Top 25 Runner Games with Endless Fast Racing (Android and iPhone)

    Top 25 Runner Games with Endless Fast Racing (Android and iPhone) On smartphones and tablets, whether they are Android or iOS, one of the most successful video game genres is that of the so-called "Runner games"ie those where a character he runs trying to get as far as possible and where to avoid crashing it. These are "endless games" that is endless games, where the goal is to set the record and the highest possible score in each game and it will never be possible to see the end. To win this type of game you need to have excellent reflexes to avoid, at the right moment, the obstacle encountered during the race. On a smartphone or tablet they are light, fun, engaging games to be played for 5 or 10 minutes, ideal for waiting moments.
    In this list we see the Best Endless Runner Games for Android and iPhone, which are strictly free.

    1) Temple Run 2 and the predecessor, Temple Run, is perhaps the most famous and most successful game title, at least for the iPhone.
    Temple Run 2 is a game where an Indiana Jones type adventurer has to run along a winding path having to jump or crouch to avoid falling or bumping into a stone. The character runs without ever stopping or slowing down so the player has to swipe his finger down, up, right or left to make him move, move, jump, at the right moments. The game is all about reflexes and the ability to focus on seeing traps.
    Temple Run, very beautiful for its 3D graphics, can be downloaded for free for both Android and iPhone or iPad.
    Temple Run 2, even more beautiful and fun, for iPhone and iPad and for Android.

    2) Subway Surfers, for iPhone and Android, is a beautiful game always of the "infinite race" genre, with a different subject. The game has really beautiful 3D graphics in HD that look better on tablets and iPads, and never tires in the continuous pursuit of the highscore. We run away from a pit bull and we have to dodge the trains that come towards us. Subway Surfers is also very fast thanks to the sudden accelerations of the Jetpack bonuses.

    3) Legendary Stuntman Run, a free game for Android and iPhone, is a very fun, sporty obstacle course.

    4) Running fred and another 3D "runner" game available free for Android and iPhone, which you can also play online from your computer on the Kongregate website.
    Running Fred is a fun game with a little boy who has to run along a road full of dangerous ghosts.
    In the race you have to move to avoid crashing, you have to jump over obstacles and holes, find accelerations and collect coins or power-ups.

    5) Bus Rush 2 is a beautiful bus racing game for Android. Excellent graphics and guaranteed fun, with different levels to overcome and many paintings in which to test the reflections. In this game you can also compete against other players.

    6) Flipping legend (free for iPhone and iPad and for Android phones and tablets) is a runner game full of reflections.

    7) X-Runner, for iPhone is a very fast free endless runner game, where a runner has to go as far as possible along a futuristic tunnel. In addition to acceptable graphics, it is one of the fastest games to play by moving the smartphone with two hands to make it avoid any obstacles along the endless run.

    8) JetPack JoyRide (free for Android and iPhone) is perhaps the game of the "endless race" genre of the year for tablets and mobile phones which, as seen, can be played on Windows 10, Android, iPhone and even online.

    9) Subway Princess Runner (free for Android and for phones and tablets, iPhone and iPad) is the runner game from the same developers as Subway Surfers, similar in terms of mechanics and with a female protagonist.

    10 ) Glitch Dash (free for Android and for iPhone and iPad mobiles and tablets) is not one of the most popular, but it is one of the best runner games for smartphones, rather difficult and for experts.

    11 ) Agent Dash (free for Android and for phones and tablets, iPhone and iPad) is very similar to the Subway Surfers game, where you can run without stopping.

    12 ) Rail rush, free for Android and for iPhone, very funny, in 3D and graphically very beautiful, among the best free runner games.

    15 ) Angry Gran Run, for iPhone and for Angry Gran Run, is a very fun game where running through the streets is a nice old woman capable of jumping and hitting with extraordinary energy.

    16 ) Sonic Dash is one of the fastest games for Android and iPhone, with the famous Sega character running endlessly without stopping, avoiding every obstacle. Sonic Dash is among the most downloaded games ever in the stores.

    17 ) Minion Rush (free for iPhone and iPad and for Android phones and tablets) is the runner game with minions, the cute puppets from the Despicable Me movie, also suitable for children. The game has an extraordinary success both for its playability and for its accurate and very fluid graphics.

    18 ) Alto's Adventure (free for Android, paid for iPhone and iPad) is one of the most popular runner games for mobile, with beautiful graphics, horizontal scrolling and endless jumps.

    19 ) Alto's odissey (free for Android and for phones and tablets, iPhone and iPad) is the sequel to the game Alto's Adventure, always very beautiful and with the same graphic style, very similar and with a dynamic time and unlockable characters.

    20 ) Chilly Snow (free for Android and for mobiles and tablets, iPhone and iPad) is a very nice game with minimalist graphics, where you have to guide a skier seen from above without making him crash into the trees.

    21 ) Talking Tom Hero Dash (free for Android and for iPhone phones and tablets) a fantastic endless running game starring the talking cat Tom, who darting through the streets of his city in an attempt to save himself from an army of furious raccoons. As you progress, there is also the option of rescuing and recruiting other characters like Hank and Angela.

    22 ) Loner (free for Android and for phones and tablets, iPhone and iPad) is an almost relaxing game of endless running with beautiful background music, where you can drive a plane, with a 3D view, through an obstacle course.

    23 ) Bendy in Nightmare Run (free for iPhone and iPad) is one of the best endless running games, similar to Temple Run and Subway Surfers, where you can avoid obstacles, with all black and white graphics.

    Top 25 Runner Games with Endless Fast Racing (Android and iPhone)

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