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Every time you want to watch a movie on TV is there someone who takes up the living room for you and so you are forced to give up your intentions? I understand you, but I give you a piece of advice: why don't you forget about the TV and turn on the computer? Now there are many sites that allow you to watch streaming movies in an absolutely legal way. To use them, all you need is an average fast Internet connection, so you can easily watch them live, without having to download them to your computer.

How do you say? The question is of interest to you but you don't want to spend money to subscribe to an on-demand streaming service? Don't worry, it's not strictly necessary. In fact, you must know that there are several sites to watch movies for free and, in the course of this guide, I want to point out the most famous and used ones. Of course, being free platforms, not all of them offer top-notch content like those of paid services, but I assure you that there is no shortage of interesting titles to watch. In case, you can always opt for the free trial version of one of the major paid streaming services that I will tell you about at the end of the guide ... but let's try to go in order and don't immediately put too much meat on the fire!

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Come on, don't stand there! Take a few minutes of free time, sit nice and comfortable in front of your trusty computer and take a look at the websites that I am about to report to you. Furthermore, keep your smartphone or tablet at hand, as many of them are accessible not only from a computer, but also from mobile devices, by downloading the appropriate apps or using the browser. Are you ready to get started? Yup? Very well! At this point, all I have to do is wish you a good read and, above all, a good view!


  • PopCorn TV
  • Rai Play
  • Mediaset Play
  • Streaming TV channels
  • MyMovies Live
  • Paid streaming sites with free trial


Among the sites to watch movies for free I want to tell you about there is VVVVID, as it is the best known web portal for watching movies and TV series at no cost. It is acclaimed by users for the possibility of finding very interesting films to watch, being able to choose among those belonging to the most disparate genres; you can in fact range from comedy to horror at the time of a click.

The titles on this platform are quite recent in terms of output and their reproduction can take place directly on the computer, through any browser among the most popular ones (Google Chrome, for example) or on smartphones and tablets, through the use of the application. of VVVVID available for free download for Android and iPhone / iPad.

To underline also the very rich section of the site dedicated to anime, in which you can find some of the most interesting productions of the moment (both in Italian and in the original language), and the one dedicated to the TV series, which includes several interesting titles such as "Casual" , "The office" and "Little Britain", as well as some live action adaptations of famous anime such as "Death Note" and "Prison School".

To use VVVVID it is necessary to register for the latter by creating a free account. Then connect to the home page of the service and, if requested, accept the terms and conditions, also giving consent for personal data. Then place the check mark on the boxes you see on the screen and click on OK.

Once this is done, fill out the registration form you see on the home page and press the button Subscribe, or click on the button Sign in with Facebook, to register in the fastest way, using your profile Facebook.

When the operation is complete, click on the tab Videos located at the top of the menu bar, locate the title of your interest and start playing it, by clicking first on its poster and then on the button Guarda.

Furthermore, you can browse the films available on the site based on various criteria, using the tabs found below: for example, by clicking on the tab Recommended you can view the most interesting titles of the moment; by clicking on the item Popular you can find out which are the most viewed movies by VVVVID users; by selecting the tab instead New releases you can see the list of the most recently added movies on the site. Finally, you can also press on the item Genres e AZ, to browse the films according to their respective genres or the initials of the title.

PopCorn TV

Another site that I recommend you keep as a bookmark is Delta Pictures' PopCorn TV, which allows you to watch various movies in streaming for free and without requiring any registration. Its catalog consists mainly of lesser-known, but no less interesting American films.

The films on this platform can be played both from PCs and from smartphones and tablets, with any of the most popular browsers (the videos are in HTML5 format and therefore can be played without problems on any device). To start playing a title, connect to the cinema section of PopCorn TV by clicking on the link indicated, select one of the film genres in the center (ActionComedyHorror o Dramatic, for example), then click first on the poster of the film of your interest and then on the button ▶ ︎.

In addition to movies, you can also find lots of Spanish anime and soap operas in the PopCorn TV catalog. To reproduce them, go to the appropriate section of the site (Anime> Streaming anime for souls and Soap operas> Streaming telenovelas for the telenovelas) and click on the poster of the work of your interest. Then press the button Watch first episode, to start watching.


Among the sites that I recommend to consider there is also RaiPlay, a platform dedicated to streaming Rai channels which, in its section Cinema, collects some of the best films broadcast on free-to-air channels. Among these are some great classics of the past, but also several interesting more recent films, some produced in the USA, others in Italy and still others from countries around the world.

To play the titles available on RaiPlay it is necessary to register, a procedure that can be completed by connecting to the official website of the service, by pressing the button () and then on the voice Login or Register. The creation of an account can be done through the social buttons of Facebook, Twitter o Google, or by filling in the appropriate text field on the screen.

To see the films in the relative category, accessible by pressing the symbol (☰), you can use any browser among the most popular ones, for example Google Chrome. To start viewing, click on the film poster and then on the ▶ button. Alternatively, download the free app RaiPlay for Android and iOS, so you can start playback on your smartphone or tablet.

I also point out the Rai Cinema website which hosts dozens of unreleased films made specifically for the Web. There are some truly original and well made, take a look at them and I assure you that you will not regret! For more information on the Rai Play service, read my tutorial dedicated to the platform.

Mediaset Play

Mediaset Play is Mediaset's answer to RaiPlay. It is, in fact, the service of the “biscione” company that allows you to review the files (as well as the TV broadcasts) broadcast on its free-to-air digital terrestrial channels. It is possible to take advantage of the contents without having to register and, as well as from a computer, the films in the catalog are visible on smartphones and tablets, by downloading the application of the service for Android, iPhone and iPad.

To start viewing, therefore, connected to its official website and click on the menu item On demand located at the top, then press on Videos, to see the list of films available for viewing. Choose the one you are interested in by pressing the poster and then start playback by pressing the ▶ button. Good vision! If you are interested in having more information about this service, read my specific tutorial on the subject.

Streaming TV channels

Mediaset Play e Rai Play they are not the only web portals that allow streaming movies; there are also others such as for example Paramount Channel. I invite you, therefore, to read my guide on how to watch TV in streaming, to know the complete list of web portals related to watching streaming movies broadcast by TV channels.

MyMovies Live

MyMovies Live is one of the sites to watch movies for free most original of the Italian scene. It is in fact structured as if it were a real digital cinema, with precise dates and times for the "projection" of the films and virtual cinemas that have limited "seats". It offers various films from the major world film festivals, films that are made available both in Italian and in the original language, with any subtitles.

You can also use it for a fee, by purchasing a named subscription MyMovies Unlimited; this allows you to eliminate all limits relating to times and seats in virtual rooms. In practice it transforms MyMovies Live in a video on demand service where you can play all the films in the database at any day and time. Subscription prices start at € 1,99 / week.

However, if you want to use it for free, connect to its home page and create an account by clicking on the button Activate a free profile located at the top right. Subsequently, you will be offered to subscribe to a subscription plan: click on one of those proposed, in order to access the registration form (do not worry, you will not be forced to pay).

Indicate the data required to create an account (Email, username, password, province e sex), accept the terms and conditions of the service, consent or refuse the sending of emails for marketing purposes (box Yes or box No), then click on Subscribe.

When the operation is complete, if you are asked to enter the payment details for the purchase of the chosen subscription, click on Cancel twice in a row, et voilà, you will have obtained the free profile for watching the films broadcast during the events.

When you are notified of an event for the broadcast of a film in the virtual cinema, click on the section Film Live of the site (it is located in the top bar) and book your place in the virtual "room" for the film of your interest. Viewing can be done via PC, using a browser with Flash Player integrated, such as for example Google Chrome.

Are you a lover of the great classics? Are you a good connoisseur of the English language? Then you absolutely cannot miss the opportunity to visit the cinema section of the site, where you can find hundreds of old films no longer protected by copyright to watch in streaming or download to your computer, all at no cost.

The films are divided according to certain pre-established categories, such as genre and language; you can in fact filter the search using the menu items in the left sidebar (year o Language, eg).

Once you have identified the film of your interest, to start playing it click on its preview image and then press the ▶ button in the center. The player of supports the new standard HTML 5, so you shouldn't have any problems watching.

Paid streaming sites with free trial

If the catalog of films featured in the sites to watch movies for free previously indicated does not reflect your tastes, I suggest you contact the paid on-demand streaming services which, in exchange for a small monthly fee (generally with figures that are around 10 euros) allow you to access vast catalogs composed of films recently released, allowing you to range between the most popular film genres.

From the moment you are looking for a free solution, you will be happy to know that the web portals I am about to tell you about (and which I have told you about in more detail in this guide of mine), allow you to be used at no cost, albeit for limited periods, thanks to the possibility of subscribing to a trial version.

  • Netflix - is the most popular on-demand streaming service in the world. Its film catalog is quite well-stocked and its flagship are the original Netflix movie. Stream quality is adaptive, so there are no buffering issues, even with slow connections. It is one of the best streaming platforms and can also be used on various platforms such as Smart TVs and video game consoles, but also on smartphones and tablets, by downloading the free application for Android and iOS. The subscription has a minimum price of 7,99 euros / month (for viewing content on one device at a time and in standard definition). To find out more about this service, read my tutorial on how to watch Netflix and the one where I explain how to get Netflix for free.
  • Infinity - this is the Mediaset on-demand streaming service. The quality of the streaming is good, and its film catalog consists of films recently released in the cinema, also available for rent with prices starting from € 3,99 for subscribers. Also, thanks to the service Infinity premiere, every week, subscribers are offered viewing of a critically acclaimed film which is subsequently made available for rental. The subscription costs € 7,99 / month and can be used free of charge for one month with a trial version. To find out more read my guide on how Infinity works. The contents can be used from computers, from Smart TVs and even on the move, thanks to the application for Android and iOS.
  • NOW TV - is the streaming version of Sky, the well-known satellite pay TV service. Your Ticket Cinema, which gives access to thousands of on-demand titles and watching Sky Cinema channels in streaming costs € 9,99 / month and can be tried for free for 14 days. It can be used on a computer, but also on Smart TVs and via the app for Android and iOS. I told you about it in more detail in my tutorial on how NOW TV works.
  • Amazon Prime Video - is one of the most popular streaming on demand platforms. This is the service offered by the e-commerce giant Amazon and his film catalog is noteworthy. To use it you need to subscribe to the service Amazon Prime which also offers several other benefits, including, for example, free deliveries to its online store for products Premium. Amazon Prime can be tried for free for 30 days, after which it is necessary to subscribe for a price of 36 € per year or 4,99 euros per month. If you want to know more about the benefits of Amazon Prime, read this tutorial of mine, and then refer to the one in which I tell you about Amazon Prime Video.
  • TIMvision - is a streaming platform by TIM. In its catalog you can find numerous recent films, plus TV series, cartoons and documentaries. It costs € 4,99 / month, but can be included in some TIM offers. I told you about it in more detail in this dedicated tutorial of mine.

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