at the bottom.

If, on the other hand, you intend to pay with PayPal, click on the item PayPal resident at the top, then on the button Buy Premium For Family and then follow the instructions provided on the screen to complete the authentication and make the payment.

That's it: starting from this moment, you have become the manager of a new Spotify Family subscription! If you want, you can start the procedure right away invitation of family members by clicking on the button Invite your family; if you intend to do this later, you can safely close this page and log in to Spotify from the app of your choice, so as to enjoy all the privileges of your Premium subscription.

How to manage a Spotify Family account

Exactly as mentioned above, the only person who can manage a Spotify Family subscription, as well as the only one to receive the € 14.99 monthly charge, is the owner of theaccount holder, the one created with the previously seen method.

He can take care of adding and removing members and can decide, at any time, to unsubscribe from Spotify Premium for Family. As for the other members (maximum 5) to whom you intend to assign a Family access, each of them must already have a Spotify account (also Free) to become part of an existing "family".

That said, in the sections to come I will explain how to add and remove members from Spotify Family, how to accept an invitation received and, finally, how to unsubscribe from the subscription.

How to add members

Now that you have created your Premium for Family subscription, you can't wait to add all the other members of your family to grant them Premium access and thus allow them to listen to their favorite music without any limitations.

To do this, you must have a valid email address for each of them, so that you can send the invitation safely. To proceed, then connected to the Account page of your Spotify, log in (if necessary) and press the item Premium for Family located in the left bar.

The first time you log in, you will be asked to fill in a form with some personal data: type the requested information and then press the button Send, paying close attention toaddress you enter. The latter, in fact, must be the same for all the other members of the family.

Fatto ciò, pigia sul pulsating Send Invitation which is shown on the Account page, then on the button Accept that appears in the next notice, fill in the fields with namelast name and l 'email address of the family member you want to send and finally click on the button Send Invitation. You can repeat the operation for all the other family members you intend to invite (up to a maximum of 5).

From the same section, you can check all invited or added family members by simply clicking on their names.

How to remove members

Do you need to delete a member from the Spotify Family subscription? You can do it in a few simple steps: once again connected to the Spotify Account section, type (if necessary) your login credentials, then click on the item Premium for Family located in the left section.

Once this is done, click on the entry for the member you want to delete and then twice on the button Delete: in this way, the user you excluded from the Family plan will return to the Free type subscription. You can repeat these instructions for all family members you intend to remove from your account.

If you are removing a person from the Family plan at their request, take care to remind this person that Spotify allows them to change families only once every 12 months.

How to become a member of a "family"

Your parents have signed up for a Premium For Family plan, they intend to share it with you but you don't know how to join? Don't worry, everything is really very simple.

Before proceeding, I want to remind you that you cannot join a Spotify Family plan if you are already a Premium user with a subscription subscribed through another company (e.g. your telephone operator): if so, you must cancel the aforementioned subscription through the user page of your manager, and then become part of the "family".

All clear? Perfect, let's proceed: first, have the subscription holder send you an invitation via email (I explained how to proceed in the previous sections), then open your email and search for a message from

Inside the email you will find a message that notifies you of the invitation: click or tap the button Accepts the invitation and fill out the form proposed on the next web page with all the requested information. At this stage, pay close attention to theaddress that you are going to declare: this must be the same as the one already entered by the account holder, otherwise Spotify could block your attempt to enter the family. If in doubt, contact the account holder and ask for information.

Once you have entered the required personal data, put the check mark next to the box I'm not a robot (possibly following the other instructions to pass the captcha check), press the button Send, repeat the operation with the button Confirmation that appears in the next message, and that's it: from now on, you are part of the family and you can use your Premium account with all the privileges that come with it.

How do you say? Not sure where to start, as you have never used this application before? Don't worry, you can learn how to use Spotify perfectly by checking out my thematic guide on how Spotify works.

How to delete Spotify Family account

You no longer intend to renew your Spotify Premium for Family subscription and want to cancel the automatic charge? You can do it at any time and without any difficulty: by proceeding, at the end of the billing period, both you and your family members will return to the Spotify Free plan in a fully automatic way.

So, if you are determined in your intent, connected once again to the Spotify Account section, enter (if requested) your credentials and click on the item Subscription located on the left side of the page. At this point, for eliminate Spotify Family account, pigia sul pulsating Cancel your Premium subscription and follow the onscreen instructions. At the end of the billing period, you and family members will return to the Free plan.

If you wish, you can cancel Spotify Family and downgrade your subscription Premium only for yourself by clicking on the button Remove Family and following the instructions on the screen: in this way, at the end of the billing period, your family members will return to the Free subscription, while you will subsequently be charged the cost of the subscription Premium for single user (9.99 € / month). Alternatively there is Spotify Premium Duo which for 12,99 € / month allows you to have two Premium accounts.

Spotify Family: how it works

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