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The best programs for watching TV on the Internet.

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TVDream Player

TVDream Player it's probably the best program to watch TV currently available on the Italian internet scene. Lightweight and easy to install, it provides very fast access to all the main free-to-air channels of digital terrestrial (Rai, Cielo, Real Time, Deejay TV, Sport Italia, etc.) plus some thematic channels dedicated to anime, American cartoons and sporting events. exclusively Web. It also has an integrated chat that allows you to get in touch with all users who are using the program and exchange advice / suggestions on the programs to see. Download from here.

CoolStreaming Media Center

CoolStreaming Media Center is a free program that brings the experience and contents of the well-known portal to the Windows desktop TV in streaming CoolStreaming. With a simple double click it becomes very easy to enter all the sections of the site, including the page for watching TV via the Web. live sports and much more. Download from here.


Sopcast is one of those programs that cannot be missing on the computer of a loved one watch streaming TV. It is a very small and easy-to-use free software that gives you access to hundreds of international broadcasters that broadcast live sporting events (including football matches), movies, TV series, concerts, music videos and much more. Its interface is very similar to that of the old versions of Windows Media Player, so despite being in English it takes very little to get used to and understand its main commands. Download from here.

JLC's Internet TV

For those who do not have too many pretensions and love to watch international broadcasters. JLC's Internet TV is a tiny free app that allows you to watching TV live streaming focusing on a database made up of hundreds of international broadcasters divided by country of origin and genre. The program is updated very frequently, as well as its channel list which is always working in good part. Unfortunately there are very few Italian TV channels available for streaming but this is not the fault of the program. Download from here.


Miro it is not a real one program to watch TV but a multimedia station based on the Torrent protocol. Available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, this excellent free open source software allows you to browse, download and view video and audio podcasts in an extremely easy and fast way, providing the user with a content enjoyment experience similar to that of TV . By default it includes important online sites and services, such as YouTube and Hulu (not accessible in Italy) but you can also add custom podcasts. Download from here.

tv browser

With such a large selection of programs to watch TV on the Internet, like this one, it is almost a must to have one TV Guide able to suggest interesting programs and contents broadcast by broadcasters from all over the world. TV browser this is it. A free program that allows you to have a complete overview of the daily schedules of Italian and international broadcasters, allowing the user not to miss even a film or an episode of their favorite program. Download from here.

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