How to Retrieve Deleted History

In order to prevent nosy friends and relatives from becoming aware of the Internet sites you have visited, you recently  deleted the history of the browsers installed on your computer. After a few days you have reconsidered, however, and now you would like to know if there is a system to recover deleted history.

In order to dispel all your doubts about this, I would like to tell you that yes, recovering the history that was deleted is feasible and, consequently, you can fix the "damage" done without problems. I beg your pardon? You're very happy about it but now would you like to understand how to proceed? Well, don't worry, I can help you! If you follow my instructions, you'll be able to recover deleted history in no time, you have my word.

But before I tell you in detail what to do, I want to reassure you about one thing: no matter what operating system or web browser you're using, it's very easy to do and requires only a minimum of attention and a few minutes of free time. Whether you are a computer and new technology expert or not makes no difference.

So if you want to find out all the steps you need to take to recover deleted history, I suggest you make yourself comfortable and concentrate on reading the following lines. I'm sure that in the end you'll agree that recovering deleted history was actually a real piece of cake and that if necessary you'll also be willing to explain to your friends who want to receive a similar tip on how to proceed. What do you say we bet?

Retrieve deleted history on Windows

On Windows, to recover deleted history you can use some special programs designed exactly for the purpose in question. These are basic tools that you can download directly from the Internet without spending a penny.

Thanks to these programs you can recover the deleted history of all the most common Web browsers: Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Use them and I'm sure you won't regret it.

MiTec Internet History

The first software I suggest you turn to to to try to recover deleted history is MiTec Internet History. If you've never heard of it, it's a handy free program that can be used without installation and that makes it extremely easy to recover the history that has been deleted. I'll tell you how to use it.

First, click here so that you can immediately connect to the MiTec Internet History download page and then click the Download button in the upper right corner.

Wait for the program to start and finish downloading and then start MiTec Internet History by clicking the Open button in the browser window or the program's ZIP file icon in the download folder.

Then, double click on the IHB application attached to the downloaded compressed archive, click on the Extract all and press the Extract button. Now double-click on the IHB file attached to the new window displayed.

Wait until the MiTec Internet History window is visible and then click the Scan button at the top right to start the history analysis process.

When the analysis is complete, locate the date from which you want to recover deleted history, select with the mouse cursor the history item to be displayed and then press the Open button located in the lower right part of the window so that you can view it directly in the relevant web browser. The referenced web browser is indicated by an icon in the MiTec Internet History window.


MiTec Internet History was not to your liking? In that case you can contact BrowsingHistoryView. This program is free and does not require installation, so you can get to grips with this need in no time at all.

If you want to recover deleted history, click here to go to the BrowsingHistoryView download page and then click the Download BrowsingHistoryView button at the bottom. Push the Download BrowsingHistoryView 64-bit Download button instead if you are using a 64-bit version of Windows.

Wait for the program download to start and finish, then start BrowsingHistoryView by clicking the Open button displayed in the browser window or the program's ZIP file icon in the download folder. Then double-click on the BrowsingHistoryView application attached to the downloaded compressed archive, click on the Extract all item and press the Extract button. Now double-click on the BrowsingHistoryView file attached to the newly displayed window.

Once the program window is displayed, select the browsers for which you want to recover deleted history by placing a check mark next to the relevant items attached to the Web Browser section, indicate the reference period using the Filter by visit data/time section and then press the OK button at the bottom.

Wait a few moments for the history analysis process to start and complete, then locate the items you are interested in from the list displayed, right-click on them and choose Open URL in Web Browser so that you can see that specific web page directly in the referring web browser. The referring web browser is indicated by an icon in the BrowsingHistoryView window.

If necessary, you can also export the contents of the history to a convenient text file that you can view later. To do this, just select all the elements of the history you want to act on, press on the File item located in the upper left part of the program window and select the Save Selected Items item.

Retrieve deleted history on OS X

If instead of a Windows based computer you have a Mac and want to try to recover deleted Safari history the first thing you need to do is to check that OS X has made a backup so that you can restore it with Time Machine.

If you have never heard of it, know that Time Machine is a valuable utility included in OS X that lets you save all the data on your computer to an external hard disk. 

Time Machine

As I told you, you can recover deleted history on Mac using Time Machine. Keep in mind that the utility works fully automatically. As a result, if it is not already active, you will not be able to retrieve the history, sorry.

In order to make sure that Time Machine has done its job, you just need to make sure that the utility is active. To do so, press on the Time Machine icon attached to the menu bar (this is the icon representing a clock), press on the Open Time Machine preferences item... and check that the lever on the left side of the window is located next to the green Active item.

Now, to retrieve history on Safari, close the web browser, press anywhere on your desk, move the mouse cursor to the menu bar and then click the Go button, making sure to press the alt button on your Mac keyboard at the same time. Then select the Library item from the menu that appears.

In the window that will now appear on your desktop, look for the Safari folder, press it twice in a row so that you can access its contents and locate the History.db, History.db-wal and History.db-shm files.

Go to Launchpad, press on the folder Other and then click on the Time Machine icon to start the utility. Now use the timeline on the side to indicate the exact date from which you want to retrieve the deleted history. Then select History.db, History.db-wal and History.db-shm files with the mouse cursor and then press the Restore button.

Once this is done, wait a few moments for the procedure to retrieve Safari's deleted history to start and finish, then log back into your web browser to verify the operation. To make sure that your Safari history has actually been recovered, press the History item on the menu bar of your browser.

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