How to open router ports for uTorrent

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Preliminary operations: discover the ports of uTorrent

Before you see how to open router ports for uTorrent in detail, you need to find out which port the program uses to connect to the network. How you do it? It's that simple.

If you are using a Windows-equipped PC, start uTorrent, go to the menu Options> Settings located at the top and, in the window that opens, select the item Connection from the left sidebar. The port used by uTorrent to connect to the Internet is the one specified in the field Port used for incoming connections.

If you use a Mac, you can find out the port number to open in the router just by starting uTorrent and selecting the voice Pref Renze from the menu uTorrent. In the window that opens, select the tab Network and write down the number you find in the field TCP input port: that is the port used by the application for downloading and uploading files from the Torrent network.

How to open uTorrent ports in the router

Now you can take action and you can open the router ports for uTorrent. So start the browser you usually use to surf the Internet (eg Chrome, Firefox, etc.) and access the control panel of your router by connecting to the address or If neither address seems to be correct, find out how to enter the router thanks to the guide I published some time ago on the subject.

When you are asked to enter username e Password to access the router, if you do not know which data to enter, try the combinations admin/admin or admin/Password. If you are unable to log in, consult the router's instruction manual to find out what the correct information is to enter in the login form or read my tutorial on how to see the modem password.

Once you have entered the router configuration panel, you need to locate the section dedicated toport forwarding or to virtual server and you need to start creating one new rule or a new virtual server. On the page that opens, fill out the form that is proposed to you in this way.

  • Interface name - in this menu you have to select the name of the connection in use. Generally, just leave the value set by default.
  • Internal door (or Initial Port) - here you have to enter the number of the port used by uTorrent.
  • External door (or Final door) - also here you have to enter the number of the port used by uTorrent.
  • Destination IP (or Server IP address) - here you have to enter the local IP address of your PC. If you don't know what your PC's local IP address is, you can find out by following the directions in my guide on how to view your PC's IP address.
  • Door type (or Protocol) - in this menu you have to select the “TCP” item.
  • Your name - is the field in which you have to type the name to be assigned to the rule you are creating in the router. You can enter a value of your choice (eg uTorrent).

After completing the form, click on the button for save your settings and that's it. In some cases it may be necessary to restart the router for all settings to take effect.

Unfortunately I can't be more precise, since each router model has differently structured menus and configuration panels, but I can give you a couple of practical examples.

If you use a router Telecom/TIM, for example, to create a new rule you have to click on the items Advanced Settings e Port mapping in the left sidebar. After that you have to go to the tab Port Mapping Configuration and you have to click on the button Add.

In routers Thomson the operation is a little longer, but nothing impossible. You must log in to the Toolbox and then enter Sharing games and applications. Then click on the item Create a new game or application and fill out the form that is proposed to you by typing uTorrent in the field Your name and applying the segno di spunta accanto alla voce Manual entry of door mappings.

At this point, click on the button Following and enter the number of the door to open in the two fields separated by the wording aclick on your button Add and associate the rule you just created with your computer. To complete this operation, you need to select the item Assign a game or application to a local network device located at the bottom, set the option uTorrent in the drop-down menu Game or application I will select l 'IP address of your computer from the adjacent menu. Finally, check the box for the function Register and click on the button Add to open the uTorrent door.

If you have a router D-Linkinstead, you have to go to the section Advanced on the configuration panel, select the item Port forwarding from the left sidebar and click on the button Add which is located at the bottom to specify the door to open: you must type the same value in the fields Initial external doorFinal external door e External door.

If you need more detailed instructions or do not have a router of the brands listed above, consult one of the specific tutorials I have dedicated to configuring various models of modems and routers.

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  • How to configure Fastweb modem
  • How to configure Infostrada modem
  • How to configure Netgear modem
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Test the uTorrent ports

At this point, you should no longer have problems connecting with uTorrent. In any case, you can verify the correct configuration of the router by selecting the item Configuration Wizard from the menu options of the program and clicking on the button Start testing. Make sure you select the closest country from the drop-down menu at the top.

A test will be started that analyzes the status of the router, the connection speed and automatically sets uTorrent to download to its full potential (I told you about it in my guide on how to optimize uTorrent, remember?).

If you are using a Mac, you can check the status of the uTorrent port simply by going to the application settings and selecting the tab Network from the window that opens. If the port in the router is open correctly, next to the text field TCP port in input you will see the green light. Unfortunately you cannot automatically optimize the download and upload parameters of the program, as the macOS version of uTorrent does not provide this feature, but you can speed up uTorrent Mac by following the "tips" contained in my tutorial on the subject.

If the tests return negative results, try restarting the router or setting a static IP on the PC while disabling the UPnP port mapping from the settings of uTorrent (in the section Connection of the program configuration panel).

How to open router ports for uTorrent

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