PUK code: the methods to recover it and unlock the SIM

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PUK code: what it is and what you need to know

The Personal Unblocking Key is a code to 8 digits necessary to know when our Sim card is blocked. This lock could have been activated if, for example, the user tried to enter the PIN of his card three times in a row incorrectly.

Following this terrible mistake there is no other solution but that to go to retrieve the PUK code of the Sim to be able to access the data network and card services again.

So how can you proceed from here? Since the PUK is a code that is issued directly by the network operator you are using, getting hold of this sequence of numbers is not a linear operation, but not at all difficult.

Finally, we would like to remind you that if you enter the PUK code incorrectly for more than 10 consecutive times, you will face the total and complete blocking of the telephone card which will only have to be replaced.

How to find the PUK code: all methods to try

Not being able to have more access to the data stored on your phone is a stressful enough experience in itself, and not knowing how to solve this problem makes it even more unnerving.

Fortunately, before our SIM can risk being locked forever, there are various methods that can be explored to attempt to recover the dreaded PUK code. Let's find out together:

Check the SIM card packaging

What you should never do is throw it away package that contains the SIM card just purchased. In general, this package contains the 8-digit code which will then be used to unlock the data network on our phone.

In fact, when a new SIM is bought, it is stuck in a plasticized card which also shows the two important codes for its management on the surface: the PIN code and PUK code.

To reveal the sequence of these numbers, just scratch the part covered by the silver patina with a coin.

Contact the customer service of the telephone operator

If the attempt to check the package of the card has not been successful then you can always move on to the next plan, that of contact the telephone operator.

By typing the appropriate number from your mobile device to be connected to the service that deals with customer management, you can speak with an operator.

Once you get over the security questions, perhaps by providing some personal data, there is a good chance you can retrieve the PUK code of our SIM.

It must be borne in mind, however, that not all telephone operators are available to issue the precious 8-digit code, and this is always due to a matter of privacy.

Below is a list of the main providers that are allowed to share the PUK code for a specific phone number with customers:

  • Recover PUK Vodafone: The number to dial to contact customer service is 190. Alternatively, it is possible to communicate with Vodafone through its social pages Facebook and Twitter, or by visiting the official website. Instead, for more information on the subject, please click here.
  • If you prefer to speak directly with an operator, the number to dial from your phone is 119. Otherwise, you can visit the official website, or communicate via the social media managed by the telecommunications company. Visit our page on how to recover Tim's PUK to find out more about the topic.
  • Recovery PUK Wind Tre: In this case, the contact number is 155 and the web page to visit is WindTre. This operator also offers direct communication with customers through an instant chat or through a messaging service available on the social pages.
  • For the Iliad PUK code you can contact customer service by typing the number 177. Alternatively, Facebook and Twitter accounts are always available to communicate with the company via private messages. If, on the other hand, you want to visit the official website just click here, for more information visit the PUK liad page.
  • Are you a PosteMobile customer? Then for you the number to type is 160. Also in this case, social networks are available to communicate via messages and an official website to explore the company's offers in detail. If, on the other hand, you want to better understand how you can recover the PosteMobile PUK then we invite you to visit the appropriate page.
  • PUK Fatsweb: Customer service is available by contacting the number 192 193. On the internet, however, the Facebook and Twitter pages and the official website are available. For a more detailed tutorial, however, we invite you to explore our page by clicking here.
  • The number dedicated to CoopVoce customers to receive assistance with the help of an operator is 188. Instead, online it is possible to contact the telecommunications company through the social pages and by visiting the website. Alternatively, for more information on the PUK CoopVoce please click here.
  • 800 688 788 is the number to enter if you want to contact HoMobile customer service. You can also receive support through the Facebook and Twitter pages or by exploring the appropriate website. For a clear and comprehensive guide on how to recover the HoMobile PUK then click here.
  • Kena Mobile: The customer support number for this operator is 181. Visit the website or get in touch with the company through its social pages or through the appropriate apps.

Discover the PUK through the personal area: from the website and on the App

Another way to retrieve the PUK code is to log into your own personal area through the website of the telephone company we are using, or through the official App, available to download for smartphones and tablets.

How can you proceed in both cases?

Using the website

We can say that, nowadays, all services have a website that dedicates a special section to customers. This, in fact, is usually defined as customer area where those who have registered can personally manage their account.

For example, if you have a SIM card with a certain provider, to retrieve the PUK code you just need:

  • Go to the provider's official website
  • Make the login, or register for online services
  • Look for a type entry "My SIM"
  • Scroll through the options and locate the entry “PUK”

Through App

Similarly, you can also access your account through the application made available by the telephone company. To proceed following this method you need to:

  • Download and install the application
  • Log in or register right now
  • Press the button "Menu"
  • Search for entries “Info SIM”> “” PUK ”
  • Confirm by touching the item "View PUK"

If nothing works, request a new SIM

While the above methods are some of the most effective when trying to save your card, for a variety of reasons the steps listed above may not work for our particular case.

It should also be remembered that it is not possible unlock SIM without PUK, but then, what can you try if nothing works? The only thing left to do is request a new SIM card.

By contacting your telephone operator online or by telephone, or by going personally to one of the many points of sale around, you can order a new card.

This will be delivered to us with a new PIN code and a new PUK and it will also be possible to keep the old phone number.

PUK code recovered: how to proceed

If, on the other hand, we were lucky and were able to recover the lost PUK code, to finally unlock our SIM, on our phone we must type the following:

** 05 * PUK * NuovoPIN * NuovoPIN #

making sure to enter the new 8-digit code just recovered where the word “PUK” appears, and to type the new security code that we want to associate with our card where “PIN” appears.

To avoid running into these types of problems again, we want to suggest that you make sure you keep your new codes in a safe, easy-to-remember place away from prying eyes.

The telephone company closest to my home

If you wish to go personally to one of the many mobile phone centers to solve the problems just discussed or for any other reason, then consult the following links to find the location of the operator you are using and which is closest to your home:

  • Vodafone
  • Tim
  • wind
  • 3
  • Iliad
  • Ho
  • Got mobile
  • Mobile station

Once you have entered the website, you just need to enter your home address in the appropriate box to find out which center is closest to us.

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