How to recover deleted posts on Facebook: 2021 guide

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Check your profile notifications

Another method to go and retrieve the posts that we have deleted is to check the notification bell featured on our profile page.

Once the aforementioned button is pressed, we will have a list of activities that have taken place on our account. If we're lucky, it might still be there trace of some citation of the old posts that have been deleted, but which remained present in our notifications.

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Download your information

It is possible to trace the old posts that have been deleted by downloading a copy of their data on Facebook. By following these simple steps you will have the opportunity to recover what was lost:

  • Click on the arrow symbol located at the top right of the Facebook page
  • Select “Settings and Privacy”> “Settings”> “Your information on Facebook”> "Download your information" > "View"
  • To manage the categories of data, click on the appropriate boxes
  • Select the options you want
  • Click on “Create file” to confirm the download request

Check your emails

Among the simplest and most effective tricks we find that of check your email. In fact, if you have email notifications enabled for some Facebook posts, you might find a copy of the post you're looking for right there.

To speed up the times, you could enter an exact part of the text in the search key, or simply the word "Facebook".

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Ask friends to check their email

If we haven't had any luck with our email, maybe some friends will have enabled email notifications for Facebook posts.

Asking costs nothing, if so we may be able to retrieve the content we deleted with their help.

Cancel the deletion of your Facebook account

Let's assume that we have deleted our Facebook account, and with it all the posts we had shared and all the multimedia content contained therein. After the cancellation of the profile, however, we realize that we have lost some important content that we absolutely want to recover, what to do?

Facebook account cancellations are processed within 30 days from sending the request, this means that you have enough time to cancel everything.

To do this, just log into your account via the Facebook page of the official website and select "Cancel cancellation".

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Are there any programs to recover Facebook posts?

The simple and straightforward answer to this question is No. It is true that there are many software, and some even quite expensive, which claim that they can recover deleted posts by restoring PCs and mobile phones, but such programs are only designed to fetch data directly from a smartphone's memory and media storage devices such as SD cards and discs. rigid.

instead, the contents we would like to get back are stored on Facebook's servers and no software currently available on the market is able to achieve them.

How to delete a Facebook post to quickly recover it later

Sometimes, you don't need to go through all the hassle that follows after deleting a post. The safest and fastest way to not make it more visible is to hide it from the history. In this way, the hidden contents will no longer be visible to other users, and we can continue to manage them as we wish.

To take advantage of this option, you must:

  • Going up "Manage posts"
  • Select the posts you want to delete from the history
  • Press “Next”> “Manage posts”> "Hide post"
  • To confirm, press "Finish"

When we are ready to restore the post, it will be resurrected without any changes; therefore it will appear again on our page with the original date, the same comments, content and text.

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How to avoid accidental loss of Facebook posts

Once the contents on your virtual diary have been deleted, you must necessarily resort to various expedients to try to recover them. This takes time and, at times, this undertaking turns into a real race against time.

So, we want to share 3 practices that you can observe for avoid accidental loss of posts on the social page:

  • First, they should download your data on Facebook via the main profile settings.
  • Before deleting an important post we recommend that you copy its content into a text editor. For the rest you should create a backup, considering that you may always need some information that is unintentionally deleted.
  • A valid option is to take screenshots of content that we consider most important. These, one day, could always prove useful.


The popular virtual diary that entertains young and old every day is becoming more and more complex and full of different applications that make it so fascinating. No wonder, therefore, that you take certain actions on Facebook requires a little more knowledge than expected. Check out the following questions that other users are used to asking:

Once a post is deleted, will it still be visible on Facebook?

No. When you decide to delete a post from your Facebook page this will no longer be in the diary and other users will no longer be able to read it.

Keep in mind, though, that if any other contact has shared our post on their page this may still be around.

Can a deleted post be recovered?

There are various methods that can be tried to attempt to recover posts that we have accidentally deleted from our Facebook page.

We remind you not to use programs that claim to be able to restore our old lost content, no one can access the Facebook server where this data is kept once deleted.

How to delete someone else's post?

It is not possible to delete a post that was posted by another user, this is because we have no control over other accounts outside of our own.

If we believe that this post may be harmful to our image and we want it to be removed, the only solution we have is to report it to Facebook, which will review it and, if necessary, delete it.

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