In Defense of Hogwarts Legacy: A Great Review of the Game

Avalanche Software's title is a monument to inclusivity and perfectly captures the joy of living at Hogwarts.

A compelling story

The player and his mentor are saved by a strange key infused with ancient magic that can only be activated by the player and given to their friend by Professor Fig's late wife, hoping he could unlock their secret. Once activated, this key is revealed as a passport which teleports the duo first somewhere in the Scottish Highlands and then to the basement of Gringotts, the wizarding bank. Here begins the adventure of your character who, due to a link to a powerful ancient magic (Lily herself used to save Harry from Voldemort), finds himself at the center of a conspiracy that could destroy all magical world. Therefore, it becomes essential that your character learn everything Hogwarts has to teach in order to fight the many enemies that stand in his way. This is how the game flow of the new title from Avalanche Studios takes shape, which has been able to perfectly replicate the rhythm of life in the most famous magic school in the world.

The magic of Hogwarts

A very quiet fight

In addition to exploring and learning, Hogwarts Legacy is full of combat. Evil creatures, dark wizards and evil goblins are just some of the enemies you will have to defeat to progress through the story and even with the teacher's tasks. They are in your arsenal. iconic spells like Stupeficium, Wingardium Leviosa, Accio, Arresto Momentum, Alhomora, Reparo and many more including the three unforgivable curses Avada Kedavra, Crucio and Empire. You'll start with a fairly small set, but as you progress through the main quests and Professor tasks, you'll have 26 spells to choose from. To divide them into categories, Avalanche Studios used a color system (purple/yellow/red) on which they also based the enemy's stun mechanic. In fact, some mages you have to face have a shield of a specific color that makes them immune to all other types of spells. To defeat them, just use the correct attack to break their shield and stun them.

This system is not exactly intuitive in the first hours of play but with practice everything starts to make sense. Also helping you out is the fact that Hogwarts Legacy is not a fast-paced game and the fights replicate the attack and counter-attack speed we've seen in the movies. Also you have available a dodge and the spell Protego who protects you There's also a tier system that guides progression and lets you unlock talents and abilities with the usual point scheme (one per level) and there's no shortage of side quests to delve into the stories of the people who populate the vast open world of Legacy of Hogwarts. In addition to the magic school, in fact, you can fly with your broom all over the castle and in Hogsmeade to drink. a Butterbeer at the Three Broomsticks or to buy the various resources of the game: potions, ingredients and equipment. In fact, your armor is made up of the clothes you wear, each of which provides a benefit to health, attack, or defense.

The verdict

- by Riccardo Lichen


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