How to restore backups from Google Drive: the guide to recovering your data

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How to recover backup from Google Drive from Windows or MacOS

To be able to restore backups from Google Drive, you will need to download the official software Google Backup and Sync from the Play Store. So watch out for the end of the download, install it and then open the program on your Windows or Mac computer. The only difference between the devices is in the positioning of this new program you just downloaded:

  • On Windows find the cloud icon next to the clock, but if it is missing, we recommend that you press the up arrow to view any hidden icons.
  • Your mac, at the end of the installation you will have to drag the icon of the software directly into the folder of the Applications. Then to open it click on it or select it from the Launchpad.

From now on, the process is the same for both devices, so you'll need to start inserting the your Google account credentials. To find out how to recover Gmail passwords, take a look at our guide, otherwise simply press on OK after entering your username and password.

First, you will be able to choose whether to sync all your Drive files on your computer or if select only a few of the available folders. They then select all or only the really important ones (even holding down the Ctrl and cmd key for a faster selection) and then press on starts and wait for the end of the procedure.

The upload speed is also affected by the capacity of your internet connection, but once finished you will be able to directly access your Google files from the File Explorer or Finder. And here you are restore Google Drive backup, then you will be free to edit, add or delete files and then upload them directly to the Cloud.

Google Drive backup recovery on Android and iOS

To restore from Google Drive backup from any mobile device, be it Android or iOS, just use the official Google Drive app. So depending on the mobile or tablet you have available, download from the Play Store or from the official Apple website. Wait for the download to finish, install the new software and then click on the icon to configure the app by entering your credentials (username and password).

At the very first login you will have to grant the required permissions and then press on the item Fillet to locate files or folders available in the cloud. Even more, by pressing on the three dots next to it, you can select the item Make it available offline to access your documents even when you are not connected to the internet. If instead you want to copy or move your data within the app, here's how:

  • Press on the item Send a copy by clicking on the 3 dots next to the folder or file. To make a multiple selection, just long click on the files you want to move.
  • Choose the option Save in and find the destination you want. You can choose between the device memory or the app memory, simply by selecting an icon for them
  • To complete the procedure, click on Save.

Simple, right? To learn more about how to recover deleted Android files, we recommend that you read our guide carefully.

Backup di Drive tramite Google Takeout

Would you like to save all the items you have saved on Google Drive because you are afraid of losing them or just want to delete your profile? To do this you will need to use Google Takeout, the official function of the software that allows you to quickly create an archive that holds all your data. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Connect to the official page of the site and log in using yours credentials.
  • Once you have access, it will be enough for you select the files you wish to transfer, placing the snack next to it. To make your selections in bulk, we recommend that you put the checkbox next to the Drive and Google Photos options.
  • Press on Successful Passaggio and select the export mode from the drop-down menu by clicking on Delivery method and then on Email the download link.
  • Next you will need to select the desired format for Google Drive backup restore which can be .zip o .tgz and with a size ranging from 1GB to a maximum of 50GB.
  • To conclude the procedure click on Create export and wait for the device to create a copy of the archive.

The overall duration varies depending on the amount of data you are about to save, but you will know that the process was successful when you receive a email with the download link.

How to restore backups from Google Drive to a new Android device

Would you like to recover your data from Google Drive backup directly to a new Android device? The procedure to follow is simple! To recover Google backups, just enter your Google account credentials during the very first phase of configuration.

All new devices require access to the network and the choice of language, and then move on to entering an account from which to transfer data. Alternatively, you can connect your device to a PC and transfer the archive following the path: Storage - Backup and then selecting the name of your mobile device.

How to restore your WhatsApp backup directly from Google Drive

To find out how to restore WhatsApp chats and all transferred data such as photos, videos or audio, just follow the advice listed below carefully. First you will need to:

  • Make a recent backup of your data on the old device where you installed WhatsApp. Click on 3 dots at the top and follow the path: Settings - Chat - Chat Backup - Backup. To add videos as well you will need to move the lever next to the item Include videos.
  • Uninstall then the application and proceed with the installation on the new device.
  • Start WhatsApp, grant the necessary permissions and enter your phone number.
  • At the request to restore previous backups of Google Drive you will have to select the item Restore and then press on end.

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