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WinRAR (Windows / macOS / Linux)

WinRAR is one of the most popular compressed archive management software available for Windows, macOS and Linux. It's light, fast, and supports a huge range of file formats: RAR, ZIP, 7Z, ISO, and many more. The program integrates perfectly into the system context menu allowing you to quickly create ZIP and RAR archives including files and folders.

The software is paid but is available in a free trial version that allows you to test all its functions for a period of forty days. Upon expiration it continues to work but with some limitations (eg the inability to create password protected archives).

To immediately download WinRAR to your computer click here.

WinZip (Windows/macOS)

In a selection of programs to open ZIP files could not miss WinZip. Although no longer at the top of the compressed archive management software sector, WinZip offers a quick and easy way to create and open ZIP files by providing the user with a wide range of advanced functions.

It also supports other compressed archive formats, such as RAR, 7Z, TAR, etc. and file sharing locally and over the network. The software is usable on both Windows and macOS. It is paid but is available in a free trial version that allows you to test all its functions for a period of 30 days.

To download WinZip to your computer now, click here.

7-Zip (Windows)

Featuring an extremely basic yet simple to use user interface, 7-Zip is considered by many to be the best free WinRAR and WinZip alternative among programs to open ZIP files. It is, in fact, a complete solution for managing archives that allows you to open all the main compressed file formats (ZIP, RAR, 7Z, etc.) and to create archives in 7Z or ZIP format.

It is completely in cittàn and is available exclusively for Windows systems. There is also a version optimized for 64-bit systems.

To immediately download 7-Zip to your computer click here.

ZipGenius (Windows)

As the name easily suggests, Zip Genius is a complete program for Windows operating systems for managing, opening and creating archives in ZIP format. It is a software and it is completely free (even in its suite version with advanced functions).

The program supports all major compressed archive formats: ZIP, RAR, 7Z, CAB, RPM, ISO image files and many more. Its user interface is so simple to use that it only takes a few moments to get used to it.

To immediately download ZipGenius to your computer click here.

HaoZip (Windows)

HaoZip is an excellent free program for Windows used to manage compressed archives made by a Chinese software house. It stands out for a very accurate user interface, similar to that of WinRAR, customizable through various types of skins and for the very wide range of compressed archive formats supported: over 50, including ZIP, RAR, 7Z and many more.

The program has not yet been translated into cittàn but it is very easy to use. It ensures the maximum level of compression for generated archives and a high decompression speed for open archives. In short, it is a highly recommended solution.

To immediately download HaoZip to your computer click here.

AlZip (Windows)

ALZip is another of the programs to open ZIP files that I want to suggest you take into serious consideration. It is in fact a software for Windows for the management of compressed archives capable of decompressing over forty file formats and creating archives in ZIP, EGG, ALZ, TAR, TBZ, TGZ, LZH, JAR format.

Its user interface is very essential and simple to use (even if not yet translated into cittàn) and the decompression speed is very high. The software is free but to be able to use it freely you need to register it with the code on the download page on the official website.

To immediately download AlZip to your computer click here.

iZip Archiver (macOS)

Do you have a Mac and are you looking for a software to open compressed archives that is the prerogative of Apple computers? Then take a look at immediately iZip Archiver and you will see that you will not regret it. It is in fact a free application for macOS that allows you to open ZIP files and other compressed archive formats without having to extract them.

The application has a clear, well-finished and highly understandable user interface. There is also a feature available to users that encrypts files in order to keep any unwanted third party users away from their files.

To immediately download iZip Archiver to your computer click here.

The Unarchiver (macOS)

Another among the programs to open ZIP files that I strongly encourage you to consider if you use a Mac is The Unarchiver. It is an excellent free application specific to macOS that allows you to extract files from all major compressed archive formats (7z, but also zip, rar and many others) with a simple double click on their icon.

It also supports multi-volume archives and password protected archives. Furthermore, its operation is of a disarming simplicity and, moreover, it is in cittàn. In short, try it and you will see that you will not regret it.

To immediately download The Unarchiver to your computer click here.

And on smartphones and tablets?

Sooner or later you may need to extract a ZIP file even on a smartphone or tablet. Well, know that even in this case there are programs, or rather apps that allow you to do it in a very simple and, above all, free way.

Your Android

If you have a Android, you can rely on the hugely popular file manager ES File Manager, which includes a tool to view and extract the main compressed archive formats. The application, to be more precise, not only allows you to decompress ZIP files (as well as RAR) but also to compress them and create encrypted ones.

Obviously, since it is a file manager, in addition to the aforementioned functions and in addition to offering the possibility of managing files in the strict sense, it also allows you to intervene on applications (installation, uninstallation, creation of backups, creation of links and categories) and to perform analysis of any SD card in use on the device. It is free but is also available in a Pro version, for a fee (3,19 euros), with extra functions.

To immediately download the free version of ES File Manager on your Android smartphone or tablet, tap here directly from the device. To download the paid version you have to press here instead.

Your iOS

If you have a iPhone or iPad I am happy to inform you that to open ZIP files you do not need to download any special app on your device. Starting from iOS 11, Apple has in fact chosen to make the app available "as standard" Fillet, a sort of file manager for the devices of the bitten apple that allows you to intervene on all the items saved on iCloud Drive and other cloud storage services as well as, in some cases, even locally and which, among other things, allows also to open compressed archives in a single tap. Convenient!

If, on the other hand, a version of iOS prior to 11 is installed on your device, you can contact the third-party app Documents, which allows you to view and manage any type of file and document on iOS and which among its functions also includes the ability to extract ZIP files and other compressed archives. The application is free and very easy to use.

To immediately download Documents on your iPhone or iPad, tap here directly from the device.

Programs to open ZIP files

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