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Preliminary information

Before illustrating yourself properly how to open an Aruba certified e-mail, it is of fundamental importance to introduce you to the main functionalities of certified e-mail.

Technically, the PEC is a particular type of electronic mail, which gives a email message the legal validity of a classic registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. Through its use, the Public Administration and businesses are guaranteed to send each other digital communications with dispatch and delivery receipts.

It is a potentially useful service to every citizen, indeed, in certain cases it is even mandatory: it is about companies (including sole proprietorships) obliged since 2013 to register a PEC address in the Register of Companies, as well as Freelancers enrolled in a college or order.

Attention that certified mail, in itself, does not constitute a signature for the documentation sent: to attribute a legal value to electronic documents it is necessary to resort to digital signature, a tool provided by various providers, including Aruba itself, and of which I told you in this guide of mine.

Prices of the PEC Aruba

After having mentioned some essential preliminary information, it is time to go straight to the point and check the prices and offers of the PEC Aruba.

Currently, there are three different payment solutions for Aruba's certified email, each with different rates and options.

La PEC Standard the 5,00 euros + VAT / year for the first year, which then become 7,90 euros + VAT / year for the following renewals. Comprehends 1GB of space for the mailbox and any attachments, filters antivirus e antispam, as well as Aruba PEC Mobile, Aruba's official smartphone and tablet app; it also includes the service Read invoices, to view and read your electronic invoices, from a specific folder in the PEC. More info here.

La PEC Pro the 25,00 euros + VAT / year; provides all the features of the PEC Standard, adding 2GB of space by post and attachments, 3GB of archive it's a SMS notification service regarding unread emails. More info here.

La PEC Premium the 40,00 euros + VAT / year; it includes all the features of the PEC Pro, but it provides 8GB of archive. More info here.

By the way, instead, of the purchase of one PEC box on domain, the current rate is 7,90 euros + VAT per year (on an existing domain). More info here.

Finally, it is worth noting the possibility of increase the space of your PEC box or the archive, at the cost of 5 euros + VAT per year for each additional GB purchased after activation. An increase in space is expected limited to 1GB on box PEC Standard, unlimited su PEC Pro e Premium.

How to open an Aruba PEC

Very well, now follow me carefully, because I will show you the steps to understand how to open an Aruba PEC. First, you need to connect to the official Aruba website, choose the certified e-mail offer that best suits your needs, then click on the corresponding button Buy Now. In the following screen, check that you have chosen the correct product and the right quantities, then continue by clicking on the button Continue and complete the order.

Done? Great, now you will be prompted to log in to Aruba: if you already have an account, fill in the login form with your details, then click on the button Log in and complete your order; if, on the other hand, you do not have an account yet, press the button Register and complete the order, by filling out the form with the personal and contact details that will be requested.

In case you subscribe for the first time, check the corresponding box next to the item Registration (Natural person, in case you want open PEC Aruba without VAT, otherwise choose between Freelance, Company, Individual Company o Public Administration), then fill in the following fields and, after indicating your preferences regarding the acceptance of the privacy policy, click on the button Continue and complete the order, placed at the end of the page, thus confirming your registration.

Once logged in, fill in the form that appeared on the screen, starting from name of the certified mailbox that you intend to purchase, or the initial part of your PEC address; then continue with the choice of a domain among those available (@, @, @, @, @, @, @ o @, using the appropriate drop-down menu, then enter the password you want to use, repeating it in the field Repeat the password, then click on the button Continue and complete the order, below, to continue the procedure.

At this point, check that the data of the holder have been entered correctly, then click on the button Continue and complete the order, below, to get to the next stage.

The next step involves verifying the order summary, choosing a payment method between credit card, PayPal, Bank transfer e SNOW, by checking one of the options on the left, and possibly inserting a discount code in the respective text field. Pay attention that the activation of the service is immediate and automatic if you use a credit card or PayPal, while if you intend to pay by bank transfer or with a bulletin, it can take several working days. More info here.

Now all you have to do is check the boxes concerning the acceptance of the supply conditions, click on the button Confirm and complete the order and complete the purchase of your PEC, completing the transaction using the payment method you prefer.

When your certified e-mail box is finally active, you will be notified via an email communication from Aruba, including the steps to follow to access it and start using it.

How to use the PEC Aruba

In order to access your certified e-mail box from the browser, you must first connect to the Aruba PEC Webmail, enter your account details to login, then click on the button Log in. At your discretion, you can opt to use the version Complete of the service (the more "traditional" one), or take advantage of the interface of the New Webmail, with a more agile and tempting theme, by checking one of the two options during login.

Once logged in, you will find yourself face to face with the summary page: this, depending on your preference of use for the Full version or for the New Webmail version, presents all the information on your PEC, as well as the folder incoming mail, with the latest emails received.

Either way, you can use the Lateral bar of sinistra to take advantage of its main features: from the menu Messages you can browse through the submenu My folders, the most used sections, such as Incoming mail (from where you can open PEC Aruba attachments), Drafts, Spam, Mail sent e Trash can. If you are using the Classic version, you can also access the sections from the left sidebar Contacts, Calendar, Activities, Research e Pref Renze; if you are using the updated version, you will find the same tabs on the top left.

To compose a new email, click on the button New (top left) and select the item New message from the menu that appears, then continue as if it were any other e-mail service, entering the recipient's address, subject, body of the e-mail and any attachments (using the button Attach, top right). You can save a draft of your message by clicking on the button Save (immediately above your address), or click on the button next to it, called Send, to send the message.

As you will almost certainly already know, after sending a certified e-mail message, this is validated by Aruba (the service manager), sent to the recipient's manager (who must also rely on a PEC address) , checked again and finally delivered to the arrival box. Each of these individual steps is notified through receipts, which are delivered to both the sender and the recipient in the reciprocal inbox.

If you feel more comfortable using a smartphone or tablet, you can take advantage of the free app Aruba PEC Mobile, which is available as an app on both Android and iOS / iPadOS.

To download Aruba PEC Mobile on your terminal Android, april il Play Store (the ▶ ︎ symbol colored), search Aruba PEC Mobile in the latter and first tap on the application icon, in the search results, and then on the button Install. If you are reading this tutorial directly from your device, you can open the Aruba PEC Mobile tab on the Play Store using the link I gave you earlier.

I invented, I used a iPhone or iPad, apr l 'App Store (the blue icon with the "A" in the center, located on the home screen), press on the tab Search (bottom right), search Aruba PEC Mobile and first tap onicona dell'applicazione, in the search results, and then on the button Ottieni / Installa. If necessary, verify your identity with Face ID, Touch ID, or Apple ID password. If you are reading this tutorial directly from your device, you can open the Aruba PEC Mobile tab on the App Store using the link I gave you earlier.

Once installation is complete, start the app, then access with your account data: you will then reach your inbox, with the emails received arranged in chronological order. To view the contents of the other folders and the application settings, tap the ☰ button, at the top left, then press the option of your preference from the side menu (Arriving, Drafts, Sent, Trash can, Spam, etc.). From the same menu, you can optionally hide the receipts from the email list, by checking the item Hide receipts.

If, on the other hand, you were going to start a new email, tap onpencil icon, which, depending on the operating system in use, is positioned at the top or bottom right.

In case you have more than one PEC account, I also remind you that you can manage them all from the same application, by opening the aforementioned side menu, by tapping on your PEC address, then pressing the button Manage accounts.

Finally, keep in mind that you can configure your PEC account using traditional e-mail clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail o Mozilla Thunderbird, without having to rely on the browser.

The PEC of Aruba still supports the obsolete protocol POP3 (i.e. it allows you to use your account on only one device at a time, deleting the mail from the server after downloading it), however I advise you to rely on the most recent IMAP (which, on the other hand, allows you to synchronize mail on multiple devices, without deleting it from the server after downloading it).

To correctly configure the Aruba PEC account in your client, simply go to the settings menu (for example Account Settings> Account Settings> New in Outlook or Mail> Add account in Apple Mail) and type the following parameters.

Account settings

  • Full Name: [your name and surname]
  • Email address: certified mail address (eg: @, @, @, @, @, @, @
  • Protocol type: IMAP

Incoming mail server settings

  • Inbox (IMAP):
  • Account Name: certified mail address (eg: @, @, @, @, @, @, @
  • Password: PEC box password
  • Usa SSL: Attiva
  • Authentication: Password
  • Incoming mail server (IMAP) port: 993
  • Incoming mail server host:

Outgoing mail server settings

  • Full name: [your name and surname]
  • Email address: certified mail address (eg: @, @, @, @, @, @, @
  • Outgoing mail server (SMTP) port: 465
  • Outgoing mail server host:

The same operation can also be performed in email clients that can be used on mobile operating systems, such as Android and iOS / iPadOS.

In case of difficulty, I suggest you read the official support page, where you will also find the information regarding the protocols POP3 / IMAP and at PEC boxes on domain, as well as my tutorial on how to configure the Aruba PEC.

For more information

If you have further doubts or would like to learn more about some details regarding the PEC service offered by Aruba, I recommend that you carefully review the official guide of the service; in it you will find all the provisions relating toactivation, All 'utilization, To configuration and renewal of the PEC boxes, by browsing the relevant sections from the left sidebar.

In addition, if you need personalized assistance from an operator, you can connect to the Aruba support page, then log in with your credentials to request assistance for a service you have purchased, or click on the button Request information, to acquire information about new services of your potential interest.

To better understand how to contact the company's customer service, you can refer to my tutorial on how to contact Aruba.

How to open an Aruba PEC

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