How to get views on TikTok

Preliminary information

Before explaining to you how to get views on TikTok, it is my duty to provide you with some preliminary information regarding the correct use of the popular Chinese video sharing social network.

First, in case you were wondering if there are any app to get views on TikTok, you must know that the answer is negative and that, moreover, the use of such solutions would go against the terms of the social network service; therefore, using it would almost inevitably lead to a ban on your account.

If, therefore, you want to emerge on TikTok (which is still possible quite naturally, unlike what happens on other social platforms which, being already "saturated", require paid sponsorships to bring out their contents), you must take advantage of the potential of the platform and try to publish engaging, quality videos, inviting the public to interact.

TikTok is one of the most popular social networks of the moment and, given its large audience, as well as the potential of its video editing tools, it allows you to create viral content in a not so difficult way: you just need to know how to make the most of its features . How? Read on and you will find out.

How to increase views on TikTok

The best way to increase the views on TikTok is, as mentioned, to implement a series of strategies aimed at achieving this goal: therefore, follow the advice I am about to give you in the next lines and put them in place, to do so that your videos are shown in the section For you di TikTok to as many people as possible.

Consistently create engaging content

The first piece of advice I want to give you, if you want to increase the views of the content you post on TikTok, is that of constantly engage in the production of quality content. The quality can be obtained, technically, by using adequate equipment: for example a camera phone and accessories that can improve the lighting of the environment in which you record videos, such as ring light.

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Furthermore, in order to create engaging content, you must identify the right strategy and you must adapt your "editorial line" to what are the most viewed and appreciated types of videos on the Chinese social network.

To get started, therefore, you need to locate the type of audience you want to reach, in order to create videos similar to those posted on TikTok by those you can define as your "competitors".

Another strategy you can put in place is that of create content that is completely different from the usual formats, in order to stand out and get noticed for your creativity. But what's important is that the videos you post are in line with it platform style, which is characterized by short films (from 15 to 60 seconds), characterized by a frenetic editing, by superimposed writings but, above all, by a musical background and an informal style.

Have no idea what kind of video you could make? Don't worry, via the same app as TikTok to Android (downloadable from the Play Store, Huawei App Gallery or other alternative stores) e iOS / iPadOS (from the App Store) you can take inspiration from popular videos by scrolling through the section Home (the symbol of the house) and referring to the section For you, which shows, thanks to the algorithm of the social network, what are the most popular videos of the moment, based on those that could be your interests.

Participate in the challenges

Another excellent solution to get a greater number of views on TikTok is making videos based on what are the trends of the social network, i.e. the section dedicated to the types of videos most appreciated and shared by users.

TikTok, for example, relies heavily on challenges that are created every day by the community: creating a themed video with such challenges could bring visibility in a very simple way. So, to identify the most popular challenges of the moment, start the TikTok, log in to your account and tap onicon of the lens of ingrandimento.

Now, in the new screen that is shown to you, refer to all the hashtags indicated, as they contain the keywords related to the challenges (also called challenge) popolari your TikTok.

To make a video based on a hashtag or one challenge tap onhashtag, then press onvideo camera icon, in order to start the editor of the social network and make a video using all the tools made available by the app.

In case you need more advice on how to create videos on TikTok, please refer to my tutorial dedicated to the topic.

Interact and involve the public

If you want the audience to TikTok interact with your videos, the first step you have to take is to set a good example: by “I like” and commenting on the videos of other users of the platform, in fact, you can get noticed easily.

In this regard, if scrolling the main screen of TikTok and, in particular, the section For you, you have found a video you like, do not hesitate to put "like" by pressing onheart icon. In addition, also write an interesting comment, typing it in the section that is shown to you by pressing on thefumetto icon.

Also, don't forget to be the first to support creators of content that you find interesting by following them publicly: to follow a user on TikTok, in fact, all you have to do is press on his profile picture and then press the button Follow.

Still talking about the possibilities available to you to engage the public, a suggestion I want to give you is to use the most popular songs as a backing track for the creation of your videos: you could, for example, invent a new type of video, or start a musical challenge inventing the choreography of a famous song.

If you want to find out which are the most used songs in TikTok videos, click on the button capacitor positive (+) lead located at the bottom, on the main screen of the social network. After that, tap on the item Sounds that you can see at the top and you will access the music library integrated into the platform.

At this point, refer to the sections located at the tab playlist to see the songs more listened to or those Popular. Once this is done, to use the song of your interest, click on the correspondent red check mark, in order to open the editor of TikTok.

Now you just have to create the video by clicking on red round button and, optionally, using all the tools built into the editor, such as effects or transitions.

I remind you about that TikTok the videos that involve the public most are music videos in which the choreography of a famous song is interpreted or invented. Other popular videos on TikTok are lip sync or voiceovers.

Use hashtags

If you have carefully followed all the advice I have given you in this guide, then you must also take into consideration one last suggestion, equally important, which refers to the hastag to be used to have more views on TikTok.

In fact, although a video can be made in an engaging way, it could struggle to reach a large number of users, without the presence of the right hashtags. The latter, in fact, are nothing more than labels, preceded by the symbol #, which describe the content posted by users to catalog them and facilitate their identification.

Having clarified this, it is very important to specify that the hashtags must be relevant with the published content, but it is equally essential to use the most popular ones, as the latter can increase views, causing a video to be shown in the section. For you users.

You must know that on TikTok the hashtags must be published in the caption of the video created: therefore, after having recorded the video through the social network editor, press the button NEXT, to go to the section relating to the preview of the video publication, and use the text field Describe your video to type the caption of the movie made; then press the button #Hashtag and start writing the first few letters of the hashtag you want to use.

By doing so, you will be able to see the auto-completion of the related hashtags: press on the one that has the most views, to add it to the video caption, and that's it.

Among the hashtags that I recommend you try first, there are #Loss e #ForYou: these are very popular generic hashtags, which are usually added by users to make the TikTok algorithm show their videos in the section For you, thanks to which you can quickly get a greater number of views.

How to get views on TikTok

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