How Amazon Locker Works

Amazon Locker Fees and Terms

Amazon Locker is a free service that Amazon makes available to all its customers. It has no activation cost but can only be used for products shipped by Amazon: items purchased on the well-known Jeff Bezos store but sold and shipped by third parties are not eligible for delivery with this system.

Regarding shipping times and costs: if you are an Amazon Prime customer, you can choose the free shipping in 1 business day. If you do not have a Prime subscription, however, you will have to pay shipping costs, which vary depending on the case: 0 euros for orders over 29 euros with standard delivery; 3,99-5 euros for the Fast delivery in 2-5 working days; € 5,99 for the shipping in 2 days and 8 euros for the shipping in 1 days.

Currently, Amazon Lockers can hold packages of a size equal to 42 x 35 x 32 cm and a maximum weight of 4.5 Kg. Packages of larger size and weight are not eligible for Amazon Locker delivery.

How to find an Amazon Locker pickup location

At the time of writing this guide, i Amazon Locker self-service pickup points they are available at many supermarkets each e Pam Panorama and at selected shopping centers.

To find out which Amazon Locker point is closest to you, connect to the Amazon site and click on the item Log in, then enter your login details in the fields Email address or mobile number e Password e pulsing sul pulsating Log in to login. Now, click on the entry Account e list and select the item Addresses, then click on the option Add address, locate the writing To add a pickup point or Amazon Locker and presses on the voice here .

In the  Look for a pickup location near you, put the check mark next to one of the options between Search by address, Search by CAPSearch by reference point and, in the appropriate field, type theaddress, POSTAL CODE or landmark you want to use for the search. To finish, click the button Search to view the map of the collection points and Amazon Locker points in your area and, above all, the list (in order of proximity) with all the details such as the address and opening hours of each collection point.

You can click on the entry Detailed map to view in detail the map of the withdrawal point, while pressing the button Select address you can add the collection point to the addresses associated with your account. Also, in the section Addresses, you can set the Amazon Locker pickup point as the default shipping address for your purchases by clicking on the option Imposta eat predefined.

How to use Amazon Locker

After making sure there is a point Amazon Locker in your area, you can proceed with your purchases, select the collection point of your interest and, in the following days, go in person to the chosen point to collect your products. Here is the whole procedure to follow in detail.

How to place an order with Amazon Locker delivery

To proceed with the purchase of a product, connected to the Amazon site and if you have not yet done so, proceed with the login by pressing the button Log in and entering your data in the fields Email address or mobile number e Password. Then locate the item you want to buy and press the button Add to Cart present in the product description sheet, then click on the icon cart present at the top right and presses the button I proceeded all'ordine.

In the  Select a delivery address, pigia sul pulsating Delivery to this address related to the Amazon Locker point that you previously added to your mailing list, otherwise click on the item Look for a pickup location near you, put the check mark next to one of the options between Search by address, Search by CAP o Search by reference point, type il tuo address, POSTAL CODE of your city or a landmark (for example Colosseum) in the appropriate field and click on the button Search.

Now, click on the entry Send it to this address relating to the Amazon Locker point of your interest and make sure that the items you intend to purchase are compatible with Amazon Locker shipping: if after selecting the collection point you see the red writing Important message, it means that one or more items are not eligible for Amazon Locker and you must select a different delivery address or remove the item from the cart by clicking on the item Clear.

Then proceed with the choice of the type of shipment and select a valid payment method, then press the button Buy it now And that's it.

Through the Amazon application for Android, iOS and Windows 10 Mobile devices you can place an order and request delivery to an Amazon Locker point even from smartphones and tablets. Download and install the Amazon app on your device, then locate the item you want to buy and add it to your cart. Now, tap on the icon cart present at the top right and press on the item I proceeded all'ordine, then select the Amazon Locker address of your interest and press the button Delivery to this address.

If you have not yet added an Amazon Locker address to your addresses, press the option instead Send to a pickup point, in the field Search by address, postcode or reference point type in your address, postcode or a reference point in your city and tap the button Research to view the list of Amazon Lockers in your area. Alternatively, tap on the icon of a hoops and allow Amazon to access your current location to view the Amazon Lockers closest to you.

How to pick up at Amazon Lockers

After placing an order on Amazon, when it is delivered to the selected Amazon Locker, you will receive an email containing a unique code of 6 characters and all necessary instructions for collection.

Then go to the Amazon Locker point you indicated for delivery and press on the screen to start the collection procedure, then type in the unique code or scan the barcode received via email (also via your smartphone): the message Code accepted will confirm that the code has been entered correctly and the compartment where your package is contained will be opened automatically. So pick up the Amazon package, remember to close the door and that's it.

As mentioned above, you should know that from the moment you receive the delivery email, you have three days to collect the package, after which it will return to Amazon and a full refund will be made automatically.

How Amazon Locker Works

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