How to edit multiple videos together

How to edit multiple videos together for free

As I told you in the introductory lines of the article, it is possible mount multiple videos together for free. Let's see together some software that allow you to do this on Windows PC and Mac.

Avidemux (Windows / macOS / Linux)

How to edit multiple videos together

The first solution I want to offer you is Avidemux: very famous open source software for video editing that offers the possibility to retouch and merge multiple clips in a rather simple and intuitive way (as long as they do not have different resolutions and formats). Even if its interface may seem "raw" and careless, at least for those who have never used it, I guarantee you that using it will be anything but complicated. It is a free and cross-platform solution, as it is available for Windows, macOS and even Linux.

To use it, you must first download the program to your computer. To do this, go to this page, click on the link FossHub which is placed under the nome of the operating system in use and wait for the Avidemux installation package to start downloading.

When the download is complete, if you are using Windows open the .exe file downloaded and click on the button Yes. Then click on the buttons NextI Agree, yet Next for another three consecutive times and finally on installFinish.

Su MacInstead, open the package .dmg obtained, trascina l 'Avidemux icon in the folder Applications of macOS; then open the latter, right click on the program icon and select the item open twice in a row, in order to start the program and "bypass" Apple's restrictions on programs from non-certified developers (this is only necessary at the first start).

After installing Avidemux, click the button Open Video (the icon of folder which is located at the top left) and select the first video to import into the program. To add the second movie, click on the menu Fillet located at the top left, click on the item Add and select the other clip you want to import. Then repeat the operation for the other clips that you may want to insert in the project.

At this point, you simply need to edit the videos you imported into Avidemux. If you do not want to change the video and audio codec of the movie (thus obtaining an almost instant saving of the same), select the item Copy from the drop-down menus Video Output e Audio Output, placed on the left. If, on the other hand, you intend to do so, use again the drop-down menus on the left, in the sections Video Output e Audio Output, this time selecting the option you prefer.

To make other changes to the clips added in the project, such as color correction, applying filters, etc., open the menu Video, select the voice Filters and, in the window that appears on the screen, use the buttons on the left to change the video parameters (Colors), intervene on digital noise (Noise), act on the sharpness (Sharpness), add subtitles (subtitles) and so on. These changes are not applicable in "Copy" mode.

When you have made all the necessary changes to the imported clips, choose the output format in which to export the video, using the drop-down menu located under the heading Output Format located on the left and, after selecting the format you prefer, click on the floppy disk located at the top left and then presses the button Save.

If you want to learn more about how Avidemux works, I refer you to reading the guide that I have entirely dedicated to this versatile video editing software.

iMovie (macOS)

How to edit multiple videos together

If you have one Mac and, for this reason, you want to know how to edit multiple videos together with iMovie, this is the section of the tutorial that probably interests you the most. The famous video editing program from Apple, integrated “as standard” on all the computers of the “bitten apple”, offers various functions for video editing, including some useful for editing multiple clips together.

In case you have uninstalled iMovie, you can download it again from Mac App Store. Just go to this webpage, click the button View in the Mac App Store and then click on the symbol of speech bubble located at the top right of the opened window. Once the program installation is complete, click on the button open, to start it (if you didn't need to reinstall, start it directly from the Launchpad or dalla cartella Applications of your Mac).

After opening iMovie, click on the item Create progetto and select the wording Footage in the opened menu. Then click on the icon of downward-pointing arrow located at the top, select the videos you want to merge and then click on the button Import selected, so as to import them into the program.

Successively identify the sezione My media files, click one of the imported clips, click the button capacitor positive (+) lead, so as to add it to the timeline of iMovie located at the bottom of the window, and repeat the procedure for the other movies to be added to the project.

Now, select the tab Transition placed at the top and select the effect of your interest among those available (eg. Crossfade, ExchangeMosaic, Curtain to the right, etc.). To apply the transition you like best, drag it into the iMovie timeline, placing it between clips. Then repeat the operation for the other clips added in the project, click on the icon two triangles, set the duration effect in the appropriate text field and then click on the button Apply.

To see the preview of the final result obtained, click on the ▶ ︎ button at the top right, so as to start playing the movie made up of the various videos that you have “stitched” together. To export the output movie, then click on the button Share (the symbol of upward pointing arrow that is inside the square), located at the top right, and then on the buttons Fillet, NEXT e Save.

For more information on how to edit a video with iMovie, I refer you to reading the guide that I have dedicated exclusively to the video editing application of the Cupertino giant.

Other programs to edit multiple videos together

How to edit multiple videos together

If you are looking for some more professional solution, compared to the software I told you about in the previous lines, you would do well to seriously consider these others programs to edit multiple videos together.

  • Adobe Premiere Pro (Windows / macOS) - Adobe's popular video editing software. It integrates advanced functions for video editing. It can be tested for free for 7 days, but to continue using it you need to sign up for a subscription starting from 24,39 euro / month.
  • Sony VEGAS Pro (Windows) - another professional video editing program, which you can use to edit multiple videos together, can be used for free for 30 days, then costs 16,67 euro / month or € 299,00 one-off (depending on the version chosen).
  • Final Cut Pro X (macOS) - is Apple's professional video editing application, available only for Mac, which offers a whole host of advanced video editing tools, making it one of the best software in its category. It is free to use for 90 days, then you have to purchase a license from 329,99 € to continue using it.
  • Filmora (Windows / macOS) - is a software available for both Windows and macOS, basic free and also usable for professional purposes, but in the free version it applies a watermark to your works. To remove it and to unlock all its features, you need to subscribe to a subscription starting from 44,99 euro / year. More info here.

How to edit multiple videos together online

As I told you in the introduction of the article, it is also possible edit multiple videos together online. There are various web applications, usable directly in the browser, which are perfect for this purpose. Let's take a closer look at some of them.


How to edit multiple videos together

One of the best online video editing services is Kapwing, which works on practically all major browsers and is characterized by a simple and minimal interface, which makes it easy to use even for those who are not expert in video editing.

When using the service, keep in mind that it allows you to upload clips that have a weight not exceeding 250 MB and, in addition, a watermark is applied to your works, which can be removed by logging in with your Google or Facebook account or by paying 20 dollars /month.

An aspect that I would like to point out, moreover, concerns the fact that in the Kapwing page it is not specified how long the uploaded files remain on its servers: so avoid using the service if the clips contain information and content that would be better keep private. That said, I'd say see how it works.

First, go to the Kapwing home page, click on the item Upload and load the first clip you want to insert in the project: then click on the button Click to upload present in the box that appeared on the page and select the movie of your interest, or drag the video directly into the box itself.

Next, click the button (+) Add Scene at the top left, make sure the is highlighted rectangle appeared at the top left, click the button again Upload and proceed with loading the second video to be included in the project, following the instructions I gave you a moment ago. To add more clips to the video, then, all you have to do is repeat the steps and that's it.

If you need to do so, use the tools present in the Kapwing editor to make corrections and changes to the imported clips: just select them from the menu on the left and then use the various buttons and menus at the top and right, in order to make the desired changes.

When you are ready to do so, download the output video: to do so, click on thegear (top right), to select the quality of the output file, then click on the button Publish located at the top right and, once the video processing phase has been completed (which may take a few minutes), press the button Download. Semplice, see?

Other online services to edit multiple videos together

How to edit multiple videos together

There are others online services to edit multiple videos together that might be useful to you: below you will list some that might be useful to you.

  • Magisto - well-known Web application for video editing, working upon registration, which can also be used for free, albeit with important limitations, first and foremost the possibility of exporting only 2 and a half minutes of video. To break down the limits of the free version, you need to subscribe, which starts from $ 4,99 / month.
  • WeVideo - online service that can be used free of charge on all major browsers. The free version, however, allows you to export videos no longer than 5 minutes and with a maximum resolution of 480p. To break down these limits, you need to subscribe to one of the available subscription plans, starting from $ 5,49 / month.
  • Clipchamp - another platform belonging to the category in question, through which it is possible to edit videos quickly and easily. The free version has some limitations, first of all the impossibility of exporting the edited videos in high definition. To break down these limits, a subscription is required, which starts from $ 9 / month.

If you want to have more information on how to edit online videos with these and other useful services, take a look at the guide I dedicated to the topic.

App to edit multiple videos together

How to edit multiple videos together

If you want to know how to edit multiple videos together on iPhone, iPad e Android, take a look at the following app in video editing: I'm sure you will find some solution that suits your needs.

  • KineMaster (Android / iOS / iPadOS) - one of the best video editors in the mobile environment, which offers various advanced functions and which, among other things, allows you to merge multiple clips into a single movie in an extremely simple and intuitive way. Basically it is free, but by making in-app purchases starting from € 2,29 you can remove the watermark that is applied to your works and unlock all its features.
  • Magisto (Android / iOS / iPadOS) - this is the mobile transposition of the service mentioned in the previous lines, with which it shares the name and also the same limits that characterize its free version. To access all its functions and export videos longer than 5 minutes in HD, you need to subscribe from $ 5,49 / month.
  • iMovie (iOS / iPadOS) - as easily understood, this is the mobile version of Apple's video editing program I told you about in one of the previous chapters. It works similar to its desktop counterpart and, of course, is free as well.

For more information on these and other video editing apps, I refer you to reading the in-depth analysis I have dedicated to the topic.

How to edit multiple videos together

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