How to open an Internet site

Open a free website

If you are looking for free solutions for open an Internet site, you will be glad to know that there are several services that allow you to do this. However, they all provide a third-level domain, with the chosen service name listed after the site name (e.g.

Open a free website with Google

How to open an Internet site

Open a free website with Google is among the first no-cost solutions that you can consider to create your website. All you need to do is log in to Google Sites with your Google account, choose the name of your website and start building the pages of the latter.

If you think this is the solution that best suits your needs, connect to the main page of Google Sites and, if you have not already done so, select yours Google account, then enter the Password in the ready field and the pulsating prize NEXT. If you don't have an account yet, my guide on how to create a Google account may be useful.

In the new screen that appears, click on the button + present at the bottom right, assign a name to your website by entering it in the field Untitled site and build the main page of the latter: through the right sidebar, you can choose the layout page, add new ones text boxes e images, while selecting the tab Temi you can choose the graphic theme of your interest and set the colors.

To add new pages to your website, select the tab instead Pagesclick on your button +, insertion il name of the page to be created in the appropriate field and press on the item end. Once you have finished creating your website with Google Sites, click on the button Public (top right), enter the name to show in its address (the displayed URL will be[nomescelto]) and press the button again Public.

It will be useful to know that, even once published, you will be able to modify your website whenever you wish. To learn more, you can take a look at my guide on how to create a site with Google Sites.

Other solutions to open a free website

How to open an Internet site

Aren't you excited about the idea of ​​using Google Sites to build your website? If so, you can choose one of the others solutions to open a website for free: here are some of the ones that I think are most interesting.

  • Altervista: it is among the best solutions to create a free blog with WordPress. It does not impose limitations on storage space and traffic and allows you to monetize your website by adding advertising banners. The domain used is
  • Blogger: is another Google service that allows you to create a website at no cost with a domain Building pages is quick and easy: for the detailed procedure, I'll leave you with my guide on how to start a blog with Blogger.
  • Wix: is a free service that allows you to create your own website by choosing a ready-to-use template, with the ability to customize every single detail. Your website address is at any time, however, it is possible to purchase a second level domain starting from 4,08 euros / month.
  • is a platform that allows you to create your own blog with WordPress. In its free version, it offers a storage space of 3 GB, a third level domain ( and does not allow the installation of new plugins or the insertion of advertising banners. To learn more, you can read my guide on how to create a free blog with

In addition to the solutions that I have just recommended to you, you must know that there are other services to create free websites, such as Jimdo, Weebly e strikingly. To learn more, you can read my guide on how to create websites for free.

Open a paid website

Open a paid website is the best solution to create a professional website. In fact, unlike the zero-cost services, by putting your own wallet and investing a few tens of euros a year, it is possible to have a second level domain and manage every detail of your Web space.

Costs for opening an Internet site

How to open an Internet site

Before indicating the companies that allow you to buy a web space and explain how to open your website, it may be useful to know what are the Costi to support.

As mentioned above, the purchase of a domain and a web space (on a shared server) does not exceed 100 euros / year. Prices, of course, vary depending on the company you decide to rely on, the services you want to activate and the type of assistance you want to use.

My advice is to carefully evaluate the choice of hosting based on your needs. If you intend to create a "showcase" website with little content, you can also consider cheaper solutions with limited storage space. In this case, the cost varies between 40 and 60 euros per year.

If, on the other hand, your intention is to become a blogger or to create the website of your business with the intent of being first on Google, there are many factors to consider, such as the loading speed of the pages which, in part, good hosting is also due. In this case, it is essential to carefully evaluate the choice and my guide on how to choose a hosting for your website may be useful.

Open an Internet site with Aruba

How to open an Internet site

If you have chosen to open an Internet site with Aruba and would like to know the detailed procedure for purchasing your domain and web space, connected to the website of the cittàn company, enter the chosen name in the field your domain, choose the extension of your interest (. It, .com, . Org, . Info etc.) and click on the button Search.

If the chosen domain is available, click on the button Continue and, in the new open page, choose the Hosting package of your interest: if your intention is to create a blog using a CMS (e.g. WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Prestashop and Magento) you will have to choose a Linux hosting, otherwise opt for a Windows Hosting which has support for programming languages ​​such as .ASP and .NET and supports solutions such as BlogEngine.NET, SUBTEXT, yaf and mojoPortal.

Then select i additional services of your interest, placing the check mark next to those you want to buy, and click on the button Continue twice in a row, then press the button SUBSCRIBE to create your account on Aruba or enter your login credentials (if you are already registered) in the fields Login e Password.

Finally, enter yours billing information in the appropriate fields, select the payment method you prefer, choosing between PayPal, Credit card, Bank transfer e Bulletin, put the check marks required to accept the terms of service and click on the button Continue. To complete the payment, click on the button Pay by credit card o Pay with PayPal or, if you have chosen another payment method, wait for the order confirmation email with the data to proceed with the purchase.

For further information, I refer you to my tutorials dedicated to Aruba WordPress hosting and its Cloud Hosting.

Other solutions to open a paid website

How to open an Internet site

If you want to know other solutions to open a paid website and carefully consider your options, here is a list of other popular hosting services you can consider.

  • Sign Up: the famous cittàn company offers numerous services, such as Linux hosting for the main CMS (WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop) starting from 3,50 euros / month + VAT with free domain for one year.
  • SiteGround: among its strengths there is certainly an excellent assistance service and, by purchasing one of the plans between GrowBig and GoGeek, the possibility of creating multiple Internet sites on the same Web space. The cheapest plan (ideal for Internet sites with traffic of less than 10.000 monthly visitors) has a cost of 3,95 euros / month + VAT for the first year (then € 9,95 / month + VAT) and offers 10 GB of storage space.
  • GoDaddy: offers several packages specially designed for the most common CMS (eg WordPress). The cheapest plan (4,87 euro / month), allows you to have 10 GB of storage space on SSD and is ideal for websites with traffic not exceeding 25.000 monthly visitors.
  • ServerPlan: Create your own website from 24 euros / year + VAT, including a domain, 5 email accounts and a storage space of 2 GB on SDD.

Open a website and make money

Be your intention è open an Internet site to earn, you need to know that it takes time to have good results on newly created websites. However, if you have a blog with excellent content and well positioned on Google, you can place advertising banners on it, try to make money with affiliations or open an e-commerce.

Earn money with banner ads

How to open an Internet site

If you've done a good job of ranking on search engines and your website has decent monthly traffic, i advertising banners they are the first solution that I would like to recommend to you to start monetizing.

Then, Google AdSense is the best service to start earning. If you have never heard of it, this is the Google advertising circuit that does not require minimum requirements in terms of views and allows anyone to get banner ads to place on their website.

To start earning with Google AdSense, connected to the main page of the service, click on the button Log in and log in with your Google account, then press the button Register now and enter all the data required to complete the registration.

After creating your account, all you have to do is click on the button Copy code present on the page Linking your site to AdSense, paste the code you just copied into your site's HTML code (between the  e ), put the check mark next to the option I pasted the code into my site and click on the button end, to start the verification and activation procedure.

As soon as your request is accepted (you will be notified by email), you will be ready to create your first banner ad. To do so, click on the item Ads, scegli l'opzione Ad units and press pulsating New ad unit, then select the option Text and display ads, enter the name of the ad unit you are creating in the field Your name and click on the button Save and get code.

Then copy the code shown in the field Ad code, paste it on the pages of the site where you want the banner to be displayed and that's it. To learn more, I leave you to my guide on how to make money with AdSense.

Earn money with affiliations

How to open an Internet site

Le affiliations are another valid solution to make money with your website. The affiliate programs that you can choose vary according to the topic covered by your blog and among those that I would like to recommend you should definitely mention Amazon, Apple, TicketOne, Skyscanner and eBay.

If you are wondering how affiliate programs work, you must know that all you have to do is sign up to the one you are interested in and create your account, which is useful for creating banners and links to products and / or services to be inserted later on yours. website.

Unlike banner ads, which allow you to earn by viewing and clicking the advertising space, affiliations allow you to have a profit only if the linked product or service is purchased: each successful sale is "rewarded" with a commission on the price of the item sold and which varies from program to program and from product to product.

To deepen the subject and learn more, I suggest you read my guides on how to make money with a site with affiliations and how to make money with Amazon with affiliations.

Open an e-commerce website

How to open an Internet site

If you have products to sell and have decided to increase your earning potential by creating a E-commerce, also in this case, to create your website, you must purchase a web space as I indicated in the paragraphs dedicated to opening a paid website.

First, however, I advise you to carefully choose the CMS that best suits your needs. Besides WordPress, Drupal e Joomla, to create and manage your e-commerce you can also consider Magento e PrestaShop, two open source platforms specially designed for online retail websites. In this regard, I suggest you take a look at my guide on how to create an e-commerce site.

In some cases, however, opening a site to sell is not the best solution to make money. In fact, if you don't make an excellent one SEO activity (Search Engine Optimization) to improve the positioning of your website on search engines and do not plan an editorial activity parallel to the sales activity and aimed at attracting new users and potential customers, it is preferable to rely directly on sites dedicated to sales on the Internet. If so, it might help you Shopify: an all-in-one service that allows, in a few simple clicks, to create an e-commerce with unlimited products.

The service, already used by over 1.000.000 stores around the world, can also be used as an app for Android (available on Play Store and alternative stores) e iPhone / iPad (available on the App Store) and includes unlimited secure hosting, free unlimited bandwidth, a free domain name (with the option to purchase a custom one or use an existing one), social network, email or SMS marketing campaigns and a dashboard simplified administration to manage products, customers, orders, payments, shipments, inventory etc. The possibility of using the Facebook sales channel to synchronize their products and create marketing activities on the famous social network and also take advantage of Instagram Shopping.

Shopify is free for an initial trial period (no renewal obligation), after which you can choose from various plans, starting at $ 29 / month. To activate the trial, connected to the official website of the service, type yours email address and press button Start your free trial. Then enter Password e name to give to the store, click on the button Create your shop and indicates if you have already started selling, what your current income is, in which sector you want to operate e if you are creating a store for a customer.

Finally, enter the information about theaddress to receive payments, award-winning Enter the shop and start setting up your e-commerce. For more details, check out my tutorial on how to create an e-commerce with Shopify.

Open a website with WordPress

How to open an Internet site

Would you open a website with WordPress? In this case, all you have to do is follow the instructions I gave you in the previous paragraphs to choose the web space and start creating the pages of your blog.

If you intend to create a free website, you can rely on Altervista or which allow you to have a free web space with the famous CMS already installed. If, on the other hand, you want to rely on paid solutions, I recommend you read my guide to Aruba WordPress hosting and my tutorial dedicated to the best WordPress hosting.

After choosing the web space that best suits your needs and logging in to Dashboard of WordPress by following the instructions that were provided to you via email following the activation of your website, you can customize the graphics of the latter by choosing from numerous themes ready to use (both free and paid), install new Plugin to increase the functionality of your website and then start building pages and publish Articles. To find out more, I leave you to my guide on how to use WordPress.

How to open an Internet site

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