How to Recover your Facebook Account

In the last few days you've been trying to login to your Facebook account but failed to do so, you wondered why this happened. Well, there could be many reasons: you may have been blocked by Facebook for an alleged breach of the terms of service or, even worse, you may have been the victim of a cyber attack. Or maybe you just forgot the right password to log in - that often happens too!

Since you're reading this post, I understand you'd like to know how to get your Facebook account back and you're wondering if I can help you out. Well, what a question! Of course you can! In the next few paragraphs, in fact, I'll explain how you can get your account back whatever the reason why you can't access it anymore.

Are you ready to get started? Well, then let's not waste any more time talking and get right into the heart of this post. I'm sure that, at the end of this reading, you won't have any more doubts about how to recover your account and you can soon go back to sharing photos, videos and other content with your friends and the most popular social network community in the world! Enjoy your reading and good luck with everything!

How to Recover Voluntarily Deactivated Facebook Accounts

You deactivated your Facebook account voluntarily and now you want to retrieve it? Well, in that case, simply login again using your social network login credentials and you're done! Then log in to the Facebook login page and enter your email or phone number in the appropriate fields, the password to access your account and click on the Login button to login: you will "magically" regain access to your profile.

If you can't remember your login password, follow the password recovery wizard: click on the link You can't remember how to login to your account? and follow the on-screen instructions to login again. If you find it difficult to follow the password recovery wizard proposed by the social network, please read the detailed explanation at the end of the tutorial.

Warning: if you started the procedure to permanently delete yourself from Facebook less than 14 days ago, you can reactivate your account by logging in to the social network by following the above procedure. If, on the other hand, more than 14 days have passed since you started the deletion procedure from Facebook, I'm sorry but unfortunately you can no longer recover your account. You can still create a new account to use the social network and get in touch with your friends again.

How to Recover Blocked Account from Facebook

Did Facebook accidentally deactivate your account for an alleged violation of the terms of use of the service? Well, in this case you can assert your reasons by filling out a special form by which you declare that you have not behaved unfairly towards other users and therefore have not violated the terms of use of Facebook.

If your account has actually been blocked by mistake, click here to link to the Facebook support page that allows you to submit a request for analysis of the deactivation process of your account. Then fill in the form that you see on the screen by typing, in the field The login e-mail address or telephone number, the e-mail address or telephone number to which you wish to be contacted and with which you have registered for the service; your first and last name as they are indicated in your Facebook account in the field Your full name and attach to your request the scan of your valid ID by clicking on Choose file and selecting the file (possibly in JPEG format) from your PC.

In the text field under More Information, type a message in which you ask Facebook why your account has been deactivated. If you haven't violated the social network terms of use and you think your account has been deactivated by mistake, tell the support team immediately and then click the Send button to submit your request. Within 48 hours, Facebook should give you a response and, if they find that you are not guilty of any violation, they will promptly reactivate your account.

I would also like to point out that in the past it was possible to try to contact Facebook at some email addresses to report the wrong blocking of your account, but it seems that these addresses are no longer working (and for this reason it is useless to point them out to you in this guide). The only way to send a report to the Facebook team, therefore, is to use the contact form I just told you about.

Note: Before you come to the conclusion that your account has actually been blocked, make sure that the access problems you are experiencing are not caused by a temporary platform error. To do this, try logging in a few minutes or a few hours later. If you are unable to login to your account because it has been deactivated due to an alleged violation of the terms of use, you should be able to see a message informing you that the account has been blocked.

How to Recover Stolen Facebook Accounts

If you haven't listened to my advice on how to protect your Facebook profile and your account has been the victim of a hacker attack, all is not lost. First, try logging into your account using your login credentials. If you're lucky because the cracker (i.e. the "bad" hacker who hit your profile) didn't change your account access key, change it immediately (if you don't know how to do it, read the tutorial where I explain in detail how to change your Facebook password) and activate two-factor authentication to prevent new unwanted accesses in the future.

If you can't login, you can try to recover your account by logging into this page set up by the Facebook team to allow users to report any compromises in their profile. Once on the page in question, click on the My account has been compromised button, indicate what makes you think you have been the victim of a cyber attack (e.g. I saw a post, message or event on my account that I didn't create or someone else logged into my account without my permission) and click the Continue button to start the wizard that should allow you to regain control of your account.

By visiting the Facebook support center you can find more information to secure your account and remedy any damage caused by the cracker who stole your profile (e.g. purchases on unauthorized applications, abnormal activity in your advertising account, etc.). I'm sure the Facebook team will be able to provide you with all the support you need!

How to Recover your Facebook Password

Can't access your account because you forgot your password? Don't worry, now I will explain the exact procedure that will allow you to recover it. You'll see, it's not too complicated to complete.

First of all, go to the Facebook login page and click on the link "Don't remember how to access your account?" located just below the text fields where you can enter your e-mail/phone and password to login. On the page that opens, enter your email or phone number in the box you see on the screen and click the blue Search button. Within a few seconds you will receive, via email or SMS (depending on the data you have just entered), a 6-digit code that you must type in the text field Enter code.

As soon as you have typed the 6-digit code in the box provided, click the Continue button to proceed with the recovery of your password and, on the web page that opens, set a secure password in the New Password field and click the blue Continue button again. On the next page, check the Disconnect from other devices option and finally click the Continue button to finally log in to your account. Did you see that it wasn't that complicated to recover your Facebook account password after all?

In case of problems

If you followed the instructions I gave you in the previous paragraphs, it is very likely that you have completed today's task: recover your Facebook account. If, on the other hand, you didn't succeed because you found some problem in carrying out the various procedures I indicated in the article, don't throw in the towel: you can still try to understand the genesis of your problem by visiting the Facebook support center which contains the answer to the main doubts and problems faced by users.

As soon as you connect to the Facebook support center through the link I provided just now, type in the search bar at the top of the page the keyword that best identifies your problem (e.g. access problems, deactivated account, etc.) and, in the drop-down menu that you see on the screen, select the article that, in your opinion, can help you solve your problem.

Not even in this case have you been able to find useful information to regain possession of your account? Stay calm and don't lose heart! Maybe the solution to your problems is right in front of your eyes! I'm referring to the Popular Topics section at the bottom of the home page of the Facebook Help Center, where you will find the answer to the main doubts raised by users. Look for the article that answers your question and that you can find in one of the categories indicated.

I am convinced that, thanks to the numerous articles published by the staff of the popular social network, you will find the answers to your questions and, in no time, you will finally be able to recover your Facebook account!

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