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Programs to merge two PDF files

Are you going to merge two PDF files using some program ad hoc? Well, in that case I am sure that the solutions listed below will be very useful to you, whether you are using a PC or a Mac. The PDF merging programs I am about to offer you are all free and easy to use. Seeing is believing!

PDF Merge Tool (Windows)

One of the first software solutions I recommend you try is PDF Merge Tool, a free program available only for Windows that allows you to merge PDF files quickly and easily.

To download PDF Merge Tool on your PC, first connect to the relevant download page on the SourceForge website, click on the item and wait for the download to complete. Then open the zip package you downloaded to your PC, extract the contents and run the executable PDF Merge Tool.exe.

PDF Merge Tool requires Microsoft's .Net Framework 2.0 component to function. If you haven't downloaded this add-on yet, download it now by clicking on the link I gave you just now. If you have a PC equipped with Windows 8 or later, you will be offered the installation of .Net Framework 2.0 when downloading the PDF Merge Tool: in this case, to proceed, all you have to do is click on the button Download and install this feature.

Once the program installation is complete, you can finally merge your PDF files by simply dragging them into the PDF Merge Tool window. Next, use the buttons Move up e move down to move the files up and down, in order to sort them as you wish and, as soon as you have finished working on the PDFs, click on the button Go! to complete their union selecting the destination folder in which to save the output file.

PDFill Free PDF Tools (Windows)

Another program that you should consider if you want to merge PDF documents on your Windows PC is PDFill Free PDF Tools, a solution that can be useful in multiple contexts since it allows you to act more broadly on files by allowing you to divide them, rotate them and so on.

To download PDFill FREE PDF Tools on your PC, first connect to the download page on the program's website, click on the button Download Now located under the heading Get FREE Basic Version and, on the page that opens in the browser, click on the button Download Now.

A download completo, apri il file PDFill_FREE_PDF_Editor_Basic.exe that you have just downloaded on your PC and, in the window that opens, click on the buttons Yes e Next; then put the check next to the item I accept the terms in the License Agreement and complete the installation of PDFill Free PDF Tools by clicking on the button Next three consecutive times and then on the buttons install e Finish.

Now, start PDFill Free PDF Tools, click on the button Merge PDF Files (top left) and, in the window that opens, drag the PDF files you want to merge. Then click on the buttons Move up (move up) e move down (move down) to sort the files to your liking and finally click the button Save as to save the output document.

Preview (Mac)

I use a Mac? In that case you can merge PDF documents without installing any program. On the computers of the bitten apple, in fact, it is possible to perform this operation using Preview, the PDF file reader installed by default on all versions of macOS.

To merge PDFs with Preview, first open one of the PDF documents you want to merge with the program. If you've changed some macOS settings and Preview isn't the default player, click the right key on the file, then select the item Open with from the context menu and then click Preview.

As soon as you have opened one of the PDF files that you want to merge with another document, click on the menu Vista located at the top and select the item Miniature from the latter. Now, drag the second PDF document you want to merge with the first one into the bar that appeared sideways on the left and that's it. Easier than that ?!

Ah… I almost forgot! Also in Preview you can arrange the page thumbnails in the order you prefer (by dragging them up or down with the mouse pointer). When you are satisfied with the final result, save the output document by clicking on the entry Export as PDF ... located in the drop-down menu that appears after clicking on the menu Fillet and save it in the destination folder of your choice.

If you want to merge PDF on Mac you can also opt for other solutions, like that of using Automator, another program included “standard” on every Mac. To learn more about the use of Automator in relation to merging multiple PDF files, read the tutorial I published on the subject.

Online services for merging two PDF files

Don't want to "clog" your PC by installing special software for editing and merging PDF documents? Don't worry, even in this case I have the solution for you. In this case it is a question of some online services for merging PDF files. You can use these tools directly from the browser, without downloading add-ons, without necessarily having to register and without having to worry about the security of your files, since they are deleted from the servers of these websites after just a few hours from their upload.


A great online service that can do for you is iLovePDF: it is a free tool that is easy to use and versatile like SmallPDF, which I told you about a moment ago. ILovePDF also has some limitations: it allows you to upload a maximum of 15 files whose “weight” must not exceed 80MB. It is possible to increase the number of files to work on and their weight (up to a maximum of 20 files and 100MB) by registering on the site or by subscribing to a subscription plan starting from € 3,99 per month.

To use iLovePDF, first connect to the main page of the service by clicking on the link I provided you in the previous paragraph, click on the item Join PDF and, on the page that opens, drag the PDF files you want to merge. Then, reorder the files in the order you want to merge them by moving them with the mouse cursor, click on the button Join PDF and wait for the download of the output file.

App to merge two PDF files

If the need arises to merge two PDF files on the fly, perhaps when you do not have your trusted PC available, you can use app to merge PDF on smartphones and tablets. In the Android, iOS and Windows 10 Mobile stores there are several that you can use for this purpose and many of them are free, at least in their basic version. Take a look at the following alternatives - I'm sure you'll find some that might suit you.

  • PDF Utility (Android) - this free app allows you to easily merge and split PDF files, password protect them and even convert images to PDF files. The free version of PDF Utility allows you to upload files up to a maximum of 1.5 MB; to break down this limit it is necessary to purchase its full version which costs 3,39 euros.
  • PDF Merge (Android) - this utility, characterized by a user friendly interface, allows you to select the PDF documents you want to merge, sort them to your liking and get the output document after a few taps. PDF Merge has no limit to the number of files that can be uploaded, nor to their size.
  • Foxit PDF (Android / iOS / Windows 10 Mobile) - this application is one of the most famous PDF file readers on the square (if you remember I already talked about it in the tutorial dedicated to apps for reading PDFs). While being able to download Foxit PDF for free, to take advantage of some advanced features, such as the one that allows you to merge two or more PDFs, you need to make in-app purchases starting from € 0,80.
  • PDF Export (iOS) - This semi-free app allows you to read and edit PDFs from your iPhone and iPad. To activate the PDF Export feature that allows you to merge two or more PDF files, you need to make in-app purchases starting from € 1,09.
How to merge two PDF files

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