How to Watch Free Movies on iPhone

Are you tired of the usual Candy Crush bout? Would you like to pass the time with your iPhone by doing something more constructive? Well, you could plug in your headphones and watch a good movie, for example. Yes, I know. You don't want to download movies from the Internet and waste time converting them to the iPhone format… but I didn't tell you you have to!

There are some apps that allow you to view live streaming movies, series and television broadcasts on iPhone for free, and today I'm here to tell you some of the most valid. Of course, don't expect to be able to legally watch Hollywood blockbusters that just hit theaters, but I'm sure you'll still find plenty of interesting films.

We solve your problem!

So, are you ready? If you want to find out how to watch free movies on iPhone, all you have to do is hold your "iPhone by", download the applications I'm about to recommend and try them all. On the other hand, they cost nothing, they are very simple to use and do not take up much space on the smartphone memory. I wish you good viewing and good fun!


  • PopCorn TV
  • YouTube
  • RaiPlay
  • Paramount Channel
  • Mediaset Infinity
  • Netflix
  • Other apps for watching movies on iPhone


VVVVID is one of the best video on-demand services available in Italy and its iPhone app works very well. If you have never heard of it, it is a totally free service (supported by advertisements) that allows you to watch Japanese movies, TV series, documentaries and anime in streaming from your computer, smartphone and tablet.

Its catalog includes several interesting titles, such as "Space Battleship Yamato", "Twin Peaks: Fire walks with me", "From China with fury" and many other films, more or less recent, belonging to various film genres.

To access VVVVID you must register for the service for free using your email address or, if you prefer, your Facebook account. Once the operation is complete, you can access the complete list of films available on the platform by pressing the button FILM which is located at the top.

PopCorn TV

PopCorn TV is a historic Italian video on-demand service. It is completely free, does not require registration to be used and inside there is really everything: over 500 films made in USA belonging to the most disparate film genres (all dubbed in Italian), Japanese anime and even some soap operas.

It doesn't have an official application, but by opening Safari and connecting to its home page you can watch free movies on iPhone without the slightest problem. All you have to do is select one of the movie genres listed in the center of the home page or in the menu ≡ > Cinema which is located at the top right, then you have to press on the poster of the film of your interest and press the button Look now to enjoy the show (after playing a short commercial).


Now I ask you an easy easy question: Do you have the YouTube application installed on your phone? Well then you know you can watch free movies on iPhone directly from there. But no! Of course I'm not inviting you to look for unauthorized content that occasionally “pops up” even on the famous video portal, what I recommend you do is subscribe to authorized channels that upload movies to YouTube in a completely legal way. A few examples? I'll settle you immediately.

  • Movie ON - a channel on the YAM112003 network dedicated to the latest titles. It hosts dozens of American, French and other recent films, some also in the original language and subtitles in Italian.
  • Films & Clips - in this channel, managed by Minerva Pictures, you can find many “clips” of famous films and thematic playlists with entire horror films and comedies.
  • KoreanFilm - a channel dedicated entirely to Korean classic cinema. It hosts over 100 films produced from the 30s onwards, in the original language.


RaiPlay, the official state TV application that offers the opportunity to watch many films, series and television programs directly on the small screen of the iPhone without paying a single euro (just bear a few commercials before viewing), should also be highly taken into consideration. . A real must-have whose only defect is that it does not work outside the Italian borders for television rights issues.

The application has an interface very similar to that of the RaiPlay site and offers both on-demand content and live broadcasts of all the Rai TV channels available in free-to-air on digital terrestrial (even if, unlike the site, it requires a short registration. free to access on-demand content). The presence of the function should also be emphasized TV Guide which allows you to review the programs of the whole week broadcast by the Rai networks by manually choosing them from the schedules of the various broadcasters.

To find the films immediately (those recently broadcast by the Rai digital terrestrial broadcasters), press the button  located at the top left and select the item Videos from the bar that appears on the side. Then choose a film genre, select the poster of the film of your interest and press on play to enjoy the show! If you prefer to browse the films based on their title rather than their genre, "tap" on the box All.

Paramount Channel

Paramount Channel is a television broadcaster that allows you to watch several movies in streaming at no cost, as well as without making recordings. By downloading its official app for iPhone or opening Safari and connecting to its official website, it is possible to enjoy all the contents directly from the "iPhone by".

The catalog of the service is not huge, also because the films are changed often, but it contains several interesting cobs, all made in the USA and quite recent. Furthermore, by pressing onhamburger icon located at the top left and selecting the item Live from the menu that opens you can watch all the broadcasts of the channel in live streaming.

Infinity Mediaset (iOS/iPadOS)

other movie for free su iPhone you can take advantage of Mediaset Infinity, the app of Mediaset available for iOS / iPadOS which is dedicated to the free on demand viewing of film (but also of TV Programs, TV series e TV series) aired unencrypted on Mediaset channels.

Mediaset Infinityin addition, it also integrates the section Infinity+, an additional streaming platform that can be used for a fee which, with prices starting from € 7,99 / month after a 7-day free trial, allows you to further expand the catalog of films and TV series visible on demand, even through rental of some films. The latter also allows you to see the matches of the Champions League.

However, if you only want to use the free version of the on-demand streaming service owned by Mediaset, you can use it without problems, using its app, after downloading it from theApp Store di iOS / iPadOSby pressing the button Get and confirming, consequently, the download and installation via the Face ID, Touch ID or password of your Apple ID.

Having done this, when starting the app, the first thing you need to do to use Mediaset Infinity, is to register for an account for free: to do so, press theicona dell'omino located in the upper right corner, tap on the item Login e poi su quella denomtata Subscribe, in order to create an account through email e password, or by using the account Google, Facebook or that Apple.

After completing the registration procedure, to see the films available in the catalog, refer to the words Most viewed movies o Latest films which are located in the section Home (the house icon). Alternatively, you can search for the title of a specific movie by typing its name in the search engine (the magnifying glass icon), in order to identify it among the search results, if present in the catalog.

Have you identified the film of your interest? Very well! At this point, to start multimedia playback, all you have to do is tap on its cover image and wait for the automatic playback to start or, if this does not happen, press the key to start it.


Netflix is ​​the most popular video on-demand platform in the world. It is not free, it has prices starting from 7,99 euros / month, but new subscribers can try it at no cost for 30 days, so technically it allows you to watch free movies on iPhone.

Inside it is possible to find even very recent films belonging to all film genres and all nationalities. To say the real highlight of the service are the TV series, some of which are self-produced and / or available exclusively (eg. Daredevil or Narcos), but also the film selection is becoming more and more interesting, along with that of Japanese anime.

The quality of the streaming is excellent, even if to view the contents in Full HD quality you need to subscribe to the Standard subscription from 9,99 euros / month (which enables viewing on two devices at the same time). Another important thing to underline is that on iPhone and iPad it is possible to take advantage of the offline function to download movies and TV series locally and watch them without an active Internet connection. For more information on this, read my tutorial on how to watch Netflix.

Other apps for watching movies on iPhone

Finally, here are other potentially interesting apps that will allow you to watch movies on iPhone (both free and paid).

  • iTunes Store and Apple TV - iTunes Store is Apple's official store. It includes films of various genres that can be rented directly from the iPhone. They are not really free but for some of them the price is quite affordable considering that they are often recent films. Apple TV +, on the other hand, is Apple's streaming service that mainly offers TV series. It costs € 4,99 / month with 7 days of free trial or 1 year of free trial for those who buy a new Apple device. More info here.
  • Amazon Prime Video - this is the Amazon video on-demand service. At present, its catalog is not as vast and varied as that of Netflix or Infinity, but there are several original series and several titles that deserve attention. It does not have a monthly fee as it is included in the annual subscription to Amazon Prime. It also allows you to download content locally. For more info see my tutorial on how Amazon Prime Video works.
  • NOW TV - is Sky's Internet TV. It allows you to watch hundreds of movies and TV series in on-demand mode and gives you access to the best Sky channels in live streaming. The package dedicated to the cinema costs 9,99 euros / month after the first 14 days of free trial. There is no obligation to renew and the service is completely unrelated to satellite pay TV. If you want to know more, check out my guide on how to see Sky Online.
  • Disney + - this is Disney's streaming service. As for the movies, it offers an extremely interesting title park, with all the Disney and Pixar classics, the Marvel, Star Wars and FOX movies. It also hosts numerous originals, TV series, National Geographic documentaries and much more. On iPhone it also allows offline content download. It is also accessible from PCs, tablets, Smart TVs, Chromecast, Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, and game consoles. It costs 6,99 euros / month or 69,99 euros / year after 7 days of free trial. More info here.

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