Use the Mi Band to unlock your mobile automatically

    If we have a Mi Band watch we can unlock the smartphone automatically without fingerprints or codes

    Use the Mi Band to unlock your mobile automatically Among the most successful devices in the last period certainly stand out the smartBands, simple bracelets with a screen that can display mobile phone notifications, show times and progress during workouts and monitor our sleep and our heartbeat, so as to being able to achieve targeted sports performance and lose weight on a regular basis. The best-selling device in this category is undoubtedly the Xiaomi Mi Band 6, which offers all the features seen a little while ago in a bracelet of only 40 €, with a truly unbeatable quality / price ratio.
    Among the lesser-known functions of the Mi Band 6 (also Mi Band 4 and Mi Band 5) the automatic unlocking of our device stands out when it is connected to our smartBand, so that we can immediately check our favorite messages without the need to enter uncomfortable password or use the fingerprint reader. In this guide then we will show you how to automatically unlock phone with Mi Band, so as to speed up all the operations that we normally carry out on our smartphone.

    How to unlock phone with Mi Band

    To be able to unlock our smartphone via Mi Band (which we talked about in depth in our guide Mi Band 6, the cheapest FitBand smartwatch at only 35 Euros), we will first have to connect it to the phone via Bluetooth connection, using the app for the purpose We Fit for Android and iPhone, to be installed on an Android device (recommended for the rest of the guide).
    Use the Mi Band to unlock your mobile automatically

    Once the app is installed, we start the association procedure of the Mi Band 6, press the smartBand button when requested and wait for the confirmation message; if we have any problems during this phase, let's make sure to turn on Bluetooth and GPS (High accuracy) in the settings of our smartphone, so as to speed up the recognition and association between smartBand and phone.
    After connecting Mi Band 6 to our smartphone, always from the Mi Fit app, press the icon at the bottom right Profile, we press on the newly configured Mi Band then select the menu Unlock screen.
    Use the Mi Band to unlock your mobile automatically

    In the new window that will appear, click on the item Set unlock via Bluetooth, confirm where necessary and press the confirmation button on the Mi Band screen. From now on the phone will unlock automatically every time we press the shutdown key, without having to enter the password, PIN, path or fingerprint: the proximity of the Mi Band is sufficient to guarantee the unlocking of the device in every its function. From the menu seen previously in the Mi Fit app we can also decide the unlock distance between the items Very close, Close and Far, so as to calibrate the phone based on the actual distance of our wrist from the Mi Band.

    Obviously in order to make the most of this feature we will have to leave Bluetooth always active, we will have to make sure that the Mi Band is seen quickly by the phone in our possession and, most importantly, we will have to assess the security risk: if someone takes our smartphone and stays nearby, they could easily access the phone and use it without our knowledge.

    To this it must be added that the unlocking function via Mi Band 6 is essential to be able to take advantage of some features of the Xiaomi smart bracelet, such as the notifications of the alarms configured on the phone (the Mi Band will vibrate at the sound of the alarm configured on the phone).

    Alternatives to unlocking with Mi Band

    The unlock function via Bluetooth is an intrinsic feature available on all Android smartphones: in fact, we can use any Bluetooth device as a quick unlock method for the phone.
    For example, if we have acar stereo with Bluetooth functionality, we can configure it to quickly unlock the device without having to enter a fingerprint, have our face recognized or worse, enter a PIN or password. To do this, connect our smartphone to the Bluetooth device to be used for unlocking (in our case, the car radio), open the app Settings, let's take it in Lock screen o Password and security, then we press on the item Unlock with Bluetooth device.
    Use the Mi Band to unlock your mobile automatically

    Let's make sure the button next to is active Unlock device, then we press on Choose another device and choose which one to use for quick unlocking.
    From this moment on we can unlock our smartphone by simply pressing the power button, without having to enter any security code: the connection to the chosen Bluetooth device is sufficient to obtain the unlock permissions.
    If used with quite "large" devices such as a car, this type of unlocking makes much more sense, since it will allow you to keep the phone ready for use as long as the car is running or the car radio is on: as soon as you drops we will have to unlock the phone with the classic modes.


    Being able to quickly unlock our phone with the simple connection of the Mi Band could be very useful for all users who often receive notifications to which they have to answer and always keep the phone under control or at hand; if, on the other hand, we are very distracted or tend to forget it often, it is advisable to leave this function alone or use it only with very large Bluetooth devices (such as a car radio).

    To increase safety in these scenarios, we recommend that you read our guide on App to catch those who try to unlock the phone (Android).
    If, on the other hand, we want to automate the activation of Bluetooth or improve the security of the lock screen, we recommend that you carefully read our articles on Auto Android: Volume, network and brightness change by time and location and how to have one Smartphone protection and safer screen unlock for Android.

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