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App via montare video: Android

Let's start this discussion starting with some app to edit video on android. Below you will find various free solutions (at least in their basic version) and easy to use.


The first solution I invite you to try is Quik, A 'free music video editing app developed by GoPro, which allows you to edit your movies by joining multiple clips, adding transition effects, background music and so on. Basically it is free, but to take advantage of all its features you need to take out a subscription starting from 49,99 euros / year. It is present on the Play Store and also on alternative stores for devices without Google services.

To edit videos with Quik, after installing the app, click on the button Yes, I have a GoPro, if you have a GoPro action camera to match or press the button Just the phone at the moment to skip this step (you can pair a GoPro that you may have even later). Next, press on the buttons Getting started guide e The tour begins and grant Quik i permits needed to make it work.

Now, click on the icon postcards placed at the bottom right, presses onpreview of the contents to load in the project and press on arrow with square (down). Then press the button Continue, indicates the title you want to assign to the project and press the button Save the details.

Now, if you want to edit the movie that was generated automatically, press on one of the clip that you have inserted in the project, presses on the symbol of pencil e size the movie, apply filters, add sounds e music, etc., using the buttons and menus visible on the screen. If there is a sequence with the app logo at the end of the video, you can remove it like any other sequence in the video.

When finished, press the button Save located at the top right, save and overwrite the movie or save as new the output file, press the icon of arrow and presses on the wording Save to phone to download the video locally or tap on the wording Share content to share it online.


Another solution that I invite you to try is ActionDirector. This is an app that can be downloaded for free from the Play Store (if you have a device without Google services, see if it is available on an alternative store) and which is quite simple to use. It allows you to join videos, cut them, apply transition effects and so on. Please note that it watermarks edited videos and does not support Full HD resolution at 1080p: these limits can be removed by viewing an advertising video for each project to be exported (up to a maximum of two per day) or by purchasing its paid version. starting from 4,29 euros / month.

After installing and running ActionDirector, click on the button Accetta and continue, scroll through the cards that show you how it works and press the button Let's start!. If you are offered the subscription to the app, press on (X) located at the top left to close the screen in question.

Now, in the main ActionDirector screen, click on the button Modification, assign the name to the project by writing it in the appropriate text field and select the form factor del video di output (es. PM16:9). At this point, grant the app all permits to work, tap on the preview of the content to add to the project, press the icon capacitor positive (+) lead mail in its correspondence and, after selecting all the clips of your interest, press the button (✓) located at the bottom right.

Once this is done, you just have to press on the buttons at the bottom (eg. Modification, Action, Filter, Regulation, etc.) to act on the movie using the control bars and menus that appear on the screen.

To remove the watermark of the app, tap on it, press on (X) that appears in its correspondence and selects the item Watch advertisements to remove. When you are satisfied with your work, press the button produce (top right) and select the resolution of the video, so as to start exporting the content.

Other apps to edit videos on Android

There are also other apps to edit videos on android that you might find useful. Take a look at those listed below (if you have a device without the Play Store, see if there are any alternative stores to the Play Store).

  • Adobe Premiere Rush - is an app developed by Adobe, which refers to the Adobe Premiere Pro program for PC, of ​​which it incorporates some features (with all the obvious limitations of the case). It allows you to edit videos in a simple and intuitive way, using various advanced tools. At the time of writing, it is available for a limited number of Android devices (here you can see the complete list) and, in the free version, it allows you to make no more than three exports. To remove this limit, you need to take out a subscription starting from € 10,49 / year.
  • Free Video Editor - is a free application which, as its name suggests, is nothing more than a simple video editor that allows you to apply multiple changes to your videos and does not imprint any watermark on exported videos.
  • KineMaster - is considered to be one of the best video editing apps on Android. Unfortunately it imprints a watermark on the exported videos, which can only be removed after signing up for a subscription starting from 4,19 euros / month.

Video editing app: iPhone

If you have an "iPhone by" this is the part of the article that interests you most closely. In fact, below I will be able to illustrate how some of them work app via montare video su iPhone. See for yourself which of these can be right for you.


The first solution I recommend you try on your iPhone is iMovie. This is a solution developed by Apple that is present "as standard" on the devices of the "bitten apple" (if it has been uninstalled, the app can be reinstalled from the App Store). It allows you to edit videos and edit them through various features, including those for joining and splitting clips, inserting lyrics, soundtracks and so on. It also allows you to create Hollywood-style trailers using some predefined themes.

To use it, after starting iMovie, click on the button capacitor positive (+) lead present in its main screen and decide whether to create a new one movie or whether to start building a trailer.

In the first case, put the check mark next to miniature clips to mount and press the button Create film placed at the bottom. Next, tap on the timeline located at the bottom of the screen and edit the video using the tools that appear below.

Pressing on the symbol of scissors, you can split or separate the video; by tapping on the speedometer, you can change the speed of the video; by tapping on the symbol of megaphone, you can adjust the audio volume; pressing on the letter "T", you can add captions; pressing on three concentric circlesinstead, you can apply filters. By tapping on the symbol (▶ ︎ ◀ ︎) present between one clip and another, however, you can add and / or customize the transition between them.

When finished, press on the item end, premi sulthe icon of arrow inside the square and save the content locally (Save video) or share it using one of the available options (eg. Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, Etc.).

In case you had decided to create a trailer, instead, select one of the many available themes, tap the button Crea placed at the top right and use the card Structure to add the titles and captions that should appear in the video and tab Storyboard to select the contents to add in the project.

When finished, tap on the item end, tap on the symbol of arrow inside the square and select the save or share option you prefer to use.


Are you looking for an app that allows you to create short movies quickly and fun and that is easier to use than iMovie? In that case I recommend that you give it a try Clips, another app developed by Apple that allows you to edit a video by combining photos, clips and music in a simple and intuitive way. Let me tell you how to use this solution.

After installing and running Clips on your iPhone, tap the button Continue at the bottom and decide whether to record a new movie (by pressing and holding the pink rectangle located at the bottom of the screen) or whether to take a photo (by pressing the white dot located below). If you want to load elements from the roll, instead, press the icon of postcards (bottom left) and select the ones you are interested in.

Once you have loaded the elements you want to edit the movie with, keep your finger pressed on the pink rectangle located at the bottom, so as to add it to the movie. To add decorations to the various clips, instead, press the icon of colorful star (bottom right) and, via the open menu, add filters, live titles, text, adhesives ed emoji. By tapping on the symbol of music note (top right), on the other hand, you can insert musical effects.

Once the work is finished, press the icon square with arrow and select one of the saving or sharing options from those available.

Other apps to edit videos on iPhone

In case the solutions I have told you about so far have not been to your liking, try these other apps to edit videos on iPhone. I hope they can come in handy.

  • Quik - this free app created by GoPro, which I already told you about in one of the previous chapters, is also available for Apple-branded devices. Given its simplicity of use, I recommend you try it. Basically it is free, but to access all its functions you need to take out a subscription starting from 49,99 euros / year.
  • LumaFusion - it is a paid video editing app: it costs 32,99 euros and offers advanced tools and features for video editing. Being packed with features, it may take some time to get carried away with its interface.
  • Adobe Premiere Rush - the mobile version of Adobe Premiere Pro is also available on iPhone and, given its ease of use combined with the presence of advanced features, I recommend its use. It is free, but to exceed the maximum limit of three exports, which characterizes its free version, you need to take out a subscription starting from € 5,49 / month.

App per PC free video montage

As I mentioned earlier, I conclude this tutorial with some free video editing applications on PC, useful if the solutions available in the mobile environment are too limited for the jobs you intend to complete (or simply inconvenient to use). Some of these are completely free, others are paid, but can be tested for free for a short time.

  • Avidemux (Windows / macOS / Linux) - it is a free and open source software which, although it is characterized by an interface that I would not define as user-friendly, is not so difficult to use. It also integrates rather advanced functions that in fact allow you to edit videos without particular limits. More info here.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro (Windows / macOS) - is one of the most loved video editing programs by professionals, which offers advanced functions through which you can create any project. After a free trial of 7 days, to continue using it you need to take out a subscription starting from 24,39 euro / month. More info here.
  • VEGAS Pro (Windows) - Another professional-grade solution that boasts many advanced features, including nested timelines. After a 30-day trial, to continue using the program you need to purchase the license, which costs € 399 one-off or 15,99 euro / month. More info here.
  • iMovie (macOS) - is the macOS version of iMovie, which I told you about in one of the previous chapters, which incorporates the features, making it just as easy to use even on desktop. More info here.
  • Final Cut Pro X (macOS) - Apple's video editing program designed for professionals, offering tons of advanced features, such as HDR and advanced noise removal, just to name a few. It can be tested free for 90 daysCoast 329,99 €.

If you need more information about using these software, check out my tutorial dedicated to the best video editors.

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