Telegram secret chats: what they are and how to use them

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Telegram is an application that has managed to position itself, after WhatsApp, as an instant messaging app that allows people to be connected through this platform. This has been thanks to the large number of functions that it offers and that are only active on this platform and not on that of its competitor.

Another of Telegram's strong points is, without a doubt, privacy and security that this app offerswhich is another of its most powerful weapons that distinguishes it from WhatsApp, an app that has many shortcomings in terms of security.

Among the advances that have been made to ensure the security and privacy of users in Telegram, highlights the secret chat which is the one we want to introduce you to in this article. The secret chat is a tool that will be very useful if you want to maintain maximum privacy in some of your conversations.

Next, we want to explain how Telegram secret chats work, how you can open one of them and how you can benefit from this tool that Telegram provides to all its users. After having this information, you will dominate a little more the instant messaging app that is the best at the moment.

What is Telegram's secret chat and how does it work?

The secret chat, or also known as private chathas quite a few differences with respect to a normal Telegram chat.

The first difference that you will appreciate is that in the messages of each of the secret conversations you create, only you and the person to whom they are addressed will be able to read them. This does not happen in the rest of the conversations, since these are stored in the cloud and Telegram can decipher them if needed.

The second privacy measure that has been implemented in these secret chats is that the messages sent, cannot be forwarded to another user, that is to say, they will never be able to leave that conversation, unless they are copied by hand. You will also not have the option of capturing the screen, so the content of that conversation will remain private forever.

As soon as one of the members of the secret chat deletes a message, this will automatically disappear from the app of the person who receives it and this text will not exist in any file, but will have been completely destroyed.

Another feature of Telegram is the self-destruction of messages. self-destruction of messages. That is, you can determine a preset time, so that the content is automatically deleted, once the receiver has opened it. This way you can have a private conversation that leaves no trace and is deleted when you have decided.

It is difficult for someone to trace your private conversation after using this after using this tool offered by the app. Finally, you should know that the conversation you have started in private chat will only be available from the device on which you have started it.

That is to say, if you start a secret chat from your laptop and want to continue talking from your smartphone, that conversation will not appear, since the data is not stored in the cloud and cannot be recovered.

How to open a secret chat in Telegram step by step

Now you know the benefits that can bring you the secret chats in terms of privacy and security in your most intimate conversations. Telegram is an app that bases all its efforts on simplifying the tools it offers, so it is not at all difficult to open a new secret chat in the application.

Follow these steps to the letter to open your new secret chat in Telegram:

  • The first thing you'll need to do is enter the "options" menu that you'll find on the left side area of the platform. You can access it by clicking on the three-line button or by swiping your screen from the left to the right.

  • Now click on the "New secret chat" button that will be available in the options menu.

  • Select the name of the user with whom you want to start this new private chat and click "OK".

  • This conversation will now appear on the main screen, so you can simply enter it and start chatting, in the safest possible way.

This chat itself will already be completely private and secret, but you can still increase the privacy even more, as we mentioned before. You will be able to use some of the tools available to make your chat even more secure. One of the main features available is the auto-shredding of messages.

To activate the self-destruction of messages you will have to press the button in the upper right corner, once you are inside the conversation. In this case you will be able to choose that the self-destruction will be effective minutes after the recipient has opened the message, hours, days, weeks, etc.

When the time you set has elapsed after the reader has opened the message, the message will be automatically deleted. will be automatically deleted. When you receive a new message in that conversation, the content will not appear on the screen until you open it from the app. At that moment you will only see the announcement "You have a new message".

In case you think that the conversation with that person has already ended or you simply do not need to continue protecting the messages you send, you can delete this secret chat and there will be no trace of it in the cloud, which will guarantee you maximum privacy at all times.

Now you know what they are and how you can use secret chats in Telegram, one of the most useful tools and demanded by users seeking maximum privacy in their conversations. But these are not all the features offered by this instant messaging app, but, as you go deeper, you will learn new ways that will surprise you.

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