How to use Instagram on Mac

Instagram Web

How to use Instagram on Mac

The most complete, fastest and most effective solution for use Instagram on Mac is to turn to the Web version of the famous photographic social network, through which you can browse all the content posted by your friends (or rather, by the people you follow), discover new content, download photos and, with a little trick, even post new pictures on your profile.

To access the web version of Instagram, open the browser you usually use to surf the Internet (eg. Safari o Chrome), connected to, click on the item Do you have an account? Log in located below and log in using your username and password. Alternatively, if you signed up for Instagram via Facebook, you can log in using the button dedicated to the social network or the button with the you don't know (the site may automatically recognize you if you are logged in to Facebook from your browser).

If you don't have an Instagram account yet, you can create it by filling out the form on the main page of the service (for more information on the subject, please refer to my tutorial on how to register on Instagram).

How to use Instagram on Mac

Once logged in, you will find yourself in front of the main Instagram page with, at the top, the search bar to search for users, hashtags, places, etc., on the left the feed with the photos and videos posted by the users you follow and, on the right, the links to access yours personal profile and view the Stories posted by the people you are connected with within the social network.

How to use Instagram on Mac

To like a photo, all you have to do is select the icon of heart below it or, alternatively, double-click on the image itself. To comment it, however, you can directly use the box located below (after the description and previous comments).

By clicking on the button instead ... located at the bottom right you can open a menu that allows you to view the post in full size (Go to the post), report an inadequacy o to incorporate the image on an external website or blog.

To browse posts consisting of multiple photos, use the arrows which appear automatically on both sides of the first image, on the right to go forward and left to go back.

How to use Instagram on Mac

To view a user's profile, on the other hand, all you have to do is select his name at the top of one of the photos or videos he posted on Instagram or, alternatively, you have to search for it using the search bar which is located at the top.

Once on his profile page, you can view all the content he has posted. By clicking on the button Follow / Follow Already you can choose to follow or unfollow the user while clicking on the button ... you can report it or block it (in case it has done something against you and / or against the rules of Instagram). If you need more information on how to block someone on Instagram, check out my tutorial about it.

How to use Instagram on Mac

To view the stories, all you have to do is go back to the main page of Instagram Web (just click on the social network logo at the top left) and click on the circular photos which portray the users who have posted the stories of your interest (in the right sidebar of Instagram).

Alternatively, to view the stories of a specific user, you can connect to their profile and click on theirs circular photo at the top left or, if present, on the circular photos listed under your personal information. To start the movies, remember to click on the button play.

How to use Instagram on Mac

Would you like to find out what are the most interesting contents of the moment on Instagram? No problem, click on the icon compass located at the top right and you will find yourself in the section Explore of the social network, in which there are posts that are receiving the most attention from users and, at the top, advice on the people you might be interested in following.

To view a full-size photo or video or to view the profile of one of the people suggested by Instagram, needless to say, all you have to do is click on the miniature relating to the latter.

How to use Instagram on Mac

Finally, to complete this chapter dedicated to the exploration of Instagram from Mac, I point out that by clicking on the heart located at the top right you can view a menu with the latest notifications received (like, comments, follow and so on), while clicking on thelittle man (also located at the top right) you can access your personal profile.

To change the profile settings, deactivate it or even delete it, click on the button Edit the profile located at the top of your personal profile. To change the login password to Instagram, manage the apps connected to the social network and adjust the settings relating to notifications, privacy and security, click on theicona dell'ingranaggio.

How to use Instagram on Mac

If you need detailed instructions on how to change your profile in order to have a nice Instagram profile, or if you want to deactivate or delete your Instagram profile, consult the tutorials I previously dedicated to the famous photo social network.

Download photos

How to use Instagram on Mac

You would like it scaricare instagram photo using your Mac? There are no problems, but the procedure you need to follow varies depending on whether you intend to download your own photos or those of other users.

If you want to download your photos and want to do it "in bulk", you can use the data download offered by Instagram, which allows you to download an archive containing all your data (including photos) without resorting to external solutions.

All you have to do to request the archive with your data is to connect to this Instagram Web page and click on the item first Request the download located at the bottom and then on the button NEXT. Then type the Password of your account, presses the button Request the download and wait for Instagram to send you the link to download the archive via email (the operation may take several days, there will be no videos in the archive).

How to use Instagram on Mac

If you want to download the photos of other Instagram users or your photos individually, you must contact third-party solutions, as Instagram does not allow you to right-click on the images in it and download them as you normally do with the photos present in the Web sites. In reality, you could find the address of the images using the development tools included in Safari or Chrome, but these are unnecessarily long and complex procedures.

What I advise you to do is to connect to the DownloadGram website, paste the address of the Instagram post you want to download in the text field located in the center of the page and first click on the button Download and then on the button Download image which appears below.

How to use Instagram on Mac

If you don't know how to find the address of an Instagram post, do this: locate the photo you want to download in your Instagram feed or on the user's profile page, then click on the button ... relative to the latter (in the comment box) and select the item Go to the post from the box that appears on the screen.

At this point, copy the address you find in the address bar of your browser, paste it in DownloadGram and proceed as I just explained to you. Easier done than said, right?

How to use Instagram on Mac

Please note: should DownloadGram stop working, you can try Dinsta, which works in a practically identical way to the latter. Just paste the URL of the photo to download, press the download button and you're done.

Upload photos

You would like it upload new photos to Instagram using your Mac? As mentioned at the beginning of the post, it can be done, but with a little trick. The trick in question is to make Instagram believe that you are not using a Mac to access its website, but a smartphone or tablet, so that the button for uploading photos appears. Unfortunately, at the moment it is not possible to access all the editing options in the Instagram mobile app, nor can you upload videos, but overall it is a solution that works and is also very comfortable to use.

First, therefore, connect to the Instagram website and change theuser agent of your browser (i.e. the string that identifies the program) in order to make it a browser for mobile devices.

  • It was used Safari, you can change user agent by activating the menu Development and selecting the appropriate item from the latter. Then go to the menu Safari> Preferences located at the top left, choose the tab Advanced from the window that opens and put the check mark next to the item Show menu Sviluppo nella barra dei menu. At this point, go to the menu Development> User agent Safari and select Safari - iOS xx -iPhone o Safari - iOS xx - iPad da quest'ultimo.

How to use Instagram on Mac

  • It was used Chrome, install the extension User-Agent Switcher for Chrome by connecting to the appropriate page of the Chrome Web Store and clicking on the buttons Add e Add extension. When installation is complete, open a new browser tab, connected to the Instagram website, click on the extension icon (the mask) located at the top right and select one of the options contained in the menu iOS (Eg. iPhone 6).

How to use Instagram on Mac

Now, click on the button [+] that appeared at the bottom of the main Instagram Web screen and select the photo to upload to your profile. Then use the icons at the bottom left and bottom right to resize and rotate the image, select the tab Filter (bottom left) and, if desired, apply a filter to the photo.

When you are satisfied with the result, press the button NEXT (top right), type a caption to associate with the photo, add a place (if you want) and publish everything by clicking on the button Share (top left).

How to use Instagram on Mac

Please note: if you use Chrome, after downloading the photos of your interest, remember to restore the browser's default user agent by clicking on the icon User-Agent Switcher for Chrome and selecting options Chrome> Default from the menu that opens, otherwise you will visit all the sites in the mobile version. On Safari just open a new browser tab to restore the default user agent.

Alternatively, if you want to post photos and videos on Instagram from a PC more simply, you can use the online tool of Facebook called Creator Studio, which can be used for corporate Instagram accounts connected to a page Facebook.

Using this tool, you can post to the Feed of Instagram and multimedia contents on IGTV, loading them from the memory of your computer. In this regard, for more information about it, I suggest you read my tutorial in which I talk about it in more detail.

4K Stogram

How to use Instagram on Mac

If you want to use Instagram on Mac to download all the photos posted by your friend or to create a quick backup of your profile, I recommend using 4K Stogram: a free program for macOS (and Windows) that automatically downloads the photos of an Instagram user simply by typing their name in a specific search bar.

To install 4K Stogram on your Mac, connect to the official website of the program and click on the button Download 4K Stogram. A download complete, apri il dmg package that contains the software and extract the icon of the latter into the folder Applications say macOS.

Once the installation is complete, start 4K Stogram selecting it from LaunchPad, from the folder Applications macOS or by searching for it in Spotlight (at the first start you will have to confirm its execution by clicking on the buttons apri e Accept), type the username of the person whose photos you want to download in the search bar at the top and press the button Submit on the Mac keyboard.

This will start the download of all the photos of the selected Instagram user. If you change your mind, you can pause the download by clicking on the button break placed next to the name of the Instagram user you searched for. When finished, you will find all the images downloaded by the software in the folder Pictures4k Stogramusername from the Mac.

To download photos from a private account to which you have access, you need to go to the menu 4K Stogram> Preferences located at the top left, type your login credentials in the fields Username e Password of the window that opens and press the button Login. From the same window you can also change the destination folder of the photos downloaded from Instagram by clicking on the button KATEGORIEN.

Please note: A paid version of 4K Stogram is also available, which costs 12,14 euros. It eliminates the display of advertising banners and allows you to "subscribe", that is, to download photos from more than one profile at the same time.

android emulators

How to use Instagram on Mac

Do you want to upload videos to Instagram from your Mac or, in any case, have an experience closer to that offered by the social network's mobile app? In this case, even if it is a rather complex and articulated solution, you could install a virtualization and install a copy of Android on your Mac, so you can directly use the Instagram mobile app on your computer.

For more information about it, I invite you to consult my tutorials on how to download Play Store on PC and how to emulate Android on PC: in them you will find all the information you need to install Android on your Mac.

How to use Instagram on Mac

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