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    How to recover permanently deleted photos from iPhone

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    In a fit of lightness you have decided to do a good cleaning of your iPhone and you have deleted many photos from your gallery, then going to empty the "Recently deleted" album, where the photos deleted from the Apple smartphone are temporarily stored. At the time it seemed like a good idea but now you have regretted your decision bitterly and would like to go back in time to stop you from taking such a rash action.

    The problem is some of the shots you deleted were not to be deleted and you have a horrible feeling that you have lost many of your photographic memories forever. Is that so? Are you in this bad situation and are you sorry because your shots are gone forever? Then you don't have to worry! There are several solutions to deal with the problem and I'm here to show you.

    By following the information I am about to give you, you will find out how to recover permanently deleted photos from iPhone to review the important shots you missed at the moment. I warn you: some situations are more complicated than others and it is not always possible to recover permanently deleted photos. However, there are some chances that you will succeed, as there are many different tools designed for this purpose. To find out which ones and how to use them, keep reading: you will find everything explained below.


    • Preliminary information
    • How to recover permanently deleted photos from iPhone with PC
    • How to recover permanently deleted photos from iPhone without PC
    • How to recover permanently deleted photos from iPhone without backup
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      • EaseUS MobiSaver

    Preliminary information

    I'm sorry, but I have to tell you. Retrieving permanently deleted photos from an iPhone (or any other device) is an operation that can be complicated and not always possible. The longer the time elapsed since the photos were deleted, the lower the chances of recovering them.

    This happens for a simple reason: when the photos are permanently deleted from the device, the portion of memory that housed them is overwritten with new data, consequently recovering the photos from the memory areas in which they were located becomes impossible.

    In other words, if you deleted photos three months ago it is highly unlikely that you will be able to recover them, because there will be no trace of them left in the device. Don't beat yourself up, though. If the time elapsed is short, eg. a few hours, there is still a good chance that you will be able to get your shots back. Now I show you all the methods you can use to try to remedy the situation.

    How to recover permanently deleted photos from iPhone with PC

    The first attempt you can try to put into practice is. Specifically, if you use a PC with an operating system Windows, you can try photo recovery via the iTunes backup. In case you have synchronized your iPhone with your PC, connecting it via a USB cable before deleting the photos, they are probably still available in the backup made automatically by the application.

    To try to restore them, open iTunes on your PC and connect the iPhone to the computer via the USB cable. Select your iPhone by clicking on the icon marked with a phone drawing (top left). On the new screen click the button Restore Backup and choose the backup you want to restore from the list. Lastly, click Continue (password may be required). Once done, the iPhone will be restored to the previous backup and the photos should be back in the roll as if they had never been deleted. Obviously, however, all the data after the backup (unless you have synchronized it with iCloud) will be deleted.

    I use a Mac? If you are using a version of macOS earlier than 10.15 Catalina, you can perform the same procedure described above for Windows computers. If, on the other hand, you are using a more recent version of macOS, you must act through the Finder. To do this, connect the iPhone to the Mac via USB cable and click on the Finder (the smiling face located in the Dock).

    In the new Finder window that opened, select the name of your iPhone on the left sidebar. Now, go to the tab Generali and press pulsating Backup restore. You just have to choose the backup you want to restore from the appropriate menu and click Restore (password may be required). Now, if everything went smoothly, your iPhone should be restored based on your chosen save and the photos should have reappeared in your camera roll.

    Problems with iTunes or Finder backup? I recommend that you read this in-depth guide on the subject.

    How to recover permanently deleted photos from iPhone without PC

    Don't have a PC and want to try to recover lost photos via your iPhone? If you have not activated ICloud Photos (which also syncs the emptying of the Trash, so if you have permanently deleted a photo from iPhone, it will also be deleted from the service in question), the photos are included in the iCloud backup and then you can try to restore them through them (similar to how you would do with local iTunes / Finder backups). If you restore your phone to an iCloud backup earlier than when you deleted the photos, they will return to the iPhone roll.

    To proceed, first check that your iPhone is performing backups correctly. To do this, go to the Settings, by tapping on the relative icon, and presses on you don't know. In the new screen, tap on the item iCloud, its Manage space, Then Backup and finally on This iPhone. In the new screen you will see the last backup performed and the list of applications selected for backup (check that there is the entry Photo Library).

    Now go up Settings> General> Reset. To go forward select the item Content and settings initialization, do tap su Inizilizza iPhone twice. At this point the phone will start to restart and, after a couple of minutes, you can proceed with the initial configuration.

    At some point in the initial setup, the iPhone will ask you if you want to restore data from a iCloud backup: answer in the affirmative, select the backup of your interest and wait for the end of the procedure. You should then find your photos in the iOS roll. Clearly, the data following the restored backup will not be kept (unless you have synchronized it with specific iCloud services or other cloud storage services).

    As mentioned above, if you have activated ICloud Photos your photos will not be included in the iCloud backup, as they will be managed separately and constantly synchronized on all devices. Once deleted by one, therefore, they will be deleted by all. After 40 days, time to be able to retrieve them from the album Recently deleted (from where obviously you have already deleted them, if you are reading this tutorial), they will no longer be easily recoverable.

    You're wondering how to recover permanently deleted photos from iPhone if you don't use iCloud but another cloud storage service? You can check your storage service app to see if the photos are safe and sound inside the root folder with automatic backup turned on. To check, in case you are using Google Photos, you need to follow the following steps: log in to Home screen, fai tap sull 'Google Photos icon and check that there are the photos you are looking for.

    You don't use Google Photos but dropbox? Then you can search for deleted photos from your device like this: tap onDropbox icon On the Home screen, select the item Fillet and tap on the album Camera uploads. All the photos you deleted from iPhone should be saved in it.

    Do you have difficulties? Then I advise you to carefully read my guide where you will find more detailed information on these two cloud storage systems.

    How to recover permanently deleted photos from iPhone without backup

    You were unable to find your photos via backups and cloud services. What to do now? Are the photographs lost forever? No, there is still some chance of getting them back.

    Fortunately, there are third-party software designed to solve this very common problem, which occurs at least once in the life of every iPhone owner. Now I show you how to recover permanently deleted photos on iPhone through two applications for Windows and macOS.


    dr.fone is a paid application for PC that is extremely easy and intuitive to use. Its clean design makes it suitable for anyone who wants to recover data in the simplest way possible. Its features offer the ability to perform backups, repairs, data transfers and much more.

    To use it, however, you need to buy one specific functionality (in this case restore) or choose a feature package.

    The price varies according to the PC operating system. For the single recovery option for Mac e iPhone, for example, is of 64 €. For the recovery function for Windows e iPhone is, instead, of 53,37 €. If you decide to download the trial version, however, you will not be able to take advantage of the recovery function but only the analysis of the device data and the preview of the backup files.

    Have you decided to buy it? Then let's start using it. First, if you are using a Windows computer, you must have iTunes. You got it? Very well. Now, to recover your photos you need to download the application to your computer. Connect to the official dr.fone page, choose the correct one operating system, and click the button Download.

    Pray be used Windows, april il package that you downloaded, click on Yes, then select the language and finally click on NEXT. Now press the button Install twice and wait for the installation to finish. In the new window that has opened, click on It begins now.

    If you have one Mac, april il file.dgm downloaded, accept the conditions of use of dr.fone by clicking on the button Allow, and drag the program icon to the folder Applications.

    Once installed, open the application and select the item from the home screen Data recovery. Now, following the instructions on the screen, unlock your iPhone, connect it via USB cable to your computer and wait for the connection to be completed. Once the application has recognized the presence of the phone, a new screen will appear where you can select the items to be recovered. Uncheck the preselected items and tick only the item Images. Now click on the button Start Scan.

    After a few seconds of scanning is finished, the photos deleted from iPhone will appear. Just select the ones you want and click on the button Recovery on the device, to get them back on the iPhone, or Recovery on the computer, to save to PC. Pretty simple, isn't it?

    EaseUS MobiSaver

    EaseUS MobiSaver is a Windows and macOS compatible data recovery application. It is a software that allows you to recover data permanently deleted from the iPhone directly from the device, from iTunes backups or from iCloud in just a few clicks. Also in this case, as for the application seen previously, to use it on Windows you need to have iTunes.

    By downloading the free version of the application you can recover one image at a time and up to 5 contacts at the same time. By choosing the paid version, at the price € 56,90 for Windows e € 74,95 for Mac, you can recover all the photos you want at the same time, selecting and restoring them all together, get free assistance and the ability to recover Whatsapp conversations as well.

    To get the application, you need to connect to the official EaseUS MobiSaver page and click on the button Free download (or on the item Go to Mac version, immediately below the button, if you are not using Windows). Alternatively you can choose the PRO trial or paid version by clicking on the item Data recovery from the top menu by selecting the option For iOS and finally pressing on the item MobileSaver PRO Prova o Buy Now. Once you have chosen the version of the application you prefer, you just have to install it.

    If you use a PC Windows, then open the .exe file obtained and click on the buttons Yes, OK e NEXT. Then accept the terms of condition by checking the relevant box, then click on NEXT (three times), come on Install e end, but will conclude the setup.

    Instead, if you have a Mac, april il .dgm file obtained and drag the program icon to the folder Applications.

    Now, open EaseUS MobiSaver, unlock the phone, connect it via USB to the PC and, from the home screen of the application, choose where to retrieve the data from, selecting one of the items among retrieve from device, to iTunes o from iCloud (in the case of the latter you will have to log in with your login data). Then select the device and start the scan by clicking on the button Scan.

    Then wait for the application to finish scanning. From the menu on the left you can choose to filter the files by type, selecting, in this case, only the photo. Once the scan is finished, all photos deleted from your phone will appear as a preview.

    When you see the image you want to restore, select it (remember that the free service allows you to transfer one image at a time). Finally press the button Recover and choose where to place your photos in the folders on your PC.

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